Smartwool Socks Sizing Guide

SmartWool has various socks in multiple designs, colors, and sizes and can be best used in multiple activities. In purchasing socks, durability, comfort, and breathability are essential; however, you need also to consider the correct socks sizing. 

Good thing SmartWool socks have a sock sizing guide for you to choose the best fitting socks.

SmartWool Sock Sizing Guide comes in men, women, and kid sizes. The sock sizes range from Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large. It also has different Sock sizes that come in Us Shoe Size, UK Shoe Size, Euro Shoe Size, and has a Calf Circumference Measurement. 

You can refer to Smartwool Size Charts, click here.

Sock sizing is essential for the overall comfort of your feet. Also, it is necessary to avoid purchasing too loose or too tight socks. To provide you with valuable information regarding the sock sizing of Smartwool, I have gathered some information to share below. Continue reading to be guided. 

SmartWool Sizing Guide

If you’d prefer to get the details right from the “horse’s mouth” then check out the Smartwool Size Guide, here.

Men’s Smartwool Socks Size Chart

SizeU.S. Men’s Shoe SizeEuro Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeCalf Circumference (Largest part of the calf)
S3-5.534-372-4.511″-14.5″ (18-26.5 cm)
M6-8.538-415-7.512.5″-16.5″ (32-41 cm)
L9-11.542-458-10.514.5″-18″ (37-45.5 cm)
XL12-14.546-4911-13.516″-23″ (41-58 cm)

Women’s Smartwool Socks Size Chart

SizeU.S. Women’s Shoe SizeEuro Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeCalf Circumference (Largest part of the calf)
S4-6.534-372-4.511″-14.5″ (18-26.5 cm)
M7-9.538-415-7.512.5″-16.5″ (32-41 cm)
L10-12.542-458-10.514.5″-18″ (37-45.5 cm)
XLN/A46-4911-13.516″-23″ (41-58 cm)

Kids’ Smartwool Socks Size Chart

SizeU.S. Shoe SizeEuro Shoe SizeUK Shoe Size

Unisex Smartwool Socks Size Chart

SizeUS Men’sUS Women EuroUK
Small3–5.5 4–6.534–372–4.5

How do SmartWool Socks Fit?

Smartwool socks fit since they have added Elastane in the socks, which provides added stretch and comfort, making it the best fitting. All SmartWool socks have an elite fit system that provides the best performance-oriented fit on your feet, especially in the ankle. 

SmartWool makes sure to provide you with an accurate reference for their socks sizes as they provide Smartwool Size Charts. Also, Smartwool has a Sock Finder, where you will be taking some questions to answer for you to be routed with the best fitting socks of your preference. 

In using Sock Finder, you will be asked first about the activity where you will use the socks. Then, what type of socks are you looking for, if it’s for men or women. After that, it will route you regarding the height of the sock that you prefer if it’s no-show, low ankle, ankle, crew, mid-crew, tall crew, or over-the-calf. 

Then it will route you with the cushioning if it’s zero cushion, targeted cushion, light cushion, full cushion, extra cushion, and maximum cushion. You can also choose your preferred color, warmth, performance, value, and comfort. Then you will finally select the best size for you if it’s Small, Medium, or Large… After that, it will route you with the best quality and best fitting socks with the correct size that suits you best.

Moreover, knitting Smartwool socks are done in high-quality gauging processes that create the best fitting socks with appropriate sizes. The reason behind the best fit of Smartwool socks is its extensive knitting process. They consider the quality and inspect every process to ensure that the socks are best in shape, fit, and size. 

Do SmartWool Socks Shrink?

Smartwool socks will not shrink if you provide them with proper care. Smartwool ensures that the socks that they are creating are of high quality. That is why they guarantee the construction process to make socks that can retain their shape and fit. 

Moreover, SmartWool socks are made with merino wool; they will only shrink once exposed to direct heat or washed with hot water or if you air dry your socks. Some customers might argue that their socks shrunk; the reason behind that is they air dry it. They may justify that it can air dry it since it is stated in the wash instruction, but the drying process of Smartwool socks must be done in a low setting.

To add more reasons for shrinking, the fibers in Smartwool socks will deteriorate if you use strong detergents and bleach. The fibers in the socks are the ones that provide the best fit and quality; once destroyed or damaged, it will result in shrinking or wearing out. That is why care is critical in maintaining the quality of your Smartwool socks to avoid them from shrinking.

Do SmartWool Socks Run Small?

Typically Smartwool socks don’t run small unless you do not adequately care for the socks. Smartwool is dedicated to making the best-fitting and true-to-size socks. The production process is extensive in making sure that the shocks are in the best shape and size. 

However, as an owner, if you do not provide proper wash care and dry care, your socks will run small, making them shrink or lose their shape. Avoid your socks from running small and avoid distorting their shape and size by following the guidelines in the packaging to provide the best care for it.

Are SmartWool Socks True to Size?

Smartwool offers quality socks and ensures that the information they provide is accurate. They provide Smartwool Size Charts for your reference that is accurate and reliable. They ensure to gain their customer’s trust so that customers can enjoy socks that fit them well and not the one that is too tight or too loose. 

Their sock sizing guide can be your reference to choose the size that fits you well. If you are skeptical, choose the sock size that is the same as your shoe size. Visit the Smartwool Size Charts.

Should I Size Down or Size Up SmartWool Socks?

In choosing the correct size of your socks, select the ones that are the same as the size of your shoes. If your shoe size goes between 7.5 or 7.8 shoes, you can consider going up and choosing number 8. It is best to go up in sock size rather than to make risk decisions of too-tight socks.

Do Smartwool socks have Unisex Sizing?

Smartwool has many unisex socks; though there is no specific Unisex sizing guide, you can refer to this Socks Size Chart to compare the size of men and women as your reference for unisex sizing. There are many unisex socks in Smartwool, however, sizes still depend on the individual foot size. 

Click here for the SmartWool Socks Size Chart.


Smartwool socks are always true to their sizes. Smartwool wants to ensure that they are providing the best fitting socks and accurate sizes. They have a sock sizing guide that you can use as a reference in purchasing. 

Moreover, Smartwool socks do not run small since they provide an extensive knitting and production process to create socks of good shape, accurate size, and fit best.

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