Where Are Vans Made?

Whether you’re deciding on your new go-to shoes or weighing out what would fit into your shoe collection, it’s always good to know where your products are coming from.

Vans are manufactured primarily in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Cambodia, as well as many other countries around the world. These products were originally produced in Anaheim, only to be manufactured in China after they became more popular in the 1990s.

So let’s take a look at all of the main countries that Vans are produced and manufactured in:

Are Vans made in China?

Vans are made in China. However, prior to 1990 Vans were only made in the USA. After 1990, Vans was primarily manufactured in China and other South East Asia Countries.

After Vans assumed immense popularity among the public, this is where the most popular and diverse Vans are produced. Since the 1990s, we find that Vans are primarily manufactured in China.

This was a logical move for both production and financial gain. Vans that are produced in Chinese factories are often either true to size or smaller than anticipated. So when it comes to Vans, if the product says it is from China, this is a good rule of thumb when shopping online.

With that being said, a vast majority of Vans are manufactured and distributed from China. This is why the following is often misunderstood…

Should Vans be made in China?

Vans do not have to say that they are made in China in order to be considered real Vans. This is a misconception as a result of the fact that a great majority of Vans are manufactured and distributed from Chinese factories.

As stated, Vans are made in a number of southeast Asian countries and other countries around the world. So don’t fret if your Vans don’t say “made in china” on the boxing, packaging, or tags.

Vans Background (History)

Vans are some of the most iconic American shoe brands. The company was founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren, James Van Doren resided in California at the time. They partnered with Gordon C. Lee and Serge Delia and got straight to work.

Vans would soon go international after around thirty years. This company now owns factories and/or operates in approximately 600 countries globally. This is because of their iconic yet basic look that would be popularized by young skaters over the decades. Vans are unisex with a variety of colors and concepts in place providing consumers with a plethora of designs to choose from.

Are Vans made in Taiwan?

Vans are made in Taiwan. Vans started to produce and manufacture Vans in Taiwan after Chinese and Vietnamese factories were created in order to expand their horizons. The process of establishing factories here was a logical decision in consideration of the market as well.

In terms of what shoes are specifically Taiwan-oriented, the Vans Taiwan Slip-On Yokosuka shoes are absolutely fantastic.

You can purchase them both in stores in Taiwan and online. Customs and Shipping costs may fluctuate based on your location. In terms of size ranges and selections, you should keep Chinese sizes in mind as the same concept applies.

Are Vans made in Vietnam?

Vans are made in Vietnam as well as other South East Asian countries. In Vietnam, a vast amount of products would be produced for Vans and exported globally. Vans started to create factories in Vietnam only a little bit after they established themselves in China..

Shoes that are made in Vietnam are typically true to size or smaller if you are living in a western country. The size ranges of Vietnamese products are interchangeable with the common Chinese size guides when shopping both in-store and online.

Are Vans made in the USA?

The Vans Pro Skates as well as a few others are produced in the USA. As of the early 1990s, the company decided to pursue manufacturing opportunities in Asian countries, as well as many others.

With that being said, only a handful remain in the US, Southern California being the region. Despite being vastly produced within Southeast Asian countries, Vans are considered to be an “All American” Brand.

Are Vans made in Cambodia?

Some Vans products are made in Cambodia. This is one of the more common places for Vans to be produced, as many Vans indicated CLK on the shoes (CLK meaning that they were made in Cambodia).

If the shoes you’re going to purchase indicate that they are from Cambodia, it is likely that they will be a bit larger than the size you’ve selected. Keep this in mind whilst shopping.

See our article on Real Versus Fake Vans to learn about the significance of country codes and more.

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