Where Can I Buy Timberland Boots Online?

Where can I buy Timberland boots online? That is the question I asked myself when faced with the daunting prospect of finding Timberland boots. I am a big fan of outdoor living and spend frequent breaks from my office job to go hiking and camping. The need for expensive and high-quality outdoor equipment is something I have not just accepted as part of my life but have also come to relish. If you’re in the same canoe, grab a paddle and row away with me to our answer.

You can buy Timberland boots online directly from their website, Timberland.com, or from third-party sellers, including Amazon, DicksSportingGoods, Journeys, Farfetch, DSW, Footlocker, or Zappos. Remember that prices of Timberland boots vary depending on the site and the selected product.

If you live in a region without a local Timberland store, don’t let that stop you from getting your hands on their famed boots. There are plenty of online options for purchasing Timberland’s iconic footwear. Let’s look at some of them.

Where to buy Timberland boots in the USA

Timberland is based in America, so you can easily order Timberland boots from timberland.com if you reside in the US.

Besides offering a great selection of boots, apparel, and accessories on its website, Timberland also sells its products on amazon.com. If you check both places, you can probably find the best deal and most comprehensive selection of boots you’re interested in.

Timberland PRO 6IN Direct Attach Men's Wheat Soft Toe SR WP Boot (9.5 M)

Sometimes, Timberland products listed on Amazon are unavailable on the official Timberland site. However, one can be assured that what is not available on one site will most likely be found on the other.

Other online retailers carrying Timberland boots include:

I prefer shopping at websites like dsw.com because they offer a cornucopia of Timberland boots, as well as additional perks such as free shipping and discounts on specific styles.

You might have to do a little boot dance before you find the perfect pair, but I always end up with a good deal because I check out several websites before making a purchase. I start with Timberland, jump to Amazon and finish on Zappos.

Where to buy Timberland boots in the UK

To get your hands on some Timberland boots in the UK, visit timberland.co.uk.

Shopping from their website guarantees the product’s authenticity, better customer care services, and easy returns.

However, if a particular boot is out of stock on their website or unavailable for some reason, you can check third-party e-commerce stores for that product.

If you’re interested in buying men’s Timberland boots, visit brandallery.co.uk. Check lyst.co.uk for women’s Timberland boots. To get a variety of men’s and women’s Timberlands, try mastershoe.co.uk or exxpozed.co.uk.

Where to buy Timberland boots in Canada

You can buy Timberland boots directly from the company at timberland.ca, or you can shop for them in Canada through a variety of retailers, including journeys.ca and walkingonacloud.ca, dsw.ca, and footlocker.ca.


If you like boots that have already been worn by someone else, poshmark.com is the website for you.

Where to buy Timberland boots in South Africa

Timberland’s South African website is timberland.za. There you can purchase authentic Timberland products at full price. However, ubuy.za offers discounted items and is a great place to look if you want to save some money.

Timberland Men's Groveton LTT Chukka L/f, Steeple Grey Nubuck/Cordura, 11 M US

Where to buy Timberland boots in Ireland

Head over to the Timberland Ireland website at timberland.ie or any of its sister sites, such as zalando.ie, mandmdirect.ie, and footlocker.ie, and shop to your heart’s content!

Country/RegionOnline Shops for Timberland Boots
United KingdomTimberland.co.uk, Brandallery.co.uk, Lyst.co.uk, Mastershoe.co.uk, Exxpozed.co.uk, Amazon.com,
USATimberland.com, Macys.com, Amazon.com, FarFetch.com, Journeys.com, Qwintry.com, DSW.com, Footlocker.com, Zappos.com, DicksSportingGoods.com, snipeusa.com
CanadaTimberland.ca, DSW.ca, Walkingonacloud.ca, Footlocker.ca, Journeys.ca, softmoc.com,  
South AfricaTimberland.za, ubuy.za
IrelandTimberlandireland.ie, Zolando.ie, Mandmdirect.ie, Footlocker.ie, Next.ie

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