Where Are Red Wing Boots Made?

Thinking about buying some Red Wing boots? Sounds great! But where are Red Wing boots made? Are they made in the USA, or do they fall from the sky? Before you drop some cash on your next pair, you seriously need to know where they come from. That I can help you with.

The Red Wing Heritage line is the only line of Red Wing boots made in the United States. The Worx, Vasque, and Irish Setter boots are manufactured in Asian countries where production is much faster.

Many people assume that all Red Wing shoes are made in the United States, and for most of them, the thought of purchasing shoes that are not made in America is unsettling. However, after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of why Red Wing Shoe Company is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in the world today.

Which Red Wing Boots Are Made Where?

The company’s shoe collection can generally be divided into two categories: the most popular and recognizable ones on the pricier side and the second line, which offers cheaper alternatives to those looking for a lower price point.

A lot of Red Wing lovers do not realize that to get the most value out of a pair, they need to learn how to identify them correctly. While all the shoes made by the company will be valuable, the ones made in America are especially so.

The Heritage Line of Boots

Shoes included in Red Wing Heritage are usually constructed through either of these manual methods: Goodyear welting or stitching down. To identify which method was used to make a Red Wing Heritage shoe, check the flap on the inside of the shoe.

If you have doubts about the origin of a pair of Red Wing boots, look for a leather tag stamped with the company’s name and bearing the words “made in the USA.” Any other type of tag indicates that that pair of Red Wing boots weren’t produced in the US.

The Work Safety Boots

It’s somewhat more puzzling to pinpoint the source of Red Wing work safety boots. While they may prominently display “Made in the USA,” most of these high-quality boots are made exclusively in Asian countries, where production costs are lower, and workers can manufacture them more quickly.

To learn which boots are made in the USA and which are not, you can search for the boot’s name on the Red Wing website, which will reveal its country of origin. In the meantime, bear in mind that Red Wing boots not marked as made in the USA are produced in other countries.

What Are All the Countries Used by Red Wing for Manufacturing?

Red Wing boots are manufactured primarily in China, with Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia filling in the gaps when necessary. The reason for this is that labor and material costs are lower in all of those countries than in the United States.

Because of this, you will find that the Heritage line’s shoes are significantly more expensive than the standard safety boots. Fortunately, even though they are not made in America, the latter shoes can last a long time when properly cared for.

Despite their unquestionable durability, Red Wing regular safety boots aren’t as coveted as their Heritage Line colleagues. Is anyone else having mixed feelings about this? On one hand, it’s inspiring to watch Americans support local products, but on the other hand… I’ll leave this part to you.

Where Are Red Wing Shoes Made in The United States?

Red Wing Shoes has manufacturing plants in Minnesota, Potos, Missouri, and Kentucky. These plants create the Heritage line of shoes and can either build them from scratch or focus on their final assembly.

Knowing the exact origin of a pair of Heritage shoes can be a harrowing journey because so many are produced every day. However, most of the boots have serial numbers that enable one to trace them to their factory of birth, if necessary.

Notwithstanding, the locations highlighted above are home to many skilled workers who have honed their craft over decades and are well-stocked with everything needed to make every part of Red Wing Heritage shoes.

How Many Are Red Wing Boots Made in The US Each Year?

It is estimated that Red Wing produces more than two million pairs of shoes yearly at its manufacturing plants in the United States. However, it is unclear how many additional shoes are made by the company’s foreign factories because many of them produce shoes under different names.

For over a century, the company has been manufacturing shoes in the United States. This commitment to American workers and quality craftsmanship has resulted in a superior product that people worldwide rely on daily.

Contrary to common assumptions, Red Wing Shoe Company has been increasing its production quota every year, hoping to penetrate foreign markets by making its shoes more affordable by producing them abroad (higher production volume equals lower unit costs, which in turn equals lower prices). As a result, many international consumers now turn to Red Wing shoes manufactured outside the US.

Why Are Some Red Wing Boots Made In Asia?

Red Wing boots are made in Asia because the company grew large enough to buy foreign-based manufacturing businesses. Also, demand for Red Wing boots grew too large for the company to rely solely on the US for manufacturing. As production needs to be increased, customers demanded more high-quality boots that the US factories could not possibly churn out.

As the popularity of their safety boots blossomed and demand exploded, manufacturing needed to be ramped up. In order to keep up with demand, the company began using automated machinery in its Asian plants but stuck to its tried-and-true manufacturing processes and high standards.

By offering consumers the option of repairing their Red Wing boots or enforcing their warranties, Red Wing Shoe Company helps them to enjoy their purchases for a lot longer.

What Is The Price Difference Between Red Wing Boots?

For the same reason that a person would not want to wear safety gear in their everyday life, Red Wing boots from the Heritage line cost more than safety boots. The average price difference between both groups is $20 to $60.

Furthermore, as safety boots are mass-produced, the costs of manufacturing them are lower than those of the handmade shoes from Heritage. Fortunately, the former retain their comfort level while providing safety to the user, as they should.

Meanwhile, the Heritage line has transitioned from safety boots to stylish shoes composed of softer materials and velvety linings that need much more TLC.

Where Are Red Wing Boots made? Now You Know

Red Wing used to produce boots only in the United States in the early 1910s, but the company has expanded globally and now manufactures some of its shoes overseas. Wherever your boot was made, it will have a warranty and can be sent in for repairs when needed!

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