How To Spot Fake Ariat Boots?

If you are a cowboy boot fan or have been wearing cowboy boots for a long time, you may come across the brand Ariat. These boots are typically considered leaders in manufacturing quality cowboy boots for everyone’s use. 

So if you are looking for a pair for yourself, for a friend, a family or kids, you can find the one that suits your likings. When purchasing new Ariat boots, you should know how to identify fake ones not to be cheated.

To spot fake Ariat boots, you need to check the leather materials, the seams, and construction, know the boot style, check the vamp, check the stitching details and the zippers. Studying and knowing these factors will determine whether you purchase fake or original Ariat boots.

Knowing how to spot fake Ariat boots must not be taken for granted, as it might save you from being deceived. You pay the price right, and it is rightful that you will get what you paid for. If you do not know how to spot one, I have gathered details for you to check. Kindly check more information below.

How To Tell If Ariat Are Real or Fake?

Good Leather Quality

Ariat boots are made of good quality genuine leather. That is why one of the things to consider in spotting fake Ariat boots is the leather quality. Since the leather used by Ariat boots is full-grained leather, you need to know how to identify it.

Full-grain leather is considered to be one of the highest quality leather. This leather does not require sanding in the tanning process. That is why you should not find traces of sanding on the boot leather. 

Ariat makes sure that they provide excellent boots, and quality firstly comes with finding the best leather. The Ariat team sources hide that are stout, rugged, and thick. The team closely works with their tannery partners to see and check the hiding quality that they will be using. Below are the lists of how to identify full-grain leather. 

1. Look Carefully At The Leather

It is essential that you need to have a closer look at the surface of the leather; as you may know, full-grained leather does not require sanding during the tanning process. That is why you should not see traces of sanding on the leather’s surface. 

2. Check If It Is Flexible Or Rigid

Full-grained leather is considered premium leather. Typically, it is made of the skin with no defect, no scar, meaning mole, or any hole. Full-grain leather came from the part of the animal skin that has no defect. Hence, it does not require sanding. It is excellent and the soft part of the skin.

On the other hand, you may notice that the corrected grain leather has a rougher feel and is more rigid since they use cheap skin that comes with defective parts.

3. Take A Look At The Micro Holes

Grain leather can also be gathered from pig’s skin and not only from cow skin. Pigskin comes with long and thick hair leaving marks on the skin. That is why tanneries do sanding and apply fake grains on the surface of the pigskin.

To know whether it is pigskin, you can flip at the backside of the leather to check if it has hair holes. Pigskin is similar to cowhide; it is processed to offer breathability, toughness, pliability, and flexibility. 

Check the Stitching Details

 In determining whether you are purchasing a fake or an original Ariat Boot, you need to pay attention to the boots’ stitching patterns. As you may notice, Ariat boots have clean and elaborative stitching designs. Most of its boots have four to seven-row stitch patterns. 

Most of the stitchings of their boots come in a fancy and very detailed style, giving them a sophisticated look. Check if there are inconsistencies in its designs and loose threads. If there is, then you better think twice. 

Check the Vamps of the Boots

One way to check whether your boots are fake or original is to check the vamps. Check whether the soles of the Ariat boots are stitched on the upper leather of the boots and not glued. You also need to check and verify whether there is heavy stitching in the welt and check if the thread has the color with the soles.

Check Boot Hardware

Some Ariat Boots do have zippers like the following…

To check whether you are purchasing original Ariat boots, make sure to check if the zippers are of high quality. 

Try to zip it up and down to check whether it runs up and down smoothly. Usually, cheap hardware is used in fake merchandise. Most fake boots have defective zippers, even in new shoes. That is why it is essential to check the zippers, especially when you purchase Ariat boots that come with zippers. 

Know the Boot Style and Designs

Ariat boots come in many styles and designs. However, if you want to spot the fake ones, you need to be familiar with the boot styles and designs. You can check the variety of styles and designs on the brand’s website to avoid being scammed. 

To ensure that you purchase original Ariat boots, you need to check the logo. Logos can be found in the boot leather, some are on buttons, and others are on the outsole of the boots. Logos can be found depending on the location, as it may vary depending on the boot design. You may inspect the stamp and compare it to the brand logo on the brand’s website. 

Check the Weight

Ariat works with its global partners to develop new materials that come with light, durable, and cooler boots in the market. They develop advanced technologies to come up with the best performing boots. Ariat boots are made with a lightweight cushioning EVA midsole and Duratread outsole. It typically weighs about 2 to 3 pounds, while most steel boots weigh 4 to 4.5 lbs. 

Note that steel toe comes with a heavier weight and it has protections for construction workers who deal with heavy machines and protect the toe from falling objects. However, composite boots are lighter than other boots like steel toes. To know whether you are purchasing an original of fake Ariat boots, you need to know the differences in the boot weight.

Are There Fake Ariat Stores Online on Facebook?

You need to be aware that some social media ads and counterfeit websites sell fake Ariat boots. Most of these fake stores sell Ariat boots at a very low price and offer heavily discounted products. If you encounter these situations or detect a fake store that sells fake Ariat products, you give them directly at 1-877-7022-7428 and contact by email at

You may directly contact Ariat to verify whether you purchase at their authorized Ariat retailer. It is best to detect the website’s authenticity or the Facebook page to be away from the danger of being scammed. You may verify the page’s authenticity in their brand shops and stores outside the US. Moreover, you can check the authorized dealers and stores on Ariat’s Facebook page, where you can check their International Stores

Furthermore, you should be aware of fake Facebook online stores and fake websites like Online scams are very alarming since the domain of the online website is nearly the same as the Ariat official website. Note that the official domain of Ariat is, so online users are strictly advised to be keen in checking these confusing and untrustworthy websites.

Can you spot fake Ariat boots, final thoughts…

It is essential to know how to detect fake and original Ariat boots to avoid scams. When buying from a suspicious store, you should check the leather quality, check the vamps of the boots, check the micro holes, and look at the stitching patterns.

Also, you should know that different boots vary in weight as steel boots weigh more than composite boots. Moreover, you need to be aware of counterfeit Facebook pages and websites with similar domains to Ariat’s official website. If you are in doubt, better check the official website of your may call them to verify. 

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