How To Keep Your UGGs From Slouching

Imagine you’ve been wearing your UGGs almost every day for a couple of months, and they just don’t look like they used to. Where they were once stiff and straight, they now seem to slouch. So, how can you keep these UGGs nice and stiff?

Here’s how to keep your UGGs from slouching:

  1. Choose the correct UGGs.
  2. Care for your UGGs properly.
  3. Wear thick socks.
  4. Get your old UGGs restored.

In the rest of this article, I’ll go through the above tips to ensure your UGGs are in pristine condition, no matter how much you wear them. I’ll also briefly touch on why slouching occurs in UGG boots.

Slouching and Why It Occurs

Slouching occurs when your UGG boots crease and begin to bend. This will be noticeable as your once stiff boots will start to sink, making them look older and more worn. 

This might happen because there isn’t enough structure holding up your boots. You can imagine that if your shoes fit tightly, there would be enough tension to keep your UGGs secure and stop them from drooping. Since UGG boots tend to be a bit looser, there’s more room around your foot for them to crease and bend, causing slouching. 

It can also be caused by activity. If you’re always on the go in your UGGs and you wear them on a daily basis, you may find creasing happens quicker – which inevitably leads to sagging.

If your UGGs are slouching, it can seem like a cause for concern, but there are a few changes you can make to your routine to avoid this sagging. 

1. Choose the Correct UGGs

The best way to fix slouching is to avoid it altogether! You can do this through proper UGG choice and care. To decrease the risk of your boots sagging prematurely, you’ll need to keep them stiffly upright when you’re not wearing them and limit activity in UGGs. One way to do this is purchasing the right size.

Choosing the correct size is essential in avoiding sagging. You can do this by looking at the UGG sizing guide. On the website, UGG advises that you:

  1. Begin sizing by drawing a line on a paper longer than your foot.
  2. Put the paper on the floor or another flat surface and stand directly on top of the line you drew.
  3. Mark the line at both your longest toe and your heel.
  4. Repeat for the opposite foot.

Using the sizing guide, you can choose a pair of boots that fit you perfectly; this will diminish the chances of the material creasing and drooping over time.

2. Care For Your Uggs Properly

One crucial thing you’ll need to do is keep your UGGs stiffly upright when you are not wearing them. You can do this in a few different ways:

  • According to the lifestyle blog Our Everyday Life, you can stuff newspapers into your UGGs. Just scrunch up sheets of newspaper into balls and insert them into your UGGs when you’re not wearing them, thus eliminating the risk of the boots sagging between uses. You can also use regular paper or magazines. 
  • You can clip your UGGs to boot hangers when you’re not using them. I’ve linked an affordable and well-reviewed option for Boot Hangers Clips (available on These come in packs of 12 so you can use them for your other boots as well. You’ll need to clip these hangers onto the top of your UGGs and hang them up, helping them maintain their shape.
  • You can also purchase the affordable Dial Industries Boot Shaper  (available on These are super easy to install and come in black or white. All you’ll need to do is slip one of these shapers into your UGGs after use and they should maintain their shape between uses.

Another important UGG care tip is to limit running when wearing your boots. Overactivity may cause creasing in your UGGs, so try to stick to walking when wearing them. 

3. Wear Thick Socks

If your boots are already slouching, it may be because they aren’t the correct size. In this case, there’s no need to spend money on another pair. You can fill them out using thick socks! This added padding will help keep your UGG boots stable. 

You can find many options like the well-reviewed and economical Loritta Women’s Wool Socks (available on These socks are machine-washable and have the added benefit of keeping your toes nice and toasty. They also come in lots of different colors!

Moisten, Shape, and Dry

You can also restore your UGGs by moistening, shaping, and drying them. Take a look at this YouTube video for a more detailed view on how to do this:

In brief, the process this creator uses for shaping is as follows:

  1. Dampen your boots with a washcloth or sponge. Do not submerge them in water; only moisten them. 
  2. Stuff the boots with newspaper to help them retain their shape.
  3. Leave your boots out to dry overnight in an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Don’t be tempted to blowdry them, since exposure to direct heat might damage them.

This process is quite simple, but it should help to reduce creasing and slouching.

4. Get Your Old UGGs Restored

If none of the above solutions seem to be working and you don’t want to spend money on a new pair, you can take your boots to a professional using the UGGRenew program. This program takes your old UGG boots and restores them to look as good as new.

You can opt to get a shampoo (which should reduce creasing and slouching), a shampoo and resole, or a complete restoration. The complete restoration process is the most expensive option, but it’s still relatively affordable (compared to buying new boots) and should put an end to the sagging.

Final Thoughts

You can keep your UGGs from slouching by buying the correct size, caring for your boots correctly, and using thick socks to keep them up properly. If this doesn’t work, you can also moisten, shape, and dry your UGGs to get any creases out and, therefore, limit slouching.

Your last resort option can be investing in restoration from UGG Renew. This will leave your UGGs looking like they just came out of the box. Once you’ve invested in this process, you can follow the above guidelines in order to lessen the chances of your UGGs creasing again.

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