Where To Purchase Yeezys?

The best place to buy Yeezys is obviously, straight from the source i.e. Adidas stores. That way you can get the best quality, prices and after-sales services.

However, given the rarity of Yeezys, it’s next to impossible that you get the opportunity to buy Yeezys directly from Adidas stores unless of course, you use a sneakerbot. But that’s complicated stuff we shall leave to the sneaker nerds.

This article mainly focuses on places you can buy Yeezys that are being resold in the aftermarket. Let’s get into it!

Where To Purchase Yeezys In The USA?

In theory, you should be able to buy Yeezys directly from the source, the Adidas store. But since that’s very less likely you can buy them from the aftermarket through reputable resellers like StockX, GOAT, FightClub, Stadium Goods, Grailed, and Kixify.


StockX is one of the most reputable sites for this purpose. They have a thorough database to ensure everything you get from them is authentic. You place a bid on a product, and then the seller asks for a price. Once your bid and the seller’s asking price match, StockX confirms the purchase. They usually charge an 8-9% seller fee per sale.


GOAT is basically a website that connects sellers to potential buyers. Once you place an order, the seller ships their shoes to GOAT for verification. Once verified, the shoes get sent to the buyer. In case of a fake shoe, GOAT refunds you.

They do charge a 9% or more seller fee though. I like that they have a buy now pay later service that allows you to pay in installments over 3, 6, or 12 months.


If you prefer an in-store buying experience, you can visit the FightClub stores. They have one in NYC and one store in Los Angeles. Sellers send their shoes to the FightClub and they get listed after verification.

However, they do charge a hefty fee of 20% per sale so buying from them costs more than it would from other stores.


Grail is more like an eBay for sneakers. While you can get a good deal on some shoes, it’s also very likely to get scammed by fake Yeezys. However, PayPal protects your payment in case you get fake shoes.

Stadium Goods

There is no chance to get scammed when you’re shopping from Stadium Goods. They have a 10-point verification system that ensures that the product is authentic. And you can return your order within 3 days in case you have a change of heart.

While Stadium Goods protects you from fraud, they charge a 20% service fee for it, taking up the sneaker price by a notch.


There is no bidding or asking price on Kixify, they simply list products at a fixed price and you get to buy it at that. However, Kixify does nothing to ensure the authenticity of the product and does not control the transaction between the buyer and seller.

However, your payment is secured by PayPal and they offer you a complete refund in case you don’t receive your order.

Where To Purchase Yeezys In Canada?

If you’re lucky enough, you should be able to buy Yeezys directly from the Canadian Adidas stores. But since there is a very low chance of that happening, you can buy Yeezys from Oakshop, Livestock, Footlocker, Plussshop, FarFetch, and Champs.

Some websites like Footlocker offer shoes on a first-come-first-serve basis whereas sites like Livestock have a raffle where you get the shoe if you win.

Where To Purchase Yeezys In The UK?

If you’re a Yeezy fan in the UK, you can get your pair of Yeezys from Laced, The Sole Supplier, Self ridges, FootLocker, and FarFetch UK. Some stores like Foot Patrol even stock Yeezys in-store if you prefer buying that way.

There you go- a complete guide on purchasing Yeezys from the aftermarket. However, before you make your purchase check out my article on why they’re so expensive and if they’re even worth it.

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