Should You Wear Birkenstocks with Socks?

The internet is up in arms about something much more important than it seems: Should you wear Birkenstocks with socks? The sandals have been the footwear kings for 2022’s summer, but with fall in full swing, it’s become a hot topic of debate.

Some say that Birkenstock aficionados should go sockless since the sandals are so open and breathable that they don’t need them; others say socks are a must to avoid the dreaded foot fungus and keep your feet warm in cooler weather.

Whichever side you’re on (and even if you have a neutral standing concerning the topic), this post will ease your (un)bothered mind.

Wearing socks with Birkenstock sandals has been a fashion statement since 2003, when Birkenstock USA Chairman (via the June 2003 GQ issue) Arnold Benz declared that it was “perfectly acceptable” to do so. In 2010, many top fashion designers featured sock-and-sandal combos on the runway.

In case you haven’t heard, Birkenstock sandals are casual, comfortable footwear with the flexible cork and latex insoles designed to mimic the shape of your foot. Birkenstock, which introduced the concept of “comfort shoes” in the United States in the 1960s, has become synonymous with youthful style for decades.

Birkenstock’s shoes are made of two materials: cork and silicon. When warm, these materials mold to the shape of your foot. The result is a comfortable shoe that conforms to your foot over time. These cushy sandals also have a long life span.

In 2010, the sock-and-sandal combo seeped into mainstream fashion as labels such as Miu Miu, Wood Wood, and Vetements sent their models down the runway wearing the look.

The secret to pulling off socks with Birks is to ensure the hoses are not too long; they should not exceed 5 inches above the ankle.

What socks go with Birkenstocks?

To keep your feet comfortable and warm in Birks, wear thick socks. You can choose a color that matches your clothing, but if you want to prevent cold feet, then thick socks are the way to go.

Merino Wool Socks

What can you wear with Birkenstocks?

If you’re thinking of going on vacation or zooming out of town during another workweek, try pairing a midi skirt with a t-shirt and white Birkenstocks. It’s an easy, elegant look that works well for either casual or formal occasions. Throw in white jewelry and a matching bag for extra flair!

Wearing dark hues that are a bit more muted? Consider coupling them with rose gold sandals. When donning light jeans and a blazer, look for classic sandals of the same shade.

Birkenstock Socks

Dickies Dri-tech Crew Sock

For a relaxed, classic look, team up your khaki pants with a boxy handbag. Finish off the look with Birkenstock’s Yao sandals. They’re comfortable enough for everyday wear and come in an assortment of shapes that fit the contours of your feet.

TeeHee Sandal (Birkenstock) Socks

Vintage Knit Slouch Vintage Cotton Sock

Birkenstock sandals come in many styles—Arizona, Gizeh, Madrid big buckle, Mayari, and Boston. Most stores that sell sandals stock Arizonas, Mayaris, and Gizehs, but you may have to visit a specialty shop to find the Madrid and Boston styles.

Thick Knit Wool Crew Sock

MADRID Birkenstocks

Like your teddy bear and your security blanket, the Madrid Birkenstock has a one shoe strap and is the OG of the Birkenstock family. Can you think of anything more ergonomic that keeps your feet dry and comfortable at the gym?

ZÜRICH Birkenstocks

Zürich’s interior, exterior, and traverse arch supports, pop-detail buckles, deep heel cup, and soft cork footbed collaboratively provide the comfort and stability of a closed shoe without sacrificing the open-toe feeling.

These lightweight Birks are designed to fit the shape of your foot and can be worn comfortably by both women and men.

ARIZONA Birkenstocks

The Arizona Birkenstocks, with their two thick buckle straps, are the most popular and recognizable sandals from Birkenstock. They come in a variety of colors and have been worn by both men and women for work and leisure since 1973.

BOSTON CLOG Birkenstocks

These Boston Clog Birks are comfortable even when the weather heats. Their latex footbeds will keep your toes happy and your feet cool, while their lightweight construction makes them convenient to wear all day.

GIZEH Birkenstocks

If you’re a fan of Birkenstock sandals and flip-flops, you’ll love the Gizeh. It’s a new take on an old classic but still comfortable for walking around town. Initially released in 1774 and upgraded in 1980, these have become an imprint for stores that offer Birkenstock footwear.

YARA Birkenstocks

The Yara Birkenstocks sandals are ideal for strolls on the beach. They feature toe-aligning straps and adjustable, criss-cross ankle straps that hug your feet for a custom fit.

KAIRO Birkenstocks

Kairo Birkenstock sandals are comfortable and adjustable so that you can tighten or loosen them as desired.

With an extensive collection of modern, foot-fitting, and on-trend styles, Birkenstock sandals are available for both men and women, adding the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

How To Wear You Birkenstock Sandals?

Many people don’t realize that Birkenstock is about the model, not the brand. When buying a pair of Birkenstocks, it’s better to choose one with two straps—one across the toes and one around the ankle. This style is ideal for the beach or any place you want to feel comfortable on bare sand.

If you discover that the Arizona model runs too large for you, find solace in a pair of Sydney sandals instead. These are smaller and more feminine than the Arizona model.

If you are concerned about safety and slipping and prefer sandals on the feminine side, try the Bali or Milano styles—these have three straps that wrap tightly around your foot.

If your feet tend to get cold in the winter, try wearing Birkenstock Boston clogs. They look like slip-ons but are as cozy as winter boots.

You can wear these sandals with any outfit for any destination, from a Hawaiian vacation to the next wedding on your calendar. There are more than 300 colors of this sandal to choose from, so you can be as daring or as subtle as you please.

Black and white can be classy, but if you want to look like you just stepped off the beach, choose pink. If metallic is your thing, Birkenstock sandals are perfect for a night in the town.

Are Birkenstocks Available in All Sizes?

Birkenstock sandals are available in narrow and wide sizes. Their adjustable belts make them easy to use, and most of the company’s customer base comprises women who wear Birks with shorts.

Final Words

If you’re a millennial and you already have your mind made up, then do whatever floats your boat. As long as there’s not a risk of frostbite, who cares? But if you’re on the fence, keep this in mind: I’m with Birkenstock on this one.

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