What Socks To Wear In Converse High Tops?

If you have just bought a new pair of Converse shoes, I know that you are very excited to wear them on. Finding the perfect pair of socks can be a little tricky since the Converse shoes come with a unique cut. It would help if you looked for perfect socks for your high tops since using inappropriate socks may ruin your style or cause foot problems and discomfort.

The best shocks for your high-top Converse maybe ankle socks, low-cut socks, crew socks, or even knee-high socks. The preference is always depending on you. If you are into styling, you can wear knee-high socks for your high top. If you want a simple look, you can find socks hidden inside the shoes. 

The type of socks you want to pair with your shoes still depends on your preference and style. When pairing socks for your Converse, you can style it however you want but don’t forget that the primary goal of wearing socks is not only for style but to give additional comfort to your feet. I have listed socks that are best for your Converse shoes.

No Show Socks

Though you may be wearing a pair of high-top shoes, you may use no-show socks if you are used to it, or you don’t want your socks to pop out of the sneakers. Wearing a pair of no-show socks while wearing your high-top Converse shoes will give you a cool and clean look. 

In looking for a no-show sock, check the materials these socks are made of. Investing in good socks is good since the overall comfort of your feet is essential. You cannot enjoy an activity if you wear uncomfortable socks. In finding one, always consider the comfort that it will provide.

If you are looking for no-show socks for your Converse, I can recommend Darntough Women’s Modern Stripe No Show Lightweight Lifestyle Sock. This pair of socks are designed to provide you with the best comfortable fit. Also, these socks are made with high-quality merino wool that is versatile and can be worn in any weather condition. 

These socks have a lightweight feature that aligns with Converse shoes’ narrow and slim fit features. The socks are not too bulky but will surely give you the foot comfort you deserve. Moreover, these socks are breathable and odor resistant for all-day comfort. You can enjoy any activity, and you need not worry about slipping, bunching, and blisters. 

Ankle Socks

You may also wear ankle socks for your high top Converse shoes. Ankle socks are slightly lower than no-show socks and shorter than crew socks. They are just right fitted on your ankle, and they are not meant to go invisible. However, since you are wearing high top Converse shoes, they may still go invisible.

Wearing Ankle socks for your Converse shoes will surely add extended feet protection from your toes up to your ankles. In choosing the best ankle socks for your Converse, you need to consider the materials and cushioning it offers. Converse has a narrow and slim structure, so you may need a light cushioned one to keep it from getting bulky.

If you had no ankle socks in mind, I would like to share Fruit of the Loom men’s Dual Defense Cushioned Socks with you. These socks are one of Amazon’s best choices for ankle socks. These socks come with a dual defense system that will surely wick away the moisture from your feet while keeping them dry and fresh for overall-day comfort. 

These pairs of socks have cushioned soles and reinforced heel and toe to give you additional comfort while wearing them. Investing in good quality socks like these ankle socks will surely benefit you as you wear them whenever and wherever you go. You may enjoy your activity without worrying about your feet. 

Short Crew Socks

Short Crew Socks are also called mini crew or micro crew socks. These socks are longer than your ankle socks but may be shorter than your regular crew socks. These types of socks are best for your high-top Converse shoes if you prefer to use this one instead of no-shows or ankle socks.

In choosing a short crew for your high-top Converse shoes, note that it will be shown as it may go taller than your high-top Converse shoes. That is why choosing the best color, style, and pattern of your short crew needs to be considered. Other than that, comfort must not be taken for granted. 

If you are looking for mini crew socks for your Converse shoes, you can consider wearing Men’s Merino Hike+ Light Mini Sock. These pairs of socks are lightweight, durable, and odor-resistant. These socks are designed to add maximum comfort and premium fit. The good thing about these socks, aside from their comfortable feature, is that it is lightweight; it will best fit Converse’s narrow and slim shoe design. 

These mini crew socks have a reinforced heel and toe for durability and added strength. It also comes with an enhanced ankle support fit. These socks have a breathable zone for improved ventilation. Aside from their benefits, these socks have a minimalist black color design. The minimalist color design is best paired with your High top Converse shoe if you are into minimal colors. 

