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We provide good information about your boots, slippers, sandals, and more. We specialize in comfortable shoes that are orthotic-ready. We offer stylish, practical options for any taste and situation, since you shouldn’t have to hide your comfortable shoes when you’re out in public.

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You’re in the proper location! With active footwear made for all your interests,
including sandals, boots, and sneakers, tackle your next exercise session or outdoor excursion.

The base of your day is your feet and your footwear.
Whether it’s a quick trip around town or a lengthy backcountry trek,
they can make or break it for you.

The right shoes can make the difference between having happy feet and having sore feet all day.
Active Footwear is here to help you put your best foot forward, regardless of whether you have diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel pain, or any other condition.

Say hello to shoes who are excited to get to know you.
Among a wide variety of fantastic shoes, your ideal pair is waiting for you.
We have you covered completely whether you’re going from your desk to dinner or changing seasons. Choose the appropriate pair from a variety of shoe styles, including flats, sandals, boots, heels, and more.

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