How to Put Jibbitz on Crocs (Plus 2 Free Video Tutorials)

Have you heard of Jibbitz charms? They are little plastic doodads you stick onto Crocs shoes to personalize them. Some websites are showing you how to put the charms on your Crocs, but they still leave some people confused. Here’s how to put Jibbitz on Crocs in three easy steps!

Hold your Crocs in one hand and a Jibbitz charm in the other. Line the butt of the Jibbitz at a 45-degree angle to the hole you wish to house the Jibbitz. Gently push the charm in the hole, butt first, and twist it into place.

If you have difficulty installing the Jibbitz, place the Crocs clog on a hard surface, like a table or a counter, and press the bottom side of the hole with your fingers to provide a firmer passageway for the charm.

If you want to remove a Jibbitz charm, first place the Crocs on a hard surface and then put your hand inside them. Push the bottom of the Jibbitz charm upward until you feel it begin to pop out of the hole. With your other hand, grab the charm’s head from above and twist it in a circular motion until it comes loose.

What Are Jibbitz Charms?

If you don’t know what Jibbitz charms are, allow me to introduce them!

Jibbitz are small plastic charms in the form of pop-culture icons, fruits, words, etc., that can be placed on the holes of Crocs shoes. Each pair of Crocs has 13 holes, so you can even decorate them with several Jibbitz designs depicting your latest obsession or sense of humor.

Originally owned by Ocean Minded, Jibbitz was purchased by Crocs in 2006. Today, you can buy Jibbitz charms through the official Crocs website, on Amazon, or from third-party manufacturers and creative folks on Etsy!

How to Put Jibbitz on Crocs (Video Tutorial)

First of all, let me give you a quick video tutorial on how to add a Jibbitz charm to a pair of Fuzzy Crocs.

Can’t watch the video? Follow this step-by-step guide on how to put Jibbitz in your Crocs like a pro.

  1. Pick up the Jibbitz you want to install in your Crocs.
  2. Hold the Crocs in your other palm, with the fingers of that palm placed underneath the hole that will accommodate the Jibbitz.
  3. Align the black bottom of the charm to hover over the accommodating hole directly.
  4. Bend the charm’s butt at an angle of 45 degrees and push it slightly through the hole. You may need to wiggle it until it enters the hole completely. You’ll feel the Jibbitz pop when it’s finally seated on the hole.
  5. If you didn’t get it right the first time, try again. Ensure that your fingers holding the Crocs are supporting the hole from beneath.

How to Remove Jibbitz from Crocs

Once you know how to put Jibbitz on Crocs, removing a Jibbitz from your Crocs will be a walkover. Watch this video to see how it’s done:

  1. Hold the Crocs in one palm, placing your fingers under the Jibbitz bottom.
  2. With your free hand, clutch the Jibbitz head.
  3. While the fingers of the first hand push the Jibbitz bottom, pull the Jibbitz head upward in a twisting motion.

Remember, the Jibbitz may feel a little tight, but by applying pressure from below while pulling the charm from above, you should be able to get it out easily.

Types of Jibbitz

Jibbitz come in shapes and sizes that appeal to almost any taste. There are familiar, everyday images from around the world, or you can choose your unique image or symbol. You can mix and match whichever Jibbitz you want to make a fantastic set for you.

There are Disney character versions of Jibbitz.

3D Jibbitz are like normal Jibbitz, but 3D versions of the charms “stand upright” on the Crocs hole instead of lying flat. You can find Soccer balls, Basketballs, footballs, and among the 3D versions.

If you’re looking for Jibbitz charms, which are not manufactured by Crocs™ but are cute, I recommend looking on Etsy. I got one Loch Ness monster charm that takes up several holes in my Crocs™ and moves back and forth as it would in the water!

I’ve seen Starbucks charms, too:


You can get fun charms with chains to spice up your Crocs…

Or step up your Crocs game with Harry Potter-inspired “Jibbitz.”


Where to Buy Jibbitz Charms

If you want to purchase Crocs (Jibbitz) charms directly from Crocs, you can do so through the company’s website or on Amazon. You can also purchase shoe charms that look similar to Jibbitz on Etsy, although they are not necessarily official Jibbitz.

I’ve noticed that I can get better deals on Jibbitz at Amazon than at the Crocs retail stores. I like to support local artists, so I sometimes buy charms from Etsy.

If you’re creative and love Crocs—and maybe you have some extra time on your hands—you could craft some charms for others!

Designer Crocs Charms


How Else Could I Decorate My Crocs?

In addition to decorating your Crocs with Jibbitz, there are other fun ways to personalize them.

Hey, how about adding some spurs to your Crocs? Here’s a photo of Crocs that have been modified with spurs.


A simple change like switching the Croslite straps of your Crocs to leather ones can give the shoes an instant style boost.


Snake Skin Print Crocs with Leather Strap


Many brides-to-be have discovered that Crocs make comfortable, affordable bridal shoes. They can be decorated with sequin crystals to make them even more special.


You can also find a variety of Goth Crocs on Etsy, created by artisans who have a passion for this particular bespoke design.

Custom Goth Crocs


Goth Crocs (Original)


Custom Crocs for Nurses!


There is no limit to how creative you can be in customizing your Crocs with charms.

Fast Foot Crocs Charms


Crocs chain “Charms”



Looking for a fresh option in the self-love and rewards space? Go for Jibbitz. The creation of these colorful, custom accessories has been around for over a decade, and there are now plenty of joyful shoppers snapping up these unique pieces.

Crocs Charms, Letters & Numbers


And if you’re already an active wearer of Jibbitz and Jibbitz-like charms and enjoy sending a little love back their producers’ ways, consider leaving a review on Amazon or If there’s one thing that will help them more famous than they already are, it’s exposure!

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