What Are Crocs Without Holes Called? Great Question

Anyone who has ever worn a pair of Crocs™ knows that one of their best features is the holes. Those holes allow air to circulate your feet, so you don’t get hot and sweaty as you do with regular shoes, and they let your feet breathe. But what happens when Crocs with holes are unsuitable for your line of work? You go for Crocs without holes. But what are Crocs without holes called? Holeless? Un-Crocs?

The hole-free Crocs clogs are called CrocsRx. These special shoes are designed for medical professionals, such as surgeons, nurses, and other hospital staff. Their design protects the user’s feet from potential needle pricks or fluid spills.

Crocs were initially designed with holes to allow water and air to flow in and out of the shoes. Over time, Crocs soon became popular among nurses and surgeons, who liked being able to add a little color to their daily work life while also wearing comfortable shoes.

In 2007, health authorities raised concerns about the holes in the tops of Crocs. Through those holes, needles and bodily fluids could easily pierce or spill on the workers’ feet and trigger the spread of deadly diseases among hospital employees and patients. This observation ultimately led many hospital regions to ban Crocs altogether.

In response to the ban, Crocs designed a line of clogs specifically for nurses, surgeons, and other caregivers. The new line of clogs provides extra arch support and has no holes. They also feature the new Crocs Lock™ soles that are more slip-resistant than their predecessors.

CrocsRx shoes are made with the original, lightweight Croslite but can provide adequate support for medical professionals on their feet all day.

In this article, we’ll take a more detailed look at some of the most popular Crocs without holes on the market.

Are Crocs With No Holes a Thing? And Why Should I Get Them?

The CrocsRx line of shoes has no holes, making it ideal for kitchen use and other settings where foot protection is required, such as hospitals and restaurants.

Crocs shoes with no holes have Crocs Lock™ slip-resistant treads, which help you be surefooted, even on wet and slippery surfaces. These shoes also have closed-toe boxes that shield your feet from liquid spills.

To crown it all, the cushy footbeds in these shoes make them a pleasure to wear.

What Are Best Crocs without Holes?

There are many types of Crocs shoes without holes, but some of the most popular and fashionable ones include:

Crocs Men’s Bistro Pro Sure-Grip Clog Mule

Squeeze in every bit of autumn fun with the cozy warmth of the Crocs Bistro Pro Sure-Grip Clog. It’s fun and functional, so you won’t have to compromise on comfort.

This one has a hole-free upper, a thick fleece lining that will insulate your feet in bitingly cold weather, and a rigid outsole that stabilizes your feet improves their resistance to shock and gives them a better grip on wet floors and slippery grounds.

Its conventional heel strap is perfect for slipping it on and off while keeping your feet snug and comfortable all day.

Why not choose this wonderfully comfortable Croslite foam clog? It’s soft, cradling, and blissfully supportive. I recommend you order a size bigger than you usually wear; otherwise, your feet may feel cramped in the shoe.

Key Features 

  • 100% synthetic fleece lining
  • Crocs Lock™ slip-resistant tread
  • Hole-free upper
  • Enhanced shock absorption

Crocs Blitzen Clog Women’s III Slipper

One of the most sought-after Crocs shoes without holes, this slipper is also known for its warmth and ease of use. It features a soft fleece lining that makes it comfortable to wear all day and is manufactured with Croslite in the Dual Crocs Comfort system.

I recommend this one because it’s warmer, cozier, and plusher than the others.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Clog

If you’re looking for a shoe that will keep you comfortable through long shifts, this is it. The Bistro Clog was specially designed for medics and chefs. It’s light and supportive and prevents liquid spills from seeping between your toes.

The shoe can be easily cleaned with soap and water, and it dries quickly too.

As the thick metatarsal area and enclosed toe box keep your foot safe, its slip-resistant tread helps your foot maintain balance, while the contoured footbed provides extra comfort.

Women’s Crocs at Work Flats

Another option for Crocs without holes is the Women’s Crocs at Work Flats.

For Crocs with no holes and more office-appropriate designs, check out the Women’s Crocs at Work Flats. They’re made with Croslite material and are easy to lift.

They may not have extra slip resistance or arch support, but they’re certainly stylish!

What Are Customers Saying about Crocs without Holes?

Crocs shoes without holes are trendy today. And to prove that these shoes get lots of positive reviews online, I will share the testimony of a customer who has left feedback about their Crocs experience:

“When I moved into a new home with hard floors and wet weather, I wanted something to wear around the house. I bought Crocs shoes without holes and what I’ve discovered is that they are a comfortable upgrade from the flip-flop, especially in wet weather. They always keep my feet dry.”

Why Do Crocs Have Holes in Them?

Some of you might be wondering what the purpose of holes in Crocs is.

For some people, the holes in Crocs might seem like a pointless design detail. But for people with sweaty feet, the holes are intended to act as ventilation. For everyone else, the holes add an extra decorative touch to a practical product.