Which Styles of Birkenstocks are Most Comfortable?

When asked which brand produces the most comfortable pairs of sandals in the shoe industry, you will see that Birkenstocks is a front-runner. The brand became known for the high level of comfort its sandals bring its clientele. 

Birkenstock has a long list of styles to offer in terms of comfortability. On top are their classic Madrid and Arizona Birks, which carry the brand’s trademark: an anatomically molded and multi-layered footbed made of natural materials. Additionally, Boston, Mayari, and Gizeh models are also some of their most comfy pairs. 

Aside from comfort, Birkenstocks are also stylish and durable, a three-in-one! Therefore, if you are looking for comfortable, fashionable, and long-lasting sandals, you might want to check out the Birks mentioned above. 

You don’t need to go anywhere; just continue reading to know how comfortable these pairs are and what makes them comfy to wear. Also, I have enumerated tips on achieving Birkenstocks’ maximum comfort by breaking them incorrectly.

Are Birkenstocks comfortable to wear?

Birkenstocks are greatly comfortable to wear. Undeniably, the brand has been known for creating the most comfortable sandal pairs, thanks to their one-of-a-kind footbed design, although tough to wear at first. 

Everything else will go smoothly when you can properly break in your out-of-the-box Birkenstocks. Birks’ footbeds are built to adapt to your foot’s shape and size. They will eventually follow the contours of your feet.

This feature of Birkenstocks is beneficial to everyone, most especially to those with feet problems like bunions or plantar fasciitis. The brand has invented a type of footbed that can provide comfort and a significant level of orthotic support. 

So, yes! Birkenstocks are comfortable to wear in the long run. Although some models, specifically those with original or regular footbeds, are challenging to break in, they will conform to your feet’s curves in due course. 

What makes Birks comfy and cozy to wear?

Birkenstocks use premium-quality materials for their footwear lineups. These materials are utilized not only for visual pleasure but, most importantly, to ensure maximum comfort.

Without a doubt, the primary components of Birkenstocks footbeds contribute to the pairs’ high level of coziness. Natural materials like cork, jute, and suede are guilty of this.

Sandwiched into one, these materials are the backbone of the ever-famous Birkenstock footbeds. These materials make sure that the insole will eventually mold to the shape and size of your feet like a custom fit. 

Besides their footbed’s remarkable design, most Birkenstock styles also come with leather or synthetic straps and metal buckles. This combination allows for adjustment of snugness or loose-fitting.

Types of Footbed

Birkenstock offers two footbed designs: the regular and soft footbeds. Regular footbeds have four layers: natural cork, jute, and suede. This type of footbed would require patience to break in.  

However, the break-in challenge for Birks with regular footbeds is worth it! When done, they will conform to your feet’ shape and fit perfectly. More so, their high toe bar and deep heel cup will give you additional comfort and support. 

On the other hand, soft footbeds are made to cater to the requests of other Birks consumers: produce a sandal that is less challenging to break in! Birkenstocks with soft footbeds are the answers to this demand.

One key disadvantage for soft-footbed Birks is that they won’t quickly adapt your foot’s shape. Some even say that this same feature on regular footbeds is nowhere to be found on soft footbeds.

How do you break in a pair of Birks?

If you are new to the Birkenstocks world, breaking in a pair would be testing for you. However, there is nothing to worry about because I have discussed some tips on how to wear-in your Birks correctly in this section.

First and foremost, you should ensure that you have the correct size. Birkenstocks are built to be spacious but you should not get a size that is too big for you. Also, they should not fit too snugly. 

When you have taken home the proper size, take them out of the box and do some pre-conditioning. First, unhook the metal buckles and let the straps be free. Then, you should bend the footbeds here and there.

Aftewards, put your feet at the top of the footbed and close the straps. Note that you should leave enough space so that your toes and whole feet can move comfortably. 

Try walking with them for a few minutes and feel if your heel or toes hit the edges of your Birks’ footbed. If it does, you should re-adjust your straps. If there are no changes, you should probably get another size.

For the first day, you should only wear them for twenty to thirty minutes long. Your feet may hurt or feel numb but don’t fret because this is part of the process. 

Continue wearing them the next day for an hour or two and see if there is an improvement. Wearing them often is the key to break-in success. For other tips, you can check out this article.

Most Comfortable and Top-selling Birkenstocks

As promised, I have listed down below six of the most comfortable and top-selling Birkenstocks in the market. This section will help you identify the Birkenstocks best suited for your comfort needs.

Madrid Birko-Flor 

If you are looking for a Birkenstocks pair that is a lot easier to break in than most models, the Madrid Birko-Flor is definitely the one for you. Madrid Birko-Flor is made of synthetic material and is also available in a soft-footbed version.

This Birks model has a single strap and metal buckle that provides a firm grip. Its footbed is so comfortable because it features the materials mentioned above and has integrated a 3D profile that supports natural motion.

Madrid Birko-Flor has a slip-on design that is perfect for everyday walking situations. They can serve as your on-the-go footwear anytime, anywhere!

Boston Clogs

Under the Birkenstock lineups, Boston clogs are the best option for a smart casual look. This model has a closed-toe design that protects your feet and has a firm grip.

Apart from its appearance, what makes Boston Clogs stand out is their high level of comfort. Boston Clogs are available in regular and soft footbed versions. Both versions are known for giving enduring comfort due to their contoured footbeds.

This pair is best for the cold weather. Although, they can still be worn in any season due to their open heel and a slip-on style. You can wear them any time because they’re exceptionally comfortable and convenient.

Arizona Birks

Of course, who would forget the classic Arizona Birkenstocks? This model has a two-strapped design on top of the foot, ensuring a firm grip. Arizona in regular footbeds are harder to break in, but you’ll surely reap the benefits in the long run!

If you do not possess the luxury of time and patience for a break-in process, you can opt for Arizona in the soft footbed version or EVA. Arizona EVA is a variation made of a synthetic material called ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). 

Arizona EVA gets comfier when worn for a longer period. It is also less expensive than Arizonas with cork footbeds. Its best-defining feature: Arizona EVA is waterproof!

Mayari Birks

Are you looking for the perfect Birks thong for your summer travels? The chic and fashionable Mayari Birks may be the one for you! Mayaris in oiled leather and soft footbeds are two of the coziest variations.

Mayari Birkenstocks give off more feminine vibes with a modern thong style. It has an EVA sole that is highly comfortable and flexible. The material is also reported to add extra cushion to the footbed.

Best for people with foot problems, Mayaris feature excellent toe and arch support. They prevent your feet from being fatigued or pressured. 

Gizeh Birks

You must check on Gizeh Birks’ lineups for a classic thong sandal option. From regular to soft footbeds, from genuine leather to synthetic ones, Gizehs are built to provide excellent comfort to their wearers.

Gizeh is also one of the most in-demand Birkenstock pairs. Gizehs are as comfortable as other Birks models but what makes them distinct is their very pleased toe piece. 

Similar to Mayari, Gizeh also has a variation that comes with an EVA sole. This makes the breaking-in process less demanding in comparison to Birks in regular footbeds or natural leather.

The Most Comfortable Birks, Final Thoughts…

After all these years, Birkenstock has been committed to producing high-quality sandals that are stylish, comfortable, and durable, all at the same time. Each of the mentioned models is worth its price and hype.

Although most Birkenstock originals demand a break-in period, the comfort they will bring after undergoing the process is incredible. Many Birks customers can attest to this. You just need to trust the process.

If you think that you are not up for the wear-in challenge, Birkenstocks offer a number of variations: regular footbeds, soft footbeds, natural leather, or synthetics. You can choose one that will meet your comfort needs.

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