How to wear Birkenstocks

For many, size is not the only consideration when choosing a pair of Birkenstocks. They also consider how and where they’ll wear Birks. If you’re having trouble styling your Birks because you haven’t considered your wardrobe before purchasing, this blog got you covered!

There are many ways you can wear Birkenstocks. For starters, you can wear them with socks, denim jeans and jackets, and accessories. Showing some skin can highlight your Birkenstocks, too, especially if it has a unique mix of color. But before you mix and match, ensure that your Birks have the right fit.

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Things to Consider When Planning to Wear Birkenstocks

You should be extra meticulous when wearing your Birkenstocks. It does not mean that, when they are readily available to be worn, you should put them on immediately. Consider this as part of the careful planning for you to look your very best.

1. Fit

Before buying the Birkenstocks that you are interested in, fitting them should be immediately done first. This is because your feet should match the size of the footwear. They should comfortably fit, especially if you are planning to wear them during long-distance walks. Neither should they be wobbly nor too tight while using them.

It is up to your liking whether you desire a size bigger or smaller than what your exact size realistically is. Just make sure that you approve of it. For expert suggestions, you can ask the assistance of the personnel in the Birkenstock store.

2. Style

Being an institution in the footwear industry, Birkenstock has mastered creating footwear styles that its customers will like. The brand developed a wide variety of designs and patterns that are truly incomparable to others. You should always pick according to your preferences and likings, so you will not get tired of putting them on.

In addition, Birkenstock has truly transformed what style means today. It has ensured that its signature styles meet functionality. Proof of this is how it continues to be innovative by incorporating various features in its products, suiting customers’ particular needs.

The popular footwear styles of Birkenstock are Arizona, Boston, Gizeh, Madrid, and Mayari, to name a few.

3. Material

Birkenstocks are known for their high-quality and sustainable materials. Just by assessing them, you can already tell whether or not they are fake. It is necessary to know the footwear materials used before wearing them because they can signal you how and when they should be worn.

For example, if you need a durable material to be worn during travel, you may opt to wear a pair of nubuck Birkenstock. If you are heading to an outdoor venue, you might want a wool-felt Birkenstock for the cooling and breathable effects.

4. Color

Choosing the right color that complements your style is an essential part of planning before wearing a pair of Birkenstock. Pick the one that you feel most confident wearing, matching your outfit. You should not get worried at all about how the color registers to the eyes because, if your Birkenstock is authentic, rest assured that it is seamlessly fantastic.

To give you some examples, if you are into minimalist and muted colors, the classic colors of black, white, and brown are perfect choices. If you are feeling extra bold, red, purple, and pink are incredible options. If you want to catch other people’s attention at an evening party, metallic colors will fit you well.

5. Comfort

Regardless of style, the shoes, sandals, clogs, and boots, among others, offered by Birkenstock are known for being comfortable to the touch. No matter where you are heading, comfort should always be one of your top priorities. Make sure that you can walk on it comfortably to provide you with the support and ease that your feet need.

Remember that you should consider the shape and curves of your feet to truly test the comfort they can give. At the same time, if you have foot injuries and problems, you should consult an expert about which one suits your condition best.

6. Occasion

Birkenstocks are made to be readily worn anytime and anywhere. But if you are extremely keen on what you wear, take into consideration the occasions when your Birkenstocks might be worn. This includes the possible themes, motifs, and clothing restrictions that an event might require.

They said that you should always dress to impress. For example, at weddings and formal meetings, you might want to wear the classic colors and styles of Birkenstock. If you plan to attend parties or birthday celebrations, wearing a pair with glossy, colorful, and metallic elements might just level up your fashion.

How to Spice Up Your Style When Wearing Birkenstocks

Now that you know what you should consider before wearing Birkenstocks, playing with them appropriately can elevate your outfit even more. Spicing up your style is made easier when you follow these tips:

  • You can wear Birkenstocks with socks. This hits two birds with one stone. Not only do socks give you added comfort but also have a stylish look. You can mix and match different colors and designs of socks as long as they satisfy you.
  • Birkenstocks are perfect with denim jeans and jackets. If you are aiming for a casual look that is presentable and pleasing to the eyes, any shade of denim blue will work with Birkenstocks, especially the leather ones. For a timeless look, avoid pairing it with skinny jeans.
  • Accessorize your outfit that matches your Birkenstock. If you like paying attention to small details, accessories are your friend. For men, you can wear a sleek wristwatch that matches the color of your footwear. For women, gorgeous earrings and a necklace can make you look more elegant.
  • Showing some skin can highlight the beauty of your Birkenstock. They say that, in fashion, less is more. This is true if you want to emphasize the details of your outfit. Make sure your Birkenstock shines, complementing your bright and supple skin. Both work with each other very well!
  • Do not be afraid to infuse colors into your look. Well-matched colors are soothing to the eyes. A good way to approach this is to make the colors of your Birkenstock the base. Choose the right colors of your clothes and accessories to match your footwear. You can look at the color wheel to better guide you.
  • Make sure that your hairstyle is on point. A good hairstyle translates into a good impression. But if you want more than this, like catching attention, have a great pair of Birkenstock to go with it. Just remember that a clean hairstyle must match clean footwear, too.
  • A clean Birkenstock can make a difference. Before wearing your Birkenstock, it is important to make sure that it is neat-looking. Brush off the visible dirt and stains, and wash them using a damp cloth when needed. Maintain its good quality so that it looks brand new every time you wear it.

