What are SmartWool Socks Made of?

SmartWool is one of the leading sock brands that create the best performance and durable socks. They have been making their name not only to provide durable but also sustainable socks. They are doing their best in how to create socks that are of high quality but are also sustainable to help the environment.

Smartwool typically prioritizes Merino wool in most of its socks since it comprises half of the overall sock material. The materials they are using are a combination of Merino Wool, Nylon, and Elastane. This 2021, they integrated recycled Nylon in their production to promote sustainable sock production. 

Over the years, SmartWool is working more in keeping their socks durable, comfortable, and sustainable. They ensure that they are helping the environment through their sustainable advocacy in incorporating sustainable materials in their sock production. To know more about SmartWool, continue reading below for more pieces of information. 

Materials Used in SmartWool Socks

Merino Wool

Typically, SmartWool’s highlighted material is  Merino wool since it provides natural benefits that synthetic materials can’t. It has lanolin, a natural wax that keeps your feet warm. Merino wool also has a thermoregulation capacity that adjusts to your body temperature. Hence, it is best for all-year use since SmartWool socks have merino wool and can be used in different weather conditions. 

Moreover, the merino wool in SmartWool will keep your feet dry since it has a moisture-wicking capacity. When your feet are dry, it keeps your feet from having a stinky smell caused by bacterial build-up. Another thing that made merino wool best was its resistance to fire. It typically does not melt and burst into flame. 

Recycled Nylon

Since SmartWool promotes sustainable sock production, they currently integrate Recycled Nylon to be blended in their socks. Recycled Nylon is their ongoing effort to create sustainable socks and practices to lessen their impact on the environment. 

Moreover, Nylon is non-absorbent, elastic, and adds more strength to the socks. It helps remove the moisture in the skin. It is lightweight, wrinkle-free fabric, and is easy to wash. Hence, Nylon is widely used in socks making to add durability to the socks. 


SmartWool also uses Elastane to provide an add-on fit, comfort, and elasticity to the socks. Elastane is the best choice to keep the socks up in the arch and ankle to provide extra support. Elastane also has soft, lightweight, and abrasion-resistant properties. Adding Elastane to socks makes them comfortable to wear. 

The good thing about Elastane is its flexibility. You may stretch it seven times its measurement. Though you pull it multiple times, it still goes back to its original form. So if you use your SmartWool various times, you don’t need to worry about it wearing out or sagging since it uses Elastane for an added stretch and fit. 

Are Smartwool Socks 100% Wool?

SmartWool socks are not 100% wool. They are comprised of a blend of Merino wool, Nylon, and Elastine that make these socks more durable. SmartWool uses Merino wool in its socks and comprises half of the material in it. Merino wool is naturally moisture-wicking, breathable, odor-free, antibacterial, and versatile in changing weather conditions.

SmartWool socks use 100 percent merino wool, but they use Merino wool for about 50 percent of the overall material used in their socks. Their socks are made with high-quality merino wool that is known to provide comfort and softness to the skin. The fibers in their socks contain thousands of air bubbles that keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.  

Is Smartwool Merino Wool?

SmartWool is not merino wool; instead, Smartwool incorporates merino wool in most of their socks. The overall materials of SmartWool socks are not primarily 100 percent Merino wool but comprise only half of the socks. However, most of SmartWool’s Apparel like hoodies and bottoms, use 100 percent merino wool. 

They are typically using merino wool in most of their products due to its natural benefits when worn. It is moisture-wicking and keeps you feeling dry though you experience tremendous heat and sweatings. Merino wool is also durable and odor-free. 

Is SmartWool Real Wool?

Smartwool uses real wool from merino sheep. Primarily they use treated merino wool in their products; this means that the wool is treated with the Superwash process. The process includes using chlorine treatment to remove the outer scratch hairs to make it non-itchy and shrink-resistant. 

They prioritize the use of natural Merino Wool and blend it with Nylon and Elastane for added durability. The reason that they mainly use merino wool is because of its natural benefits. Merino wool is natural, helps regulate body temperature, helps keep you dry and sweat-free, resists odors, is soft, biodegradable, helps provide UPF protection, and is fire-resistant. 

Are SmartWool Socks Itchy?

Though wool is known to have an itchy feeling when worn, it goes differently with Merino wool. Since SmartWool uses merino wool, then the fibers in it are more delicate compared to other wool. The fibers in merino wool have a more flexible and soft bend that makes it non-itchy compared to different types of wool. 

Note that the lighter the micron of the wool, the softer it is to wear. Since merino wool measures 15 to 25 microns, and can still be considered finer. The microns in each sheep vary, and glad to say that merino wool has finer fibers that make it non-itchy when it touches the skin. 

However, in choosing socks, look carefully at the percentage of merino wool used in the socks since medium to high-quality socks will not cause itching since their fibers are delicate, soft, and pliable. But some low-quality merino wool or those blended with inferior textile fabrics may cause itchiness though predominantly uses Merino wool. 


SmartWool uses 100 percent merino wool in their socks; however, the merino content in each sock is blended with Recycled Nylon and Elastane. SmartWool prioritizes using Merino wool in its socks since it naturally wicks away the moisture in the skin, making your feet odor-free and dry.

SmartWool socks will offer you comfort since the merino wool in the socks has a finer fiber that is soft and comfortable to the skin.

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