How to Choose Icebreaker Socks?

Everyone loves and needs socks since you can wear them any time of the day and wear them in any activities or work you have. It brings you protection from cold winter nights, protects you from your work that exposes your feet from intense heat, and assures you that though you climb the highest mountain, your feet are secured. You may be a sock lover, or it may be your first time buying one, and you wonder how and what to choose. 

In choosing Icebreaker socks, you need first to ask yourself your purpose for buying the socks. Is it because you want cushioned socks or non-cushioned one? Are you looking for a specific height, or may you be preparing to purchase for a particular activity? Icebreaker has a variety of socks for you to choose from. 

If you already know what you are looking for, it will be easier for you to choose the sock you prefer since Icebreaker has a variety of socks. You can choose whether it is cushioned or non-cushioned. You can also select the sock height and the type of activity where you will be using the socks. 

Which Icebreaker Socks to Buy?

Your preference is one of the main factors in purchasing socks. If you know your choice, it would be easier for you to choose. You can select from a variety of Icebreaker socks. I have listed some sock recommendations based on cushioning, height, and activities to quickly check your preference.


Ultralight Cushioning

If you are looking for socks with ultralight cushioning, I recommend Men’s Merino Lifestyle Ultralight Crew Socks Backcountry