Crew Socks

Crews socks may be considered one of the most famous types of socks and are merely seen in guy’s drawers. You can also see this type of socks in many underwear sections. Crew socks height can go up past your ankle and hit right around the mid to upper calf. Crew socks are longer than a loafer or ankle socks, but they do not reach your knees like over the calf socks. 

In finding the best crew socks for your Converse shoes, you need to make sure that it is breathable and comfortable. Crew socks cover your toes until your midcalf, and if you purchased non-quality socks, you might feel uncomfortable, bulky, and hot. Also, look for good quality material that will keep your feet away from blisters and pain. 

I want to share Men’s Merino Hike+ Medium Crew Socks with you. These socks are made with a ball of high-quality merino wool blended with synthetic fibers to provide good fitting and comfortable socks that will wick away the moisture of your feet while keeping them dry. These socks are designed for maximum comfort and premium fit. 

The good side of wearing these socks is lightweight, aside from their excellent benefits. Due to its lightweight features, it is not bulky when worn, so you cannot feel very tight while wearing it with your Converse shoes. Converse has slim and narrow parts, so wearing non-bulky socks is the best option for you. 

Knee High Socks

Knee-high socks may not often be used with Converse shoes. However, you can still use this for your high-top. Pairing this with your high-top sneakers will give you a vintage look. As you might see in many cosplayers, they use a pair of Converse shoes with knee-high socks. 

You can also wear a pair of knee-high socks for your Converse if you are into styling. Pairing the two may give you a street-style look if you pair them with a mini skirt. Others may pair it with shorts; it depends on how you pull off the outfit.

Most of those who pair their knee-high socks with their High top Converse prefer monochromatic colors like black, white, or brown. So if you are looking for one, a Women’s Solid Basic Knee High Lightweight Lifestyle Sock is what you are looking for. These knee-high socks are versatile and can be used in any season, whether in summer or winter, since they have a thermoregulating capacity that adjusts to your skin temperature. 

These socks are lightweight, fast-drying, and pull moisture away from the skin. So, you do not have to worry that these socks will make you feel hot as they have breathable ventilation zones that will add breathability and comfort to your feet. It also comes with fine gauging knitting features that will never give you a bulky feeling when word and suits best Converse’s narrow and slim features. 

Is It Okay To Wear Converse Without Socks?

Wearing sneakers without socks is a mistake; never do that. It will only give you blisters, which is unhealthy since your feet, sweat, and sweats develop bacterial buildup, resulting in a foul smell. That is why to keep your feet comfortable; you need to wear socks that will wick away the moisture and will keep your feet dry.

To fully convince you why you always need to wear socks, continue reading below.

Bad Smell

You should always wear breathable and moisture-wicking socks to avoid having a bad smell when wearing your Converse shoes. A foul odor is caused by sweaty feet, resulting in bacterial buildup. Invest in wearing good quality socks when wearing your Converse shoes; smelly feet are not only unhygienic but also embarrassing. 

Fungal Infection

Some parts of your shoes are not breathable; this may lead to bacterial buildup, moisture, and heat inside the shoes. Bacteria, moisture, and heat are factors that may result in fungal infection, which is not suitable for your feet. 

If you are not wearing breathable socks, you may develop foot infections or foot ailments like Athlete’s foot. 

Foot Pain and Discomfort

If you do not wear socks while wearing Converse shoes, you can feel foot pain and discomfort. The seat on your feet will be the reason for bacterial build-up, making it itchy and smelly. 

Also, your bare feet may run in the shoe fabric and cause blisters and pain. That is why wearing socks is a must. 


You can wear different socks to pair with your high tops Converse shoes. You can wear no shoes, ankle, mini crew, crew, and even knee-high socks. The styling and preference depends on your choice. 

When buying socks, you need to make sure that they come with high quality to make your feet comfortable and breathable. Also, it would be best to look for less cushioned socks to avoid having a bulky feeling when wearing them with converse since converse shoes have a narrow and slim foot. 

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