5 Men’s Skechers Shoe Choices for Bunions

Whether you need an everyday gym shoe or a perfect pair for an upcoming occasion, it can be difficult to choose one when you have bunions. Not only do you have to consider which is functional but doesn’t compromise style, but you also have to opt for ones with spacious rooms inside to prevent the bunions from aggravating.

The perfect shoe for bunions should be wide enough in the forefoot for a perfect snug but not too tight and a wider width for a comfortable fit around the bunion. Shoes with a more flexible material such as soft mesh or leather are also great since they’re flexible and can prevent the bunions from being rubbed and irritated. 

When it comes to budget-friendly, Skechers never fails to provide appropriate footwear without compromising functionality and comfort. Whether you’re looking for the most stylish or reliable walking or gym companion, this article will help you decide which Skechers shoe fits any activities you’ll be performing. 

5 Men’s Skechers Shoes for Bunions

We’ve organized the 5 Best Men’s Skechers for Bunions into 5 separate categories…

  • Best Men’s Skechers for walking
  • Best Men’s Slip-on Skechers
  • Best Men’s Skechers for hiking
  • Best Men’s Skechers Sandals
  • Best Men’s Skechers Training shoes.

Best Men’s Walking Shoe for Bunions

Skechers GOwalk Evolution Ultra – Impeccable

Skechers GOwalk Evolution Ultra features comfort with versatility, equipped with a lightweight ULTRA GO cushioning and high-rebound ULTRA PILLARS for maximum comfort. This walking shoe has been popularly known as a great alternative from the Skechers’ GOwalk collection. The mesh-fabric upper provides a woven finish for a seamless fit and synthetic toe and heel overlays for extra durability.

Skechers Men's GO Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker, Charcoal, 7

Skechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra Impeccable Men’s Shoes

Evolution Ultra has a knit-in texture detail and solid color design with a slip-on silhouette for quick slip-on-and-off wear without bending over and tying the shoe. The soft padded collar allows improved ankle support and separate lacing for the upper instep. Skechers’ Air Cooled Goga Mat delivers utmost comfort and cushioning for walking instead of high-activity sports, which may cause elastic tearing at the arch. 

These shoes are wide and true to size, ideal for bunions requiring ample space in the toe area. They go easily and fit well without excess movement when walking around. The footbed is made of heavy-weight material that quickly absorbs in every step. 

The upper mesh material is stretchable and thin, allowing an easy movement of your toes while being breathable and keeping your feet from getting hot. The combination of memory foam insoles, thick rubber soles, and arch support feels extremely heavenly to the feet.

If you’re looking for a walking shoe made for daily wear and comfort, Skechers GOwalk Evolution Ultra has a fair, attractive price point plus, you can never go wrong with the lightweight feature and easy slip-on and off that feels like walking on a soft mattress.

Best Men’s Slip-on Shoe for Bunions

Skechers Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker

This easy-to-pair sneaker from Skechers flaunts functionality and style, offered at a reasonable price. Skechers Equalizer Persistent slip-on sneaker is a perfect casual shoe with plush memory foam footbed for comfort well-protected feet against impact. The faux leather and breathable upper go well with basic shorts and plain tees. The shoe’s minimalist feature also works in a smart-casual ensemble. 

Skechers Sport Men's Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker, Black, 9.5 XW US

Skechers Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Men’s Sneakers

The dual goring side panels create a snug fit without shoe strings or Velcro, which may complicate things for people who have difficulty grasping small or flexible objects. The breathable fabric lining promotes airflow that helps dry the sweat quickly and keeps you cool. The lightweight FlexSole™ midsole delivers optimal support and shock absorption. 

These shoes feel like you’re slipping into a glove, but without excessive tightness, perfect for people with wider feet and bunions. The traditional round toe shape in the bumper provides reinforcement that’s quite spacious and very comfortable for those with broad or wide feet. Due to the shoe’s half-circle toe shape, it doesn’t elongate the foot visually.

Suppose you have been looking for different options for work. In that case, Skechers Equalizer Persistent gives you a return on your investment with its affordability while giving you the right balance between fit and comfort. This shoe’s other great features include lightweight, breathability, streamlined, less bulky, and grips well to the floor; therefore, no slipping at all!

Best Men’s Hiking Boot for Bunions

Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

If you’re searching for a seam-sealed waterproof boot that delivers maximum comfort and style, Relment Pelmo Chukka is perfect for any outdoor condition. This warm, durable boot has a waterproof suede upper to withstand a little rain and keep water effectively. The lightly padded tongue prevents foot slippage inside the shoe while stabilizing your feet in every step. Relment Pelmo Chukka is engineered with Relaxed Fit for a roomier, more comfortable fit. 

Skechers Men's RELMENT-TRAVEN Hiking Boot, dkbr, 10 Medium US

Skechers Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Men’s Boots

Relment Pelmo Chukka provides optimal traction and grip on all types of terrain and treacherous surfaces, thanks to its slip-resistant rubber outsole that prevents slippage and falls. The flex grooves allow a comfortable position for the foot to bend comfortably and improve flexibility.

The roughened areas of the lugs provide optimized ground grip, while the front and back part of the sole is equipped with ridges to assist during ascents and descents. 

The Relment Pelmo cushioned midsole helps reduce the stress placed on the ankles, heels, or toes during the hike. The heel is made with a thicker foam than the forefoot for supported, shock-absorbent ride, while the Memory Foam insole provides adequate cushioning and support for bunions. The gusseted tongue prevents loose trail debris, plus the waterproof feature helps keep your feet warm and dry.