How to Appropriately Size Birkenstocks to Your Feet

Choosing the perfect size for your Birkenstocks is a pivotal decision you need to make. It can either make or break your high-quality Birkenstock experience. If you intend to have the former option, read these sizing tips:

  • Unbuckle all the straps before placing your feet. Make sure that they fit your feet well, so it will not be difficult to walk around while having them on. Pay attention to the footbed as well. It has been molded according to the usual contours and curves of a foot for a well-patterned and comfortable finish.
  • See if the pair is spacious enough for your feet to be moved around. The golden rule is that you should leave a bit of space between your heels and the tips of the footwear. Whether you size up or down, just be sure that your feet receive the utmost care, comfort, and support they deserve.
  • Carefully buckle the straps back starting from your toes. The straps should hug your entire feet properly. You have to make sure that the fit is neither too tight nor too wobbly. Your feet should not feel restrained from creating little movements. To assure this, start from the toes as they are responsible for control.
  • Try to walk while having it on to test whether or not it is good for walking. Now, this ultimately depends on your preference and general experience. If the fit feels right, by all means, get that pair!

On what occasions can you wear your Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks are very versatile. They are made to be worn on almost every occasion. The patterns and design are ultimately timeless and can never go out of style. To give you examples, below are some occasions wherein wearing Birkenstocks is perfect:

  • Ceremonies like weddings and graduations: If you want to look both casual and presentable, there is surely a stylish pair of Birkenstock that can match your outfit. For these occasions, it is highly advisable to choose muted and neutral colors, like black, white, and brown. These can provide you with a classy finish.
  • Celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries: Fun times call for fun types of attire. Birkenstock has a wide variety of offerings that can give exactly this. You can opt for cute Birko-Flor sandals for maximum comfort and dirt- and waterproof protection. Pick lively colors as well, like blue, pink, and yellow.
  • Outdoor activities like going to the beach and walking in a park: Birkenstocks are fit to be used during the summer. Although exposing them to high temperatures is not recommended, with proper care, this should not hinder you from flaunting your footwear. Do not be afraid of choosing fun colors, too!
  • Semi-formal gatherings like work meetings over lunch or dinner: Many models of Birkenstock work best in this setting. They are incredibly impressive as they can make you look sophisticated and professional just by putting them on. If you are trying to get a good impression from your business partners, Birkenstocks are great options.
  • Evening parties like clubbing and night outs: If you want to go straight to partying right after your meeting, Birkenstock got you covered. You can opt for footwear that has metallic colors to add a desirable flare to your look. Paired with your favorite earrings and necklace, for sure, you will get everyone’s attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Birkenstocks be dressy?

Yes, because of the versatility of Birkenstocks, they can be appropriately dressy. The brand has mastered creating stylish and timeless designs that can be worn on almost all occasions. Combining with your style, rest assured that you will achieve the right dressy look that you want.

Can you wear Birkenstocks to a wedding?

Birkenstocks are great for attending ceremonies like weddings. They provide you with a classy and presentable look that matches the occasion. You can choose Birkenstocks that are colored black, white, and brown.

Are you supposed to wear socks with Birkenstocks? 

You do not have to necessarily wear socks with Birkenstocks. This is a good option, though, if you are both after comfort and style. Socks can give added support to your feet, while their colors can complement the footwear itself. Just make sure to clean your Birkenstock before putting your socks on.

Do celebrities wear Birkenstocks? 

Yes, celebrities wear Birkenstocks not just because of the brand’s prestigious name but also of its high-quality products. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Heidi Klum, Kristen Bell, and Emma Roberts are some of the Hollywood celebrities that know how to rock Birkenstocks.

How to Wear Birkenstocks, Key Takeaways…

Birkenstock assures you high-caliber footwear, but how you wear and style them depends solely on you. You can wear them with socks, denim jeans and jackets, and accessories to spice up your style. Showing some skin when wearing Birks works well, too.

Always experiment with different styles when using Birkenstocks. If done right, your simple footwear would surely turn heads!

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