Where Are Danner Boots Made in 2022?

I’m sure we’ve all experienced it before; you’re shopping for a new pair of shoes, you find a pair you like, and you go looking for the country of origin because you want to support American jobs. If you’re that guy, you might have mused, “Where are Danner boots made?”

Most Danner boots are made in Portland. The soles, eyelets, and laces of some Danner boots are made elsewhere in America, while some models are manufactured in China.

Relax, I’ll be brief. I’m going to tell you some things about Danner boots that I bet you didn’t know.

Danner boots, a favorite of law enforcement, firefighters and servicemen.

Finding the right hiking boots is like finding the right man: they have to be tough enough to handle any rugged terrain yet comfortable enough to make all-day treks a pleasure.

Danner boots, originally developed for mountaineering, have become a favorite among law enforcement officers, firefighters, and military personnel. They are light and comfortable and offer superior protection for various situations.

While outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the benefits of the brand’s lighter models and its hiking shoes, many customers still can’t help but fall in love with their Portland-manufactured classic series, which has gained a dedicated following over the years. To find out how to spot a good deal on these boots and get your pair, read on.

Danner Boots made in the USA and Portland, Oregon

All leather that goes into the production of Danner boots in Portland and the US are indigenously sourced from local American tanneries. Likewise, the add-ons, such as soles, laces, and eyelets, are manufactured in America.

Portland Footwear Academy turns out skilled Danner workers who are paid more than $18 per hour and receive benefits, but they must first attend classes at the school before they can start making your shoes.

If you purchase Danner boots made-to-order, you’ll get handmade footwear from veteran boot makers working in Portland’s workshop — unlike luxury boots available today that are just mass-produced and oversold.

Premium Leather, High-End Finishing, and Details

Unless you’re wearing Danner boots, you’re likely walking on low-quality leather. It’s not that the leather is terrible—it’s just that most brands use it to keep costs down and advertise their flashy branding and expensive price tags. But Danner doesn’t hide behind gimmicks—they use full-grain, oil-tanned leathers sourced from the best tanneries, stuff them full of top-notch features like padded collars, leather laces, speed hooks for convenience, and non-marking soles.

These features will give you confidence in the comfort, durability, and style of your shoes, even when you’re wearing them to work or play. Of course, all this comes at a price, but it’s well worth the investment if you can afford it.

Many Danner boots are Goodyear Welted, which means their uppers are stitched to their rubber soles. This makes it possible to replace the soles or the entire upper when worn out for as low as $75.

Danner is proud to offer a three-year warranty, guaranteed to cover defects related to materials and artistry, including rips and tears caused by faulty components like eyelets, laces, etc. Most other brands offer only one-year coverage on similar products, but Danner is confident in the quality of its footwear and wants customers to feel secure about their purchase for years to come.

Danner’s Convenient Shopping Experience

Danner offers more than its fair share of boots, with a wide array of models and materials to choose from. Prices are reasonable, and the service is impeccable, so you can buy your perfect pair without having to visit multiple online retailers or brick-and-mortar stores.

Navigating their website is a cinch, thanks to clear sizing information and well-organized pages. You can also find detailed specs, helpful customer reviews, and high-resolution photos for each product to help you make a well-thought-out choice.

The downside is that they don’t offer free shipping on all orders, so you will have to pay $60 – $100, depending on your location. Also, you will be forced to pay an extra $16 if you want same-day shipping. Although this may seem like a lot of money, it’s a bargain compared to the exorbitant prices you’ll find at retail shops.

The upside is that these guys occasionally offer sales, during which they discount their models by as much as 20%. Also, Danner sells refurbished pairs now and again for about half the price of a new pair. You can pick up refurbished pairs directly from Danner’s factory outlet store (click here to visit the site).

Danner’s Social Media Presence

Danner has over 350k followers on Instagram and more than 250k Facebook fans. So it’s no wonder that the company values its customers’ opinions about its products, seeks feedback, and tries to improve its product range according to trends in the streetwear industry. It’s impressive, given how many brands pump out mundane styles these days to fill our closets.

The company stays on top of current trends, but they don’t fall victim to the pitfalls that usually accompany such efforts. If you’re active on any of their social media pages, you already know that their customer service department answers questions and addresses complaints with lightning speed—usually within seconds.

They also know how to treat their followers to some serious swag. Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, people can expect contests and giveaways that include free t-shirts, hats, phone cases, etc. Danner will even cover the shipping costs, so you don’t have to worry about your gift being spoiled by high shipping costs.


Danner boots cost anywhere between $150 and $400 on average, depending on the model you choose and your location. They’re pricier than other brands’ entry-level products, but they’re also more durable, so they’re a better value in the long run.

Regarding price, Danner boots are among the highest-priced options available on the market.

But don’t let the extra 50% deter you from choosing Danner boots; they’re well worth it. After all, with free shipping and a wide variety of styles, colors, and sole types to choose from, who can argue with that?

Customer Service

The purchasing process is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and it’s as easy as ordering a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese. If you do come across any hiccups along the way, the Danner customer support team will try to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Some people have been complaining about slow email response times from their representatives, but most say it usually takes less than a day for them to get back to you.

Are Danner boots made in China?

Most Danner boots are made in the US, but a few are made in China. Those that are made overseas are manufactured according to ISO standards and meet stringent quality requirements.

When you need stuff that takes a lot of abuse, look to the guys from Oregon. They’ve got high-end footwear that can stand up to anything.

They may not be cheap, but these shoes will last for years without falling apart like cheaper alternatives.

Are Danner Boots Made in the USA?

Danner’s boots are primarily crafted in the USA by skilled workers, but some models are made in China. The company has been around since 1932, and they continue to make high-quality footwear guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Original vs. Fake Danner Boots: How to tell the difference

Click the ‘About Us’ section on any given product page to learn where your shoes were assembled, what model they are, and their full specifications. For example: “The Danner Light Mountain Boot is made in Portland, Oregon, from globally sourced materials.”

Are Danner Boots Good?

Yes. Danner boots are renowned for their ruggedness and selection of colors, making them an excellent choice for active lifestyles and people who work outdoors.

You can send back any unused product within a thirty-day period, which is plenty of time to figure out whether or not your new boots or shoes are going to work out.

Danner will not exchange the boots for a different pair, but they will refund your payment in full—minus shipping costs—except if you ordered within the US. So you have nothing to lose by giving them a shot if you’re worried that you may not be satisfied with your purchase.

Where Are danner boots made? Wrapping up

If you’re willing to invest in high-quality American-made boots, the Danner company has been making top-quality footwear for decades.

They offer incredible value for money, lasting for many seasons before you need to replace them—that is if you ever have to replace them! We highly recommend their boots, which are designed to last a long time and can withstand all kinds of wear and tear.

Furthermore, the warranty that comes with your purchase is a silver lining that makes you feel even better about spending a few hundred bucks on high-end footwear.

If you want to save money, the cheapest option might be to buy a new pair of shoes every time the old ones wear out. However, that strategy will cost you much more in the long run—not to mention it’ll be pretty inconvenient. To learn more about Danner boots and other quality footwear from this brand, click here.

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