Where are SmartWool Socks Made?

You may be a sock person, and for years you have used SmartWool for everyday use. Due to your loyalty to the brand, you might be a little curious about where these socks are made or assembled to create comfortable and durable socks. To help you answer your queries, I have searched some for you.

The designing, knitting, development, and testing process of SmartWool socks happen in the USA. Smartwool has teams in Colorado and Appalachia in creating their best socks. The company is dedicated to making their socks USA-made for their customers, business, and country. 

Smartwool sock-making may happen in different locations in the country, but all happened and were made in the USA. Various standard processes in creating the best socks are mainly dedicated to the customers and rightfully made in the USA. If you want to answer more of your queries about SmartWool, read more details below. 

Are SmartWool Socks Made in the USA?

All SmartWool Socks are typically made in the USA, from the designing, knitting, construction, and production, all happening in the country. There might be new innovations, styles, designs, and materials, but the company is still committed to creating socks made in the USA. 

They tried to create, design, and sketch socks in their Denver, CO office. Then, their developers in the Chattanooga, TN office perfectly constructs and designs the socks. They partnered with mills in Tennessee and North Carolina to bring the socks to life.

For generations, they have been dedicated to creating high-quality and best-performing socks in the USA. Though some materials came from another country, the Americans made excellent craftsmanship and quality. 

Where is SmartWool Headquarters?

SmartWool headquarters is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States of America. In 1994, the company was founded by New England ski instructors named Peter and Patty Duke in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. However, SmartWool announces its plan to transfer from Steamboat to Denver. 

In 2019, the company announced its transfer. Currently, it has transferred to Denver, Colorado. All of the employees at the SmartWool headquarters had been reassigned to the office in Denver. The company decided to move to the new Denver location just a few blocks from the former headquarters for Alterra Mountain Co., the Steamboat Ski area owner.

 It is one of the best moves for the company to transfer to Denver headquarters since ski towns are too expensive. One of the reasons is that Denver’s location is due to the transportation network because it’s only a few blocks from Union Station, the flight, rail, and bus hub for the metropolitan area.

Where are SmartWool Socks Shipped From?

Smartwool socks are shipped from the USA. The production, designing, and all of the processes happen in the USA. They are very devoted to creating apparel made in the country for their customers, company, and nation.  

However, some of the materials that they use in sock-making come from another country. That includes materials like merino wool. In 2012, SmartWool signed a contract to get their merino wool from New Zealand and Uruguay. There is some undisclosed information about their current source of merino wool, but there is some information they use from China. 

Where did SmartWool Company Start?

The company started in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 1994. The founder of the company is the ski instructors named Peter and Patty Duke. It all begins in creating good socks to be able to do skiing without quickly getting cold feet. 

Where is SmartWool Manufactured?

Smartwool socks are manufactured in Colorado, USA. All of SmartWool’s products are made in the USA. The production process, ideas, and design happen in the heart of the Colorado Rockies.

Who owns SmartWool?

VF Corporation owns Smartwool. It is one of the largest apparel and footwear companies that is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. In 2011, Smartwool became a subsidiary of VF Corporation. The company has 13 brands that are organized into categories including, Outdoor, Active, and Work.

Is Smartwool a Sustainable Company?

SmartWool is doing its best to make sustainable socks that do not compromise quality. They have partnered with ZQ Merino to ensure the sheep that produce our wool are treated humanely. They make sure that there is fair treatment for growers, and the farms are working on how to lessen the production impact on the environment.

The company is also making a way on how to use sustainable materials in their sock production. Recently they used Recycled Nylons in their sock productions. They make sure that there are fewer waste dumps in the garbage and ends in the landfills. 

They support sustainability to lessen the carbon footprints in sock-making. Moreover, the production of raw materials uses a lot of water, and by recycling, they can conserve water use. They visioned to create the best fitting, durable and comfortable socks made from recycled and sustainable materials. 

Is Smartwool Made in China?

SmartWool socks are made in the USA, specifically in Denver, Colorado. However, some of the company’s sock-making materials, like merino wool, are sourced from China. The company is making sure that all of the production processes happen in the USA.  

Is SmartWool a Colorado Company?

SmartWool is a company that is previously headquartered in Steamboat, Colorado. Currently, they are headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The VF Corporation owns SmartWool, and the corporation’s headquarters are in Denver, Colorado, United States. 

They also have decided to transfer SmartWool from Steamboat to Denver, Colorado to increase collaboration and connectivity between brands. Though the company has changed its headquarters, it is still considered a Colorado company since it started from Steamboat to Denver, located in Colorado. The corporation that owns SmartWool is also found in Colorado.


Smartwool was founded in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, U.S., and later transferred to Denver, Colorado. For decades, the company has been devoted to creating high-quality and durable socks, primarily made in the USA.

Though some of the materials they use in sock production, like merino wool, came from other places like New Zealand, Uruguay, and China, they are dedicated to making the socks in the US.

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