Is Ariat Non-slip?

Working in an oily and wet environment is very risky. You are prone to slipping that may cause you injuries. That is why when working in a rigorous environment, it is best to have good quality boots to keep your feet clean, dry, protected and must have a non-slipping feature to keep you away from the danger of slipping.

Ariat boots come in a variety of slip-resistant boots. They ensure that their boots will protect you in a wet and oily condition by engineering and innovating non-slipping boots. It prevents you from having injuries on slick surfaces. Their boots are available in pull-on and lace-up boots.

Many Ariat boots come with various features that still offer non-slipping technology. They come in multiple sizes, designs, and structures suited to your preference. I have listed Ariat slip-resistant cowboy boots below for you to check. Please read more details below. 

Water Proof Steel Toe Non-Slipping Work Boots

If you are looking for waterproof and non-slip boots, Groundbreaker 6″ II Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot is best recommended for you. These boots will give you a break from having boots discomfort as these boots will offer you waterproofing, non-slip, and comfortable features. These boots come with an easy-to-wear platform that will surely give you the comfort and multi traction feature that your feet need, especially when working in an oily and watery workplace.

These excellent quality boots are best used in factory, farm, warehouse, and ranch works. These steel toe boots are of high quality and will surely last for an extended time. These boots come with 4LR footbed support and cushioning that will surely comfort your feet while working. It comes with Waterproof PRO construction that is made with waterproof full-grain leather. It has mesh lining, extra comfortable insoles with a higher rebound, and an oil and slip-resistant outsole. 

Slip Resistant Composite Toe Work Boots

Work like a boss using Linesman Ridge 6″ GORE-TEX Composite Toe Work Boot. These boots are an idea to be used if you are working in heavy-duty construction rugged outdoor work environments and are a top choice for linemen. These boots are made of premium GORE-TEX waterproof breathable membrane construction that will surely keep your feet away from moisture while giving you a comfortable feeling.

These boots are made with a rebound foam insole with a heavy-duty tempered steel shank and an entire length stability board for additional foot comfort. These boots are innovated with mesh lining with leather collar lining. These boots will surely last long while giving you a proper fit. 

These boots are best for outdoor works as it comes with outdoor traction with debris-releasing tread. Moreover, these boots are oil and slip-resistant as it comes with a Vibram FIRE&ICE outsole for maximum wear resistance. 

Slip Resistant Steel Toe Boots

If you plan to have steel toe boots that come with a nonslip feature, Ariat offers Groundbreaker Steel Toe Work Boot. These boots come in a pull-on style that provides a comfortable, dependable, and reliable groundbreaker platform. These boots come in 4LR the provide support and cushioning for everyday wear. It comes with a heavy-duty oil and slips resisting Duratread outsole.

These boots also come with an extra comfortable insole with a higher rebound. It is made with full-grain leather foot and made with premium leather upper. These boots come with mesh lining and a steel toe feature that will protect your feet from working. It is also made in a round toe shape feature that will keep your feet comfortable as it comes with more space on your toes. 

Slip Resistant Pull-on Work Boots

If you are looking for a pull-on boot that is slip-resistant, you may prefer using Workhog Pull-on Work Boot. With these types of boots, you got everything for your workday. This boost comes in iconic work boot features in roper toe design and saddle vamp details. These boots will give you a classic western look and cowboy soul. 

These pull-on work boots come with ATS Max extra wide shank that offers maximum support and less fatigue. It also has a U-Turn Entry System that allows a more accessible entry for high arches. It also provides comfort as it is made with a lightweight and cushioned Everlon midsole. For maximum wear, these boots are innovated with a Duratread sole. It comes with a self-cleaning, non-tracking sole tread design with Goodyear welt construction. 

How to Make your Cowboy Boots Slip Resistant?

Not all Cowboy boots are slip-resistant, and if you currently have one and plan to make it slip-resistant, I have some information to share. You may use traction tape and attach it to the bottom of your boots. To get into details, please read more details below.

Materials Used

  • Traction Tape
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Scissors

Step 1 Position Your Cowboy Boots

The first step is to position your boots on the paper side of the traction paper that you will use.

Step 2 Trace Around Your Boots

It would be best if you traced around your boots, so you can cut the traction paper that perfectly fits your boo shape.

Step 3 Cut the Traced Lines

Once you have already traced the boot shape, you need to cut it carefully. You can cut around the lines using scissors. If, in any case, the boots come with heels, you need to cut the tape portions in two. This is important so that you can put them flat on each portion.

Step 4 Stick the Traction Paper

Once all the cutting is finished, you may now carefully stick the traction paper to the bottom of your cowboy boots. After them, press them firmly to have a clean finish.

Step 5 Check The Traction Paper

After you stick the traction paper, you need to double-check the bottom of your boots if parts are lifting away from the sole. If there is any, you may cut it or trim them out. 

Are Ariat Boots Non-Slip, final thoughts…

When working in an oily or wet environment, you must use boots that come with a non-slipping feature. This will save you from having injuries in case you slip away. Good thing that Ariat comes with excellent quality non-slip boots. They have various designs and features that offer non-slipping, suitable for oily and wet working environments. If you do not have non-slipping boots, you can alternatively use traction paper to make DIY slip-resistant boots. 

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