Why Are Converse So Expensive?

Converse has been made consistent in the market for producing shoes that are of high quality and durability. For a shoe brand to maintain its name for over 100 years, popularity and consistency can be best described to the company. However, you might be wondering how canvas sneakers with rubber soles designed which have never changed for 100 years, became expensive.

Converse shoes have a reasonable price. If you have to compare it to other shoe brands, Converse shoes are quite affordable. However, due to supply and demand, Converse prices may lead to increased prices. Also, new versions of Converse come with better technology which makes the shoe more expensive.

Other production expenses and processes may lead to a product price increase. Moreover, due to the popularity of Converse as a fashion trend, people are willing to spend money to buy the product. 

Sneaker prices can range from $70 – $250 (and higher) however, Converse can range from $55- $60, which means Converse has a reasonable price. I will explain and give you information about Converse shoes; please check more details below.

Are Converse Worth It?

For a pair of shoes priced more than $50, Converse is undoubtedly worth the price. Converse shoes are made with high-quality material, and their durability is tested over a hundred years of their production. Converse shoes are great for a casual look, and can go with almost any outfit.

I have gathered some details of why Converse shoes are worthy of buying. I have listed them below for your preference.


Over the changing fashion trends, Converse shoes maintain their consistency as an excellent shoe brand. You can use Converse for many years as these shoes never got out of style when you purchased Converse. 

It remains a classic shoe worn by many for street style, casual, or even smart casual style. Converse shoes are worth buying as it has attained their iconic status of simple yet classic style. Moreover, Converse offers sheer versatility that is a great deal for travel and requires minimal shoe care.


They are highly durable and considered as the strongest sneakers when it comes to wear and tear. These shoes could last for years depending on the usage and the materials used. Typically, Converse shoes could last for 18 months or more, depending on the care that you give. In some cases, Chuck Taylor lasts for more than five years when cared for properly. 

Converse shoes are made with gum rubber soles with a tightly woven upper canvas of high quality and are considered great use when worn daily. However, you should note that some factors may contribute to the shoes’ longevity, including your weight, daily steps or usage, and what you do with your Converse shoes.

Let’s assume that you have a 100-200 pounds weight and you can take 10,000 steps a day; a pair of Converse shoes can last for about 12- 24 months if worn for casual walking only. 


Converse produces iconic and durable shoes and has set environmental goals in the past years. They are currently using eco-friendly materials like organic and recycled cotton and polyester. As we all know, recycling materials have a significant effect on helping the environment. 

You are not only buying a good quality product; you are also helping save the environment by patronizing brands that promote sustainability. Using eco-friendly materials in Converse shoes minimizes the off-cuts in the manufacturing process and has a waste reduction strategy for most of its supply chain.

Converse shoes transform their iconic high tops with a Crater Foam sole made with 12% recycled rubber scraps from the footwear production process. Their best-selling Run Star Hike is now 100% made from recycled canvas.

Good Animal Welfare

Converse shoes may be using wool and leather, but they do not patronize the usage of down, fur, exotic animal skin, exotic animal hair, or angora. The brand sets the goal to avoid and minimize animal suffering but not a formal animal welfare policy. In the first stage of their production process, there is no clear evidence of animal product usage. 

Why are Converse Boots so Expensive?

Others may say that Converse shoes are expensive; others may say that they offer a fair price due to the quality and durability of the sneakers. What makes Converse come to a higher price is their innovation and technology. Some aspects make the shoes more expensive due to collaboration with big brands and product innovation. 

I have listed why Converse boots are expensive. Check more details below for reference. 


Additional features and innovation add cost to the material. Some Converse boots come with over a hundred dollars because they have waterproof features. It is pretty pricier compared to other shoes as it is waterproof with an iconic design. It uses OrthoLite cushioning for all-day comfort which makes it more expensive.

Moreover, some boots have waterproof material, a warm fleece lining, and hiker-inspired tread, which is expensive. In addition, most boots come with a leather high top with waterproof GORE-TEX to make it waterproof. Also, it has a modified diamond pattern outsole with boot-like hardware that comes with a price.

Do Converse Crease?

Some Converse shoes that are made with leather, canvas, and suede may develop creases. The crease may appear across the toe break. It develops due to consistent movement and a bend in your foot when walking. Consistently jamming your feet into a pair of sneakers will stretch the shoe material and add strain to the shoe.

How to Stop Converse Shoes from Creasing?

You can not stop your Converse shoes from developing creases. With everyday use, creases may develop. A crease is less likely to appear with most Converse Canvas shoes. However, creases are more likely to appear on suede and leather Converse shoes. 

If you have a problem with your Converse shoe, I have prepared some methods to stop your shoes from creasing and deal with the crease. Note that these steps are applicable only for Converse shoes that are made with leather or suede. Would you please read them more below?

Method 1 Iron your shoes

Step 1 Use an Iron

You can use an iron to de-wrinkle or keep your shoes from creasing, especially for leather, sneakers, and suede shoes. 

Step 2 Remove your shoelace

Before ironing the shoes, you need to take the lace first. Though Converse shoelace may be of good quality, it is best not to be ironed as it may burn.

Step 3 Stuff your shoes

You can stuff your shoes with a shoe tree, paper towels, or rags. When the toe box in front of the shoes is stretched, it will tighten the materials of your shoes, making it easier to iron and get the crease off. Avoid using colored papers or newspapers since the ink may stain the shoes. You can also use a clean rag or towels so dirt cannot get inside your sneakers.

Step 4 Fill the Iron with Water

You need to fill in your iron with water and set the temperature around 60- 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 16- 27 degrees Celsius. You need to pour enough water on the iron as it will be used to steam up. You need to set your iron at a low temperature to avoid damaging the material. Heat the iron thoroughly before using it.

Step 5 Dampen a towel on the surface of the Sneakers

It would help if you dampened a white towel on your sneaker so there is no chance that the dye from the fabric could stain or discolor your sneakers. You need to wet the towel but make sure to squeeze out the excess water. Then lay the towel on your shoes.

The water in the towel will serve as protection for your shoes when heated. Note that if the towel is too wet, it may damage the shoes, especially if they are suede.

Step 6 Iron the Top of the Damp Towel

Now, you need to place the iron on top of the damp towel that covers your shoes. Move the iron in a gentle and circular motion to smooth out the crease and the wrinkles. Keep the iron moving to avoid sitting on one spot as it may damage the material.

Step 7 Move the Iron Around

You need to check the parts of your sneakers that have creases carefully. Note that when ironing, you need to place the damp towel to protect the shoe materials. Use the iron to smooth out the surface until all creases are ironed. If the towel may become dry, make sure to dampen it again but ensure that it isn’t saturated. 

Step 8 Remove the Damp Cloth

After ironing, you need to remove the damp cloth and let the shoe dry. Once all of your shoes are finished ironed, you need to remove the damp cloth to avoid soaking the surface of your shoes with moisture. Allow the shoes to air dry for a few hours until completely dry. If creases still appear, you may repeat the same process.

Method 2 Apply Leather Oil

To prevent your sneakers made of leather or suede from creasing, you need to use leather oil. It would help if you smoothed it out using leather oil as soon as you could see visible creasing marks. 

Step 1 Apply Leather Oil

Add a few drops of leather oil into the crease parts of your sneakers. Gently rub it onto the leather using a soft cloth to massage the material.

Step 2 Massage the Leather 

As you rub the leather oil in the shoe material, you can massage the oil into it by stretching the leather with your hands. Though crease is natural for sneakers made from leather and suede, you can prevent it with regular leather oil.

Method 3 Use Rubbing Alcohol and a Shoe Stretcher

Step 1 Equally Mix Rubbing Alcohol with Water

Mix the rubbing alcohol and water into equal parts. Put the mixture inside the spray bottle.

Step 2 Spray the Solution

After mixing the solution, spray it into the crease and gently work into the leather with your hands. 

Step 3 Slide Shoe Stretcher

Then you need to slide the shoe stretcher into the shoes and then expand them to stretch the crease out. Wait until the shoe dries. You may be able to leave the shoe stretcher on your sneakers until you are ready to wear them.

Method 4 Shoe Tree and Blower

Step 1 Slide a Shoe Tree in your Sneakers

Insert a pair of shoe trees inside your sneakers. Expand them to stretch out the crease.

Step 2 Blow dry your Sneakers

Hold a blower and dry your sneakers for about 6 inches away from the surface of your shoes on low heat. Keep the blower moving to gently heat up and stretch the lather and remove the crease. Avoid keeping the dryer in one place as it may damage the leather by wrapping.

Method 5 Store your Sneakers with a Shoe Tree

You can store your sneakers with a shoe tree inside to maintain their shape and prevent creases. Whenever you are not wearing your leather sneakers, you can insert the shoe tree inside. You can expand the shoe tree to tighten up the leather to prevent wrinkles or creases. Store your shoes with a shoe tree to keep them wrinkle-free. 

Do Converse Last Long?

Since Converse uses high-quality materials, it lasts long. They are estimated to last for about 18 months, but it has been reported that Converse shoes could last for five years, depending on your usage. However, certain factors affect your weight, your shoe care, where you use it, and how long you use it per day. 

Why is Converse the Best?

Converse shoes are one of the best sneaker brands since they are durable, versatile, stylish, and iconic. It is made with high-quality materials and an excellent shoe product that made its good name for over a hundred years. 

You can wear your COnverse in casual, smart casual, and even street style. Converse never goes out of style, so you need not worry about it being outdated because it won’t. It has the class look that was patronized over the years.

Converse sneaker designs and styles are simple and stylish. You can go anywhere with it, whether going to a market, school holiday, at work, or just strolling around. Converse sneakers are versatile, and it is best for you when you travel since you can pair them with primarily different styles of clothing, so you don’t have a lot of baggage when on vacation.


Converse is worth the purchase due to its versatility, sustainability, durable and high quality. The price of each sneaker is highly reasonable as you can buy high-quality shoes with an iconic and stylish look that can be paired with any clothing style. 

If you have a sneaker made with leather and suede, it may crease a little, but there are simple hacks on how to get rid of it. Over the years, Converse has maintained its name as it has been highly patronized by many until now.

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