What Socks to Wear With Shorts and Sneakers – A Quick and Dirty Tour

When it comes to the question of what socks to wear with shorts and sneakers, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But with some simple hacks, you’ll look cooler and less like a dork than you might otherwise be.

The ideal sock to wear with a pair of shorts and sneakers is a no-show sock, but an ankle sock will also work. Other choices include pastel-colored, or funky-patterned crew socks scrunched down to your ankles.

When choosing socks, people should choose a type that will be comfortable enough for their feet. For example, if someone has flat feet, they will need a different kind of sock than someone with high arches. Wearing the wrong type of socks can result in discomfort and even blisters on your feet.

When you wear the right socks, your feet will be cushioned and supported as you go about your daily routine. Socks for sneakers also protect against blisters and other abrasions that might result from sweaty feet rubbing against the inside of your shoes.

If you’re having trouble figuring out the right socks to wear with your shorts and sneakers, you’re not alone. I can help!

What Socks to Wear with Shorts and Sneakers

Invisible Socks

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of matching your sneakers and shoes with different socks, use invisible socks. Invisible socks do not bunch around your feet and can be worn with any color of shoes or sneakers.

Men’s Invisible, low cut, no slip Socks

Pastel Socks

Not into invisible socks? Wearing pastel socks is a good alternative. They go well with sneakers and shorts. Plus, they match any skin tone in summer. And if you want to stand out a little bit, this style does the trick!

James Fiallo Men’s Solid, Bold Socks

To achieve a skater look, pull up the socks. On the other hand, if you prefer a more carefree look, bunch them a few centimeters above your ankles.

Men’s Casual Solid Color Crew Sock

Athletic Socks

One of the latest trends among athletic men is the wearing of athletic socks. Many fashion-conscious men love these socks because they complement their outfits and add a sporty touch to any matching separates on and off the runway.

Saucony Women’s Performance Heel Athletic Sock

Insole Socks

These socks are usually made of cotton and work well with white sneakers and shorts.

Men’s No-Show Invisible Sock

Cotton socks are generally comfortable and breathable. People who experience allergies to synthetic fibers, such as those in nylon or polyester, often choose cotton socks over other types of socks.

No-Show Cotton Casual Sock

Crew-length Socks

Fashionistas love the look of these socks, which hit below the mid-portion of the calf and can be paired with any color of sneakers or shorts.

Champion Double Dry Moisture Wicking Crew Socks

Ankle Socks

These socks reach just below your ankles, are perfect for sneakers and shorts, and can be used during every season except winter.

Tipi Toe Women’s Colorful Pattern Socks

However, some people prefer not to wear them because they are uncomfortable with their length.

Men’s Colorful Cotton Low Cut Short Sock

Moda West Ankle Socks

2 Bonus Tips for Finding the Best Socks for Sneakers and Shorts

Here are two factors to consider when choosing socks to wear with sneakers and shorts:

Ronnox Athletic Performance Tab Sock

Color of Socks

When choosing your socks, the color is one of the most critical factors. Visible socks can enhance or detract from the rest of your outfit—the color needs to be chosen wisely.

For example, if you’re going to hang out with friends, wear your bright and colorful socks with sneakers and shorts. If you’re wearing black suits, then try black stockings. However, wear them only when it is not hot out.

Unisex Colorful Ankle Socks

Length of Socks

When selecting socks for your outfit, take into account the length of the socks. If you choose shorter socks, such as ankle socks or half-length ones, they will be less stuffy and more comfortable with shorts and sneakers.

With these simple ideas on what socks to wear with your sneakers and shorts—and a little trial and error—you’ll be able to create the perfect outfit.

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