Unisex vs. Women’s Birkenstocks: What’s the Difference?

Birkenstock is known for offering a wide range of shoe designs. The brand has been able to cater to the foot needs of almost everyone, regardless of gender. Its gender-neutral designs are top-notch, but without a doubt, its women’s lineups are also irresistible!

Most Birkenstock designs are unisex, although others are styled based on women’s preferences. There are minor differences between unisex and women’s Birks. Unisex pairs have broader and more spacious footbeds than women’s. In terms of sizing, women’s Birks offer slimmer and narrower pairs than the unisex collections.

Both unisex and women’s Birks are made with the same footbed and upper strap materials. Further, in terms of comfort level and durability, no type is above the other. 

If you want to know more about their similarities and differences, just keep on reading this article. I have included sections wherein I have distinguished one from the other. Also, I have listed some of the best-selling unisex and women’s Birkenstock. 

Is there a difference between unisex and female Birkenstocks?

Both unisex and female Birkenstocks are made with the finest materials, from leather to synthetic. You’ll surely encounter no problem concerning any model’s performance and quality.

Also, both have similar footbed designs and material composition. Made of cork-latex, Birkenstock’s insoles are very comfortable upon wearing, most especially when they have been worn in. 

Moreover, both types of Birkenstocks are also in-demand in a specific market. Unisex Birks are very popular with men and gender-queer, while women’s pairs are being sought after by ladies.

There is only a minimal difference between unisex and female Birkenstocks, which is apparent in the following aspects: sizing and availability. These are further discussed in the following sections. 

What are the similarities and differences between unisex and women’s Birkenstocks in terms of:

There are plenty of unisex Birkenstocks available in the market. Actually, the brand is very popular with its gender-neutral lineups. These models just scream pure elegance and versatility!

On the other hand, Birkenstock has also released models which are designed especially for the ladies out there. Women’s Birkenstocks are known for their sleek and polished look. 


Unisex Birkenstocks usually come with a wider-looking footbed and a chunkier appearance. Although these pairs look big, they really are not when you get your correct size. 

Unisex Birkenstocks are also available in women’s sizes. Just ask your trusted seller if the pair you’re eyeing is obtainable in a lady size. If you have a slim foot build, you can also try requesting a narrow-sized version of the model.

That’s one advantage offered by Birkenstocks. The brand made accessible unisex Birkenstocks in two different sizes: regular and narrow. Some women’s Birks have a narrow size option, but most do not. 

Women’s Birkenstocks are built for ladies who obviously have narrower feet width. These models appear to be slimmer than most unisex Birkenstocks. Again, just make sure to get the right size for you. 


Both unisex and female Birkenstocks are available in varying styles. However, you have a lot more options with unisex Birkenstocks. The brand is prominent for its genderless designs; that’s why they have produced plenty of these. 

It really just depends on your preference. If you want something feminine, women’s Birks indeed got you covered. A list of Birkenstocks made especially for females is available on the Birkenstock websites, just search it up. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for something simple yet sophisticated, opt for a unisex pair. Classic Birkenstocks are very outfit-friendly. You can’t go wrong with unisex Birks. 

Unisex and women’s Birkenstocks are both available in leather, synthetic, and vegan. You have plenty of choices with these types of Birks. Leather Birkenstock is highly recommended if you want hugging and a custom-fit pair in the long run.

For a less moisture-sensitive pair, synthetic Birkenstocks are for you. Under the synthetic lineup, there are also unisex and women’s Birks which are waterproof. Lastly, if you want a cruelty-free option, vegan pairs are also available. 

What size is a women’s 7 in Birkenstocks?

A women’s US size 7 to 7.5 is size 38 in Birkenstock. If you have a foot length of 245 mm, size 37 best fits you. There is no need to size up or down because Birkenstock is true to size, specifically the women’s lineups.

Birkenstocks are usually in European sizes. A pro tip: just add 31 to your US size. Moreover, if you are between two sizes, just choose the higher one. For more detailed sizing information, check out this article.

To get your measurements right, read off your foot length starting from the longest toe down to your heel. For slip-on Birks or sandals, it is suggested to add at least 10 mm. 

What are the best-selling unisex Birks?

Unisex Birkenstocks are always in-demand. This is because they are compatible, not just for everybody! Some of the most sought-after unisex Birkenstocks are the following: Arizona, Gizeh, and Barbados.

These are slip-ons that are perfect for your staycations and long-distance travels. All three models are available in ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) versions. You can even wear them on the beach!

The designs of these models are versatile enough to suit both feminine and masculine fashion. Although unisex pairs are highly recommended for men, I can say that women can rock ‘em too!

If you are looking for some unisex sneakers or boots, check out Bend, London, or Stalon. These are very chic and classic-looking pairs that are worth taking home. On the other hand, if you are looking for very cozy Birks, opt for Amsterdam. 

What are the best-selling women’s Birks?

Female Birkenstocks are very much womanly, and some look very girly, which are perfect to pair with some summer flowy dresses. You can start your hunt by searching for Yara, Siena, and Mayari.


                  Siena                                Yara                            Mayari

These models are noticeable for their crisscrossing straps that are very femme-fatale styled. Giving additional sophistication to the overall design is the metal buckles. 

On the other hand, if you are searching for some elevating heels you can check out Glenda or Fanny. Also, worth checking out is the brand’s newest addition to their wedge heel collection: Soley, Sibyl, and Mary, all with ring buckles. 

Moreover, for an edgy and rocker-girl aura, you can try some Birkenstock boots such as Bryson or the wedge-ankle boots Ebba. These models are bold but still very womanly, definitely worth the steal!

Unisex vs women birks, Final Thoughts

As mentioned, there is no significant difference between unisex and women’s Birkenstocks besides their sizing, styles, and availability. But overall, they are just the same: comfy, long-lasting, and trustworthy.

Undeniably, both are obtainable at a higher price than other brands. However, Birkenstock pairs are a good investment. They are not just stylish but also good for your feet. 

You’ll come a long way with a pair of unisex or women’s Birkenstocks. Just remember to select something that will make you feel confident and comfortable simultaneously!

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