What Makes Darn Tough A Good Company?

Darn Tough is known for the quality of socks that it produces. The company has been making its name for more than three decades already. You may own many Darn Tough socks due to their tested quality, comfort, and durability. However, you might be curious about what makes them a good company. 

Darn Tough is a good company since they focus on product quality, good customer service and consider the best interest of their customers and employees to build a strong community. They also provide Exclusive Discounts and Giving Programs. The Darn Tough Company is a family business, and they prioritize quality over quantity. 

Their focus is on producing quality and best-fitting socks. Everything is carefully checked from the preparation of yarn that they use up until the production, and the socks come with a lifetime warranty. They have excellent customer service, and they make sure to gain their customer’s trust. To fully understand what makes Darn Tough a good company, consider reading more details below. 

Product Quality

Over the years, Darn Tough has been one of the best sock production companies since they prioritize their socks’ quality compared to its production numbers. They carefully choose the best merino wool, which is the main fabric of their socks. It is then carefully selected and prepared for the knitting process.

They carefully plan and design everything to create socks that center on quality. When it comes to the knitting process, Darn Tough is very careful to develop durable, moisture-wicking, comfortable, and best-fitting socks. They ensure the guarantee that each sock can be used by anyone in any weather conditions and environment. 

They create various styles, designs, sizes of socks that can be of great use to any activity. You may be working in harsh environments, trekking, mountain climbing, or even just in your house taking a sip of your hot choco on a cold winter night; Darn Tough produces the best socks for you. 

Lifetime Warranty

Another thing that makes Darn Tough a good company is its lifetime warranty on all of its socks. No strings, no receipts needed; you can return it to them and have another pair. You have to follow six easy steps to have your new pair. Remember that you need to fill in the online claim form and send it to the company with the pair of damaged socks. You will shoulder the shipping of your socks. 

However, some things are not generally covered, like losing one pair of socks, damaged by burning, damaged by pets, or if it was stolen. You may get your sock replacement for 7-10 days; however, it might take a little longer in peak seasons. Moreover, you don’t have to mind the shipping fee since Darn Tough will shoulder it for you. You will have to wait until your new sock is delivered. 

Darn Tough also offers International warranty claims. However, claims may differ around the world. If you reside outside the US, you may contact Darn Tough Vermont Distributor in your region for excellent customer service. 

Their regional distributors include Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Macau, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. You can contact your regions through their respective contact details.  If you cannot see your area in the list, you may need to fill in the International Warranty Form or contact Darn Tough.

Customer Service

Darn Tough socks have excellent customer service. They have been very responsive to all the queries of their customers regarding their socks. They will also provide you with more options and pieces of information regarding sock purchases. 

Darn Tough likes to hear anything from their customers. They are making sure to respond with concerns, feedback, questions, and requests. Ther customer service is on standby to respond to any service-related issues. They are available Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern Standard Mime via live chat; you may contact them by phone at 1-877-327-6883 or send a message via email darntough “@” finnpartners.com.

Giving Programs 

Darn Tough comes with giving programs around the community in Vermont. They donate, sponsor, and support groups to focus on their state’s youth, veterans, the homeless, and food scarcity.

They are also working on how to support the COVID-19 response. Darn Tough knit socks and mask making is not theirs. Though that might be the case, they create more socks, and The Foodbank Farmer’s Market sock – 100 percent of proceeds are donated to the Vermont Food Bank.

Exclusive Discounts

Darn Tough honors the hard work of many in different fields of work. That is why they have exclusive discounts for Military, Responder, Medical Related Works, and Teachers.

For Military discounts, this includes Active on Duty, Veterans & Dependents. Respondents include Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Technicians. Medical Related Works includes Doctors, Nurses & medical staff. For Teachers, it includes Pre-K, K-12, and Professors.

In claiming your discounts, you may need to follow a simple process. First, sign in to VerifyPass and get the code based on your line of work. Second, they will be verified, and you will receive a one-time discount code to apply during your purchase. For future purchases, you may repeat the same process. However, note that you may claim one code every 24 hours. 

Employees and Careers

Darn Tough has an estimated 201 to 500 employees, and the company is working its best to provide benefits, support, and a strong community for its employees. There might be reports of the company’s fall short; however, they are working on addressing them and improving the company. 

Darn Tough provides training, tools, and support to embody a productive workforce committed to improvement. They promote openness, respect through teamwork and effective leadership, and honesty. Darn Tough is a family-oriented company that represents its core values, respect, and authenticity to create a great workplace. 

Moreover, the company is also open for talented people to join their team. If you are interested in joining the sock capital of the world, you can check their job listings. You may also contact their recruiting team at 802.221.4246.

Where to buy Darn Tough Socks

Though Darn Tough is located in Northfield, Vermont, you can still purchase these socks and be shipped into your house. To buy from a legitimate online store, you may consider purchasing from the following online retailers…


Darn Tough is a good company by the quality of socks that they produce and their customer service, discounts, warranty, and care for their employees. Darn Tough has been in the business for more than three decades and what makes them still the best is how they make their socks, treat their customers and employees.

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