Men (Male) vs. Women (Female) Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks, the ultimate hippy sandals, are the go-to pair in the United States and worldwide. This is because the brand’s styles are very versatile, perfect for everybody in the gender spectrum!

There is not much difference between men’s and women’s Birkenstocks except for their sizing and style variation. Women’s Birks are built narrower than men’s. More so, feminine-looking Birks for girls and classic fashionisto models for boys are both made available. Worth noting that the women’s lineup has more style variety. 

For a more detailed discussion, just keep scrolling down. This article’s sections contain the information you should know before buying a pair of Birkenstocks. Below, I have discussed the main difference between men’s and women’s Birks.

It is worth noting that Birkenstocks offer unisex pairs. If you just want something in the middle, you might consider buying one. I have also included a special section for this matter. 

Is there a difference between male and female Birkenstocks?

As previously mentioned, there are differences, but only minimal. This is primarily because the brand uses the same premium-quality materials in creating male and female Birkenstocks. Both are made available in leather or synthetic versions

Moreover, the men’s and women’s Birks also have the same footbed design. Both offer the same quality of footbed and level of comfort. However, there is a slight difference in terms of sizing affecting the insole. These are elaborated on in the next sections. 

Another main difference between male and female Birkenstocks is the style variation and availability. There is a wider range of styles for women, although unisex Birks suit men most. 

Apart from the aspects mentioned, I see no other major difference at all. Both men’s and women’s Birks are undoubtedly stylish, comfortable, and durable. 

Are unisex Birkenstocks available?

Yes! Unisex Birkenstocks are also available. If you want something in between, unisex Birks is for you. Do not worry because if you have a slimmer than usual feet width, most unisex pairs of the brand are available in narrow sizes

Arizona, for instance, is a unisex model. The style of an Arizona Birks is very basic and versatile that it can match almost every casual outfit you can think of, either a girly or a manly one. 

What are the differences between male and female Birkenstocks in terms of:

There is not much of a difference between male and female Birkenstocks, except in terms of sizing and style variations. So, to learn about these, just keep reading the following sections.  


Male Birkenstocks, as well as unisex pairs, are built a little wide and roomy. The spacious footbed is the trademark of the brand, that’s why. If your feet size is standard-sized, get the regular-sized men’s Birkenstocks. 

However, if your feet are slim in terms of width, don’t fret because some Birks for men are available in narrow sizes. These are less wide than the regular-sized male or unisex Birkenstocks.

For women, most female Birkenstocks are already narrow-fitting. However, it is best to be sure and get your measurements correct. You can access a sizing guide on this link. Do not worry because Birkenstock fits true to size.

Style Variation

I have mentioned earlier that there are more style variations in the women’s sections. This is because most unisex styles are already best-fitted for men, and Birkenstock has introduced a wide range of pairs specifically compatible with women’s sizes. 

Women’s Birkenstocks are not just sandal-styled. There are also platform or wedge heels shoes as well as edgy boots, either high or short cut. Most clogs available are also for females. 

Birkenstock boots are now gaining popularity in the shoe industry, being compared with Doc Martens and other known boots brands. More so, their heels are also worth checking out! Birkenstocks are not just for casual outfits now. 

Some of the styles mentioned above have no counterpart to the men’s sections. However, there are also several models specifically for men, such as rugged-styled slip-on. 

There are also many unisex styles perfect for everybody. Try to look for the styles Arizona and Boston Clogs. 

What are the best Birkenstock sandals for men?

Milano is one of the most recommended Birkenstock pairs for men. This model comes with the iconic Birks duo strap and a back strap which offers more security. Milano Birks are perfect for adventurous boys out there, especially its rugged version!

Apart from Milano, Birkenstock Ramses is also an eye-turner! Rameses’ design is very similar to Gizeh’s. It is thong-styled and has a metal buckle. These look very classy on men.

Of course, the spacious Arizona Birkenstocks will look great for our fashionista men. This model is the most versatile Birks model, which almost everyone in the neighborhood is now wearing. 

If you are searching for a waterproof sandal best for your water sports or activities, the Barbados or Arizona Birkenstocks in EVA versions are for you. These are made of ethyl vinyl acetate, which makes them water resistant, unlike leather Birks. 

Also, Birkenstocks offers boots for men. Jackson and Marton Birks are two of the best boots pairs to get. 

What are the best-selling women’s Birks?

On top of the list are the twin Ms: Madrid and Mayari. Madrid, particularly the ones that come with big buckles, really looks great on women. The overall aura of Madrid Birks just screams pure elegance. 

On the other hand, if you want a multi-strapped slip-on that still has that feminine character, opt for Mayari Birkenstocks. The oiled-leather version is one of the most sought-after Mayari pairs. Other slip-on pairs worth checking out are the Daloa and Salina Birks. 

For the women’s boots lineups, try the following models: Ebba, Uppsala Shearling, and Bryson. These boots pairs are the classic-girly option for a street-style look. 

If you are on the search for the perfect wedge heels, Birkenstock still got your back, girl! Look for Soley, Glenda, Mary, and Fanny. On the other hand, Arizona in Big Buckle Shearling and Platform are also worth checking out. 

Men’s vs. Women’s Birkenstocks, Final Thoughts

I am hoping that this article helped you determine the main differences between men’s and women’s Birkenstocks. More so, I am expecting that you already have your top 3 Birkenstocks to select from. 

I can assure you that both male and female Birks, even the unisex ones, are incredibly good for your feet. Just choose the pair best suited to your personality and experience the wonders of Birkenstocks!

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