Why Are Vans So Popular?

Vans have always been quite the staple for American footwear. As of the last few decades, they have become increasingly popular and now feature a number of designs with detailed variations.

Many however might question the popularity of these shoes, as their media coverage fluctuates and sees boosts in relevance intermittently throughout the decades.

Vans are popular because they appeal to the everyday average American, looking for a fresh-looking pair of shoes. The sort of shoes that their parents and grandparents might have worn only with more detail, some improvements and designs that separate the two.

A classic, minimalistic yet stylish, and clean. Notably, they are also quite versatile as when wearing a casual outfit, they will look good regardless of what you are wearing.

Vans as a company produce a variety of designs and themes when it comes to its footwear lines and prides itself in providing the consumer with fashionable, quality items.

The following will detail why it is that Vans have become so popular over the last few decades.

When did Vans become popular?

Vans as a company would see growth in the years that it originally came out, with the 90s being a significant time for the brand itself.

Even so, Vans became more popularized throughout the early 2010s. They were classic and quite popular throughout the decades but only then would they become a mainstream footwear brand.

They would see another boost in popularity as of the early 2010s as many young people would indulge in early vintage and grunge core aesthetics. Ones that their parents might have worn before them.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Tumblr would influence youth to opt for some Vans; which would soon turn into their go-to shoes.

What is Vans famous for?

Originally developed and taken on by groups of skateboarders in Southern California with its original launches, only to become worldwide renowned footwear for any and all people to wear and enjoy.

Vans are famous for their classy yet casual designs. They are best known for their aesthetic simplicity. They’re famous for their designs as they are minimalistic, casual, and versatile.

A long-time head in the realm of action and sports footwear. Running in the lead alongside other renowned brands, serving as a unisex brand from their shoes to their merchandise.

Why do skaters prefer Vans?

Skaters prefer vans due to their aesthetic and durability. Vans have been known to last through just about anything, as you may very well know. They come in designs that protect the feet and allow for a significant amount of grip on the bottoms of the shoes to ensure that the wearer’s feet are protected.

The skater themself will feel in control and balanced while skating in Vans. These shoes allow for a sense of stability and confidence that not all shoes can offer without affecting the way one rides that skateboard in essence and practice.

In terms of aesthetics, they come in a style that has been popularized through the media and the influence of other youth. Coming together collectively by taking into account what fashion statements people made in previous generations and thus incorporating them into their new trends with more modern twists.

Skaters thus prefer vans because of their wearability, durability, and style.

What are the most popular Vans shoes?

So you’re probably wondering which of Vans’s shoe styles are most popular. Here are the three most popular vans shoes as of recent:

The Old Skool

You probably expected to see the Old Skool vans on this shortlist, and rightfully so. Old Skool Vans are by far the most popular and referred-to vans sneakers that we love and know today.

Not only are they among the original designs but they are also simply an attractive and practical designs for anyone, regardless

Vans Checkerboard Slip-On

It’s no surprise that checkerboard slip-on would be recognized on this list as these shoes became popular among people who might not have even set foot on a skateboard; simply thanks to its unique style.

Vans Canvas Authentics

Canvas Authentics became increasingly popular with the fact that they are re-modeling the original design and developing a new model.

The design itself will remain classic, with the vintage silhouette and dated uppers; with only upgrading of the color, the comfort, and other minor details. These shoes will look good with a nice pair of fitted light-wash denim or any blue or red statement pieces that play on the vintage vibe the shoes clearly emulate.

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