Is Converse Vegan?

Converse has become one of the best brands for high-quality sneakers worldwide. It has been known for centuries and was worn by many in any life. It is a versatile sneaker that can pull off your casual street style. You may know Converse due to its high quality, but you may not know that Converse is a vegan shoe.

Most Converse shoes are considered vegan shoes made with high-quality cotton canvas and rubber. Though not all of its shoes are vegan, those styles made with leather and suede are not considered vegan. Converse shoe construction uses non-animal glues, adhesives, and inks. 

Converse not only uses vegan-friendly glue, but they also do not include materials derived from animals when making shoes. If you are a vegan or a promoter of animal care, Converse being vegan is indeed excellent news. You are not only wearing a pair of sneakers that you love, but you are also wearing a brand that has the same vision as yours. 

List of Vegan Converse Shoes

Renew Chuck Taylor All Star Crater Knit

Renew Chuck Taylor All-Star Crater Knit is an elevated and minimalist shoe crafted with 75% rPET that helps reduce waste.


The sole of these shoes are made with rubber scraps and came from the footwear manufacturing process. These shoes are 35% made of recycled materials.

High Top Converse Color Vintage Canvas Chuck 70

The High Top Converse Color Vintage Canvas Chuck 70 is crafted with recycled poly canvas.


Some of the materials that are used in these shoes are sustainable. These shoes are designed towards a waste-less future.

Low Top Converse Color Vintage Canvas Chuck 70

When choosing Low Top Converse Color Vintage Canvas Chuck 70, you choose good quality low-top shoes and promote sustainability. The canvas material used in these shoes is recycled. Hence it is good for the environment. 

Are Converse Bad for the Environment?

Converse environment rating is at its start. They are an eco-friendly company that uses and includes recycled materials. Moreover, the company has the ambition to set some environmental goals. In the stages of manufacturing the shoes, there are a large number of machinery and chemicals that are required to be used. 

Note that shoe production has many ecological impacts as many toxins, chemicals, and fossil fuels are produced and used during shoe production’s primary and last steps. Many believe that environmental impact happens only if the shoes are dumped or thrown in the landfill. They may not realize the number of chemicals and water used in shoe production. 

To help prevent the environmental impact in shoe production, Converse set a goal to help by using eco-friendly materials. They use organic and recycled cotton and polyester in their output. They also use organic vegan glues in their shoe production. As the company uses recycled materials, they cut off and minimize the parts of the production process. 

The company comes up with a waste reduction strategy for most of its supply chain. Since Nike is the parent company, Converse is involved in its activities regarding environmental help. Nike set a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) target to procure 100% renewable for its strategic assets. tHough Converse has a long way to go regarding environmental impact, it is good that the company is making a great start.

How Ethical is Converse?

Converse is considered one of America’s most iconic footwear companies and is known even in other countries. Century has passed, and until today, it is still in the shoe market because of its high quality and the company is highly ethical. They are concerned with the environment and why they move to go sustainable. 

Since Nike is the parent company of Converse, Nike’s moral gains still correlate with Converse. Nike has been making ethical gains in animal welfare, human rights, environmental concerns, and more. To know more about Converse’s ethics, I have further details for you to check.

Animal Welfare

Though Converse may be using leather and wool in some of their products, they do not use exotic animal hairs, fur, or exotic animal skin. They promote minimalizing animal cruelty or animal suffering though not formal animal welfare. Though they may not be the first to encourage the welfare of animals, I can say they are doing a good start. 

Give Your Best Program

Converse is a great shoe company and has the heart for help. That is why they have the Give Your Best Program. Converse is helping personal charities by matching individual donations. They will match dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000 per year, to support charities. 

If you volunteer, every hour counts since you will be rewarded $10 for every hour that you volunteer. You can donate to any charities you like using your rewards. 

Promotes Sustainability

The company has been implementing practical and measurable strategies for sustainability. These sustainable activities include energy efficiency, materials selection, sustainable site development, water savings, and indoor environmental quality.

These sustainable acts are done by recycling, composting, and adopting biodegradable food containers. They make sure that all of their employees are in the sustainability act as they do not use plastic straws, cups, or cutlery. Through these actions, they wanted to make a goal by reducing their waste impact and reducing their carbon footprint.

