Should You Size Up or Down in Birkenstocks

Finding the right size when buying Birkenstocks is necessary to get that maximum level of comfort the brand boasts. If this is your first Birks pair, being unsure what size to get is understandable. 

You don’t need to size up or down with most Birkenstock models, for they’re true to size. Except for Mayari and Gizeh, which have a narrower fit, it is recommended that you get your standard size when buying other styles. If you want a more precise fit in terms of width, you can select between narrow and regular-sized Birks.

Reading this article might be helpful as you do your research about Birkenstock’s sizing. Included in this article are sections discussing this. So, you better keep on reading to know more about it. 

Do Birkenstocks fit true to size?

Yes! Birkenstocks fit true to size. Therefore, you don’t need to get so worked up when buying online because even though you can’t fit them physically, their sizing guide is pretty accurate. 

However, it is highly recommended that you go to a physical store so that you can try on different sizes. By doing this, it is more likely that you’ll take home the correct sandal size. 

If what you received from Amazon or what you took home seems a bit big, do not get disappointed because Birkenstocks are made to be roomy. Its design ensures that your toes and heel will have some extra room. 

The contoured footbeds will eventually conform to your foot’s size and shape. After some time of wearing them, they will fit perfectly on your feet. Indeed, you’ll be benefiting from the excellent heel and arch support offered by Birkenstock’s footbeds.

Do Birks require sizing up or down?

As Birkenstocks fit true to size, there’s no need for you to size up or down when buying a pair. Search for the sizing guide of Birkenstocks, then determine the equivalent size of your standard EU or US size. 

What makes Birkenstock sizing special is that they also offer pairs in narrow (N) and regular (M) widths. So, if you have a slim foot, opt for the N version to ensure that your chosen Birks won’t be too spacious. If your foot’s width is normal to medium-sized, just get Birkenstocks in M. 

Regular Birkenstocks may seem big at first but note that they are built to be roomy, so there is no need to size down. However, if you feel that a regular-sized pair is sliding side by side, you should try out Birks in N or models that have a narrower fit like Mayari and Gizeh.

On the contrary, if you think that your standard size in Birks feels so snug, remember that you can adjust those straps using its metal buckles. This will help loosen your pair without the need to size up. 

Prepare to break them in when you think you have selected the right size for your feet. For some breaking-in tips, you may visit our article. After this testing phase, your Birkenstocks will fit comfortably like it is custom-made for you. 

How do you find the right size?

Identifying the perfect Birkenstock size may be tricky for some, especially for first-timers. But you don’t need to get so worried because, in this section, I have listed some valuable tips on how you can find the right size for your feet.

First, get some measuring tape to know your foot length. Stand on a flat surface with your foot relaxed, then measure the distance between your longest toe and your heel’s back. Add another 10 millimeters for a more precise footbed length.

Then, measure the width of your foot. Determine which part constitutes the broadest to get the most accurate width measure. Afterward, check out Birkenstock’s sizing guide and look for the nearest width and length measurement. 

In terms of length, Birkenstocks offer products in European sizes. Width conversions are also made available. Pro-tip: If you are between two sizes, you must select the smaller size.

In addition, Birks do not offer half sizes, at least in most of its models. Thus, if your standard size is 9.5, try Birkenstock in size 9. 

When out of the box, your Birkenstocks may also feel stiff and tight. I suggest you first try to unfasten the straps’ metal buckles, then rest your feet on those footbeds.

You have to ensure that your longest toe just sits right and does not reach the front lip of the footbed. Also, your heel should not go beyond the footbed’s edges.

Once settled, return those straps and fasten them up, not too tight or loose. Walk with your Birkenstocks for an hour or two. It may be painful at first, but your foot will get used to it.

How should Birkenstocks fit your feet?

Aside from the fact that Birkenstocks fit true to size, once you break them in, they will fit perfectly to your feet. The brand specializes in producing premium-quality footbeds made of natural materials.

Although classic leather Birkenstocks may be tough to break in, it’s undeniable that after this initial phase, they will start to feel comfy to wear. So, you just have to endure some foot numbness or soreness.

However, if you don’t want to face this struggle, you can opt for pairs made in synthetic materials like EVA, Birko-Flor, and Birkibuc. These are less challenging to break in and will fit comfortably even when newly bought.

Furthermore, Birkenstock’s footbeds offer orthopedic support. They also come with a deep heel cup and anatomically contoured surface, allowing equal weight distribution. 

These are the primary elements why Birkenstock has earned its place in the shoe industry. Birkenstocks fit just right and will eventually become the comfiest pair you’ve ever had. 

Size Up or Size Down Your Birks, Final Thoughts…

Generally, Birkenstocks fit true to size. There is no need for you to size up or down. You just have to measure your foot’s length and width correctly to determine the perfect size for you.

Follow the tips I have mentioned for a more accurate measurement. When you have them, you may refer to Birkenstock’s sizing guide to know which size you should get.

Getting the right size will ensure convenience and a high comfort level. So, you better do it right to get what you have paid for!

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