Why are Birkenstocks Uncomfortable?

You might be wondering why some articles on the internet say that Birkenstocks are the comfiest sandals ever made, while others claim that it’s just so uncomfy that it isn’t worth every buck you spent with ‘em. I understand the confusion!

Birkenstocks are highly comfortable after breaking them in. Yes, they can feel uncomfy at first, when you try wearing them out of the box. However, they get cozy after a couple of weeks because eventually, they will conform to the shape and contours of your feet. Soon its fit will feel like it is custom-made just for you. 

Initially, a newly bought Birkenstock pair needs to be worn in for you to get over the uncomfortable phase. In this article, I have listed some helpful tips for breaking into Birkenstocks. 

Moreover, I have discussed why Birks are not comfortable on first wear and why they can hurt your feet. Just carry on reading to satisfy your curiosity and settle uncertainty!

Are Birkenstocks truly uncomfy?

Birkenstocks may feel uncomfortable during the first days of wearing them as they require to be worn in. You may find their footbed too stiff or rigid. Further, their straps may fit too snugly or loose, causing hassles.

So, yeah. It can’t be denied that Birks may feel uncomfortable to a certain degree because of the break-in period, like any other footwear. However, when you successfully conquer this phase, there is nothing more to worry about.

This is true for Birkenstocks which are made of genuine leather and have regular footbeds. They first need to be worn in so you can enjoy the comfort the brand promises and boasts of. Check out the comfiest Birks styles here

But if you have no patience and time to break into the mentioned Birks models, do not worry because the brand has already made adjustments. You can check out Birks made of synthetic materials and have soft footbeds. 

Some pairs under this lineup need not be worn in as they are already comfortable even when worn out of the box. While others may still require a breaking-in period but a less challenging one compared to leather or regular footbed Birkenstocks.

What makes Birks uncomfortable?

Apart from the break-in process, a number of factors can make a Birks pair uncomfortable, even after trying to break into it. First, maybe you got the wrong size!

Birkenstocks fit true to size, but some models like the Gizeh and Mayari tend to fit narrower than other styles. Getting the correct size is crucial when buying a Birkenstocks pair. You have to be precise in identifying your measurements, which is the key to finding the perfect size. 

Another reason why Birkenstocks may feel uncomfortable is that you’re not used to it. Maybe, this was your first pair, and you’re clueless about why they feel not so good. 

Also, if you have been experiencing chronic foot or joint pain, Birkenstocks may be able to relieve pressure or stress but not eliminate them entirely. So, depending on your foot health, Birkenstocks can feel uncomfortable. 

Although Birks are known to be orthopedic, it is still not the best option for everybody. Seeking a medical consultation is still preferable to determine whether or not Birkenstocks has the perfect lineup for a specific condition. 

Can Birkenstocks hurt your feet?

As previously mentioned, Birkenstocks may hurt your feet at first. Butt eventually, when the break-in period is done, they won’t hurt anymore. They will soon fit comfortably after some time.

Many wearers are convinced that the pain of breaking into a Birks pair is worth it. It must also be noted that the pain may be tolerable for some. Birkenstocks may be challenging to break in, but their level of comfort and support can eventually be reaped.

Those who already had a Birks pair have an advantage as they know how to tolerate and even ease the pain a newly bought Birkenstocks can give. However, if you are a first-timer, it can be tough.

Lucky you! This article has everything you need to know about making your Birkenstocks more comfortable. 

Do Birkenstocks require a break-in period?

Yes! Birkenstocks, especially those made with natural leather materials and have regular footbeds, require a break-in period, like any other footwear. You have nothing to worry about because this phase is totally normal!

Breaking into a pair is a standard practice to ensure you get the maximum level of comfort and convenience your shoe can offer. Leather and regular footbed Birkenstocks may fit too snug or rigid at first wear, but this feeling will go away after you successfully break them in. 

The premium quality materials used by Birkenstock, like leather, cork, jute, and suede, are built to conform to the shape of your feet. This will eventually happen after you wear them in. 

The brand has been known for offering cozy and supportive footwear, but it never stopped improving its sandal lineups. Now, they even have pairs that are less challenging to wear in: synthetic and soft-footbed Birkenstocks. 

How long does it take to break in a pair?

Breaking into a Birks pair can typically last between two and three weeks, depending on the chosen model’s material composition. You can expect some stiffness and break-in blisters, so you should know how to remedy the situation. 

Undeniably, it will take some time for the break-in period to end. The natural cork footbed will take its time molding into the shape of your feet, and so are you. You have to take your time and wear them in slowly but surely.

Once the wearing-in process has been concluded, everything else shall go smoothly. Expect that the footbed of your Birkenstock has officially molded into the contours of your feet. Definitely, your Birks will feel comfortable and supported.

Ways How to Make Birkenstocks Comfortable

My first tip would be to get your size correct! This will ensure that your Birkenstock will fit perfectly and will not cause more foot problems in the long run. Getting the right size is really the key to reaping the comfort and support benefits of Birks.

When you got a perfect size, you should start breaking them in. Take out your Birks and unfasten the straps. Try bending the footbed so that it will loosen up a bit. Then comfortably rest your foot on it.

Buckle your Birkenstock straps depending on how tight you want they would be. Remember to leave enough room so that your toes will be able to rest in comfort. Walk with the pair at your house to know if they will slide or already fits your feet properly.

On the first day, you should not wear your Birks and walk long distances. If you don’t want to end up with painful blisters on your toes, hear me out!

Just walk with your Birkenstock for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you think that your feet start to get numb or painful at a half hour, stop and rest. But if you think you can still go through, continue walking until 45 minutes. 

In the next few days, you can add more minutes. For instance, you can wear them for an hour until two. Increase the hours you spend walking with your Birks over the next couple of days. Do this for two to three weeks until you finally feel that the fit is already comfortable and does not hurt your feet anymore.

Why are Birkenstocks Uncomfortable, Final Thoughts…

Generally, Birkenstocks get comfortable over time. They may not feel comfy instantly when fresh from the box, but this will change after you break them in. Just make sure that you got a perfect size and fit. 

The more you wear Birks, the more they get comfortable. Undoubtedly, the break-in process and the pair are worth it. You just have to be patient and get through this challenging phase!

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