The company believed that being a good steward to promote sustainability and environmental impact is essential. 80% of the company’s employees ride a bike, walk or take public transit to work. The company supports sustainable manufacturing, uses recycled materials, reduces packaging waste, and promotes youth participation. 

Diversity Matters

The company commits to providing a diverse workforce community. They want to create a culture of inclusion where everyone can reach their potential at their best. I will list more details on what is meant about diversity matters. 

Put Employees at the Center

Converse makes sure that every voice is heard. They listen to the diverse and unique insights of their employees. Converse wants to grow the company together with its employees. 

Invest on Teams

Converse comes with Amplify and Xcelerate programs wherein they train leaders and managers to become an excellent mentor to all their employees regarding diversity and inclusion issues. 

Recruit More Inclusively

The company attracts unique and diverse individuals on its team through its Diversity Sourcing and Programs Center of Excellence.

Accountable and Share Progress

Converse is making sure to hold leadership accountable to diversity standards. They make specific equity of pay and issue an annual report regarding the company’s progress. 

Move The World Through Sports and Culture

They are engaging in celebrating culture by supporting the community through their products. Through this, they want to enable social commitments. 

Converse United

Converse is unique because they celebrate, elevate and empower their employees through unity. They have five Employee Networks, collectively known as the Converse United. This unified community represents the diverse spectrum of individuals across Converse. Everyone in the company is encouraged and welcomed to join and participate.

These five employee networks include Converse Ability Network, Converse Diversity Network, Converse Military Veterans, Converse Pride Network, and Women of Converse. I will provide some details below regarding the five-employee network.

Converse Ability Network

The Converse ABilities Network exists to celebrate and acknowledge the diversities in how the employee works, learns, moves, and expresses themselves. The company exists to foster the potential of its employees without limitations.  

Converse Diversity Network

The Converse Diversity Network exists to represent the racial and ethnic cultures and backgrounds worldwide. The company wants to recognize its employees’ unique experiences, insights, and diverse perspectives. The company intends to reach its full potential as a world-class brand.

Converse Military Veterans Network 

The Converse Military Veterans Network is the organization or network that raises awareness and supports issues to the veteran community. Also, they provide understanding and support opportunities for networking and community involvement.

Converse Pride Network

The Converse LGBTQA community wants to showcase the importance of coming together to celebrate diversity and be involved in the community. The Pride Network was formed to connect, engage and empower the Converse employees to let anyone feel safe, heard, valued, and connected.

Women of Converse

Women of Converse is a network of employees that seeks to develop, elevate and engage the women of Converse. It aims to maximize the power and potential of women globally. The company wants to empower, inspire, and connect the Converse Community.

Is Converse Cruelty-Free?

Converse is a cruelty-free company. As you know, most of their shoes are vegan-friendly. They use non-animal inks, glues, and adhesives. However, some Converse shoes use animal leather and suede on their upper shoes for detailing. 

Though Converse may use leather and wool in some of its products, they do not use down exotic materials like exotic animal hair, exotic animal skin, and fur. They promote minimizing animal suffering though they are not formal animal welfare. 

What does Converse Do for the Community?

Converse has a lot for its community. They are a company, and its employees are engaged in helping and supporting the community. The company believes that supporting and helping the community is not just a program; it’s a part of you they are. I have listed some information about activities that Converse does for the community.

Unity Amidst Diversity

They want to support a community where they work and live, improving the environment. Also, the Converse communities, including the Converse United Networks, contribute a lot to valuing the diversities and appreciates the unique experience, ideas, and perspectives. 

Charity and Community Support

The company as well supports donations to approved charities. They are also engaged in community programs and partnerships to local headquarters, nationwide, or in our global offices. The company is committed to becoming a good neighbor. The company is proud to partner with diverse organizations that drive proper changes for their causes and communities. 


Converse may not be purely a vegan company; they make sure to use vegan-friendly materials like non-animal glue, inks, and adhesives in their shoe production. They use vegan glue in their shoe production.

Moreover, Converse is engaged with the community as they want to provide a decisive engagement and bond with their work community. Aside from engaging in the community, Converse also ensures that its employees are intact and grow despite diversities.

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