If you need great gripping soles for your next hike, this heavy-duty while being lightweight waterproof boot is your top choice! These boots are perfect for bunions due to their Relaxed Fit, ideal for slightly wide feet, making enough space inside.

Best Men’s Sandal for Bunions

Skechers Men’s Louden Sandals

Explore the outdoors with this Skechers Louden Sandal equipped with an open-toe, sporty design with a durable synthetic upper. The fully adjustable hook-and-loop straps in the front, toes, and heel provide a customized fit. The insoles are padded with soft, non-slip rubber, while the soles are equipped with soft Memory Foam 360™ that adds optimal comfort and cushioning.

Skechers Men's GARVER-Louden Fisherman Sandal, Brown, 9 Wide US

Skechers Louden Men’s Sandals

Skechers Louden is designed with a Relaxed Fit, made to conform naturally to the foot while creating a roomy structure, excellent for those with wide feet and bunion pain. These are also great for sensitive feet as they don’t have ridges or torture bumps like other sandals. The shock-absorbing midsole delivers needed support, while the flexible outsole promotes a slip-free experience.

The shoes also hold up pretty well when wet. The velcro straps have a decent grip, but not tight enough for hiking as they could slip, but overall, wearable for most conditions. The soles are quite thick and sturdy, ideal for extended use into even “semi-tricky” terrain. Users claim Skechers Louden works great and provides comfort even if they’re already worn out.

If you need a pair of sandals for your next trip, Skechers Louden Sandal could be your go-to warm-weather footwear! They’re worth every penny with no pressure points and have a great “cushiony” feel to the sole.

Best Men’s Training Shoes for Bunions

Skechers Dynamight Training Shoes

The Skechers Dynamight is a comfortable, all-around trainer featuring bungee laces made for a snug fit in the midfoot and quicker putting on and removing the shoe. The footbed is equipped with soft Memory Foam, while the full-length midsole is durable enough to act as an outsole. 

Skechers Dynamight Mens Trainers Runners Lace Slip On Black 7 US

Skechers Dynamight Lace Men’s Trainers Slip Ons

Dynamight has a cleatie-like structure, and a soft knit mesh upper that’s stretchy and breathable, allowing proper ventilation inside the shoe. The woven-in design features a zigzag grid design. The soft fabric lining delivers a comfy in-shoe feel, creating an effortless slide in or out of the shoe.

The Memory Foam insole cradles and conforms to the shape of the sole for a comfortable ride, even during extended periods. A full-length foam serving as the outsole and midsole of this shoe can prevent the foot from shock during ground contact. This shoe is true to size and can accommodate bunions quite well due to the spacious room inside. 

If you need a hassle-free trainer for your bunion, go for Skechers Dynamight Training Shoes. They’re extremely lightweight and durable so you can wear them for everyday walking, gym or just going shopping.

What To Look For When Buying A Bunion Shoe

Get the Right Fit

Ask for a professional to get your feet fitted. This step is essential in finding the best shoe for your bunion and helps minimize the pain associated with the condition. A properly fitted shoe allows proper movement of the foot, regardless of the size or shape. An ill-fitting shoe limits foot movement which leads to pain or discomfort. 

Some people assume that shoe sizing is uniform across shoe brands and styles, but they’re not!

Shoes may vary significantly, and your preferred or typical size should only serve as a guide for fitting. 

Factors such as size, shape, and function may affect the process of choosing the right fit, but it’s important to get a shoe fitter to obtain accurate measurements of your feet. 


Shoes with natural, stretchy materials such as leather are frequently recommended for bunions as they stretch more easily compared to synthetic ones. Softer materials tend to press the bunion into the material, allowing a more comfortable fit. Nowadays, some shoes are already developed with bunion-correcting technology, commonly having panels with particularly stretchy materials in the forefoot for maximum comfort.


Many bunion sufferers complain about the seams of their shoes lying right on top of their bunions, which is excruciating! Manufacturers incorporated feedback about this concern by reducing the seams, but some may still encounter problematic seams for their bunions.

A seamless design shoe or soft-lined seams are great for bunions as it prevents the seam from lying directly on top of the bunion. Some also recommended point stretching in case of difficult seams.

Skechers Men's GO Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Stone Sneaker 8 M US

Skechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra Impeccable Men’s Shoes


The shoe’s structure is one of the vital components in finding a bunion shoe.

Several features to consider are:

Wide Toe Box

A round or square toe-shaped shoe is ideal for bunions as it allows the toes to wiggle around freely on the widest part at the end of the shoe. Try avoiding narrow or pointed toes to prevent your bunions from worsening. 

Rocker Bottom

Shoes with rocker bottom sole provide your foot a little boost to keep you energized while walking, reducing strain on the bunion. Running shoes and casual sneakers have this feature equipped into their design.

Skecher Shoe Choices for Bunions, in a nutshell!

Everyone wants to wear shoes that make them look and feel great. But wearing the right pair of shoes makes you forget your bunions exist. Knowing how to choose the right shoes and orthotics can help alleviate pain in your heels and toes. Your best bet is to stick with a classic shape with a wider toe box and a structured heel—both of which are comfortable on bunion-plagued feet.

Skechers have some great choices of shoes for a variety of activities. As mentioned before, here is my list of Skechers for each of these 5 activities!

Men’s Shoes for various Activities if you have Bunions

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