Which Birkenstocks are Best for Walking Long Distances?

Have a hard time finding the best sandal that will take you for a long-distance walk? Do not fret, as Birkenstocks got your back! The brand has a lot of pairs for you to check out. 

Birks are made to be comfortable due to their special footbed and their roomy style, perfect for long walks. Although some models require a break-in period, rest assured that after some time, Birks such as Mayari, Barbados, Yara, Madrid, and Boston Clogs will mold your feet’s shape and give you the comfort you want. 

If you are looking for a Birkenstock pair that is great for miles and miles of walks, you must continue scrolling down! Listed below are some of the best Birks models for long-distance walks.

Apart from that, you will also encounter sections that will elaborate on how Birkenstocks fit. Further, you will be able to know what benefits these pairs offer. 

Are Birkenstocks good to use in long-distance walks?

Without a doubt, Birkenstocks are good to use in walking long distances. They are one of the best options you have if you want something stylish but comfy at the same time.

Aside from the high level of comfort their footbed and straps bring, they are also built to be very supportive of your arches and ankles. They are also shock-absorbing and therapeutic.

In totality, Birkenstocks are comfortable and supportive. You can walk for many hours while wearing one, and you do not have to worry that your feet may feel numb or hurt. 

No wonder why almost everyone has a Birks pair to wear on busy streets. However, Birkenstocks are best used on regular roads only and not on rough, bumpy, or slippery surfaces. More so, they can’t serve as substitutes for exercise shoes.

How do Birkenstocks fit?

Birkenstocks will fit comfortably when you have already succeeded in breaking them in and when you got your size correct. Birks pairs are built this way, making them one of the best options to wear on walks. 

The brand is known for its anatomically designed footbeds that are capable of distributing weight across the feet. This is good for your joints as they won’t face much pressure. 

Another benefit you’ll obtain when you decide to get a pair of Birkenstocks is reduced effort in walking. Again, this is brought by their one-of-a-kind footbed, which helps in stabilizing and balancing your feet’s arch structure. 

After going through the break-in process, expect that Birks will fit perfectly to your feet as they are built to conform to your feet’s shape and size. Do not wear them often when you just got them. Extra patience is needed for you to be able to finally take them on long walks. 

If you feel like regular Birkenstocks are too broad for your feet, don’t worry because they are built that way to prevent too many friction-causing blisters and calluses. However, if you think their regular sizing is a bit weird, ask for a narrow-sized version. 

What makes Birkenstock the pair you can walk for miles and miles?

As previously mentioned, the main reason why Birkenstocks are one of the must-haves walking sandals is because of their footbeds. Initially, they only offered sandals in regular footbeds, which have four layers: cork, latex, jute, and suede.

These high-quality and renewable materials are sandwiched to produce a footbed that ensures comfort and support. The brand even improved by creating their soft footbed versions. 

Adding another cushiony rubber layer, Birkenstocks in a soft footbed can become your walking buddy in exploring cities even when they are just out of the box. No break-in period is needed!

Best Birkenstock Styles for Long Distance Walks

Birkenstock is committed to producing premium quality footwear. They have produced several models that possess the qualities helpful for long-distance walks. 

In this section, I have enumerated some of the Birkenstock styles you might want to consider buying if you are looking for a walking companion. Check our top five out!

Yara Birks

If you are looking for dressy and more feminine-styled Birkenstocks that will bring convenience and comfort, the Yara Birks are the ones for you! 

Birkenstock Women's Yara Leather Ankle-Strap Sandal,Habana,37 EU/6 M US

Yara Birks come with crisscross straps ensuring strong foot grips. More so, it also has metal buckles that are also adjustable. 

Yaras are available in leather and synthetic versions. Many shoe enthusiasts say that Yara Birko-Flor is the better option when finding a walking companion as this model is lighter but still carries the sophisticated trademark look of Yara Birks.

Barbados Birks

Barbados Birks is great for you if you want simple-looking and lightweight Birkenstocks when going to the mall and shopping for hours. Barbados only has a single thick strap that is very casual-looking.

Birkenstock Men's Mules Barbados EVA Noir Sandal, Black, 8

If you want to walk like you’re on a cloud, you have to try out Barbados Birkenstocks. Another synthetic must-try is the Barbados EVA birks which are water-resistant and perfect for rainy walking sessions.

Madrid Birks

Not a fan of crowded toes? You have to check out the Madrid Birkenstocks. This thong-styled birk is one of the most uncomplicated and most comfy choices for someone who does not want their toes to be so compressed.

Birkenstock Women's Madrid EVA Black Sandal 37 N EU

Further, Madrid Birks are best worn while walking on sands during beach trips. They can match every summer style you might consider wearing. 

Boston Clogs

If you do not want to leave your toes in the open air, you should check out Birkenstock’s Boston Clogs, one of the best-selling closed-toe pairs of the brand. 

Birkenstock Men's Suede Soft Footbed Boston Clog, Taupe, Tan, 11 Medium US

Its sole has a four- to five-layered footbed, ensuring comfort when worn during long walks.

Boston Clogs are also protective of the feet. Although slip-on, they won’t easily fall off your foot because they have adjustable straps. You can make them fit snug.

Mayari Birk

Mayari’s crisscrossing straps forming a loop on the toe look fashionable and feminine. Looking so chic and stylish, Mayari’s oiled leather is one of its defining features. 

BIRKENSTOCK Women's Mayari Sandal,Mocha,38 EU/7-7.5 M US

But apart from its visually pleasing exterior, based on customer reviews, Mayari Birks comfortably fit them even when they just got them. Mayari wearers can also attest to the fact that they can wear Mayaris almost every day.

Additionally, its ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) sole can add flexibility and comfort due to its cushiony and soft texture. The overall design of Mayari can actually prevent over-stressing your feet when walking.

Best Birks for Walking Long Distances, Final Thoughts…

Aside from being highly fashionable and stylish, Birkenstocks are supportive and comfortable. They can reach a certain level of comfort where walking long distances become a piece of cake. 

Although they are a bit more expensive than other brands, they are worth their price. Not that they are only perfect for miles of walks, but also they are built to last. Therefore, you have many miles more to conquer with one great Birkenstock pair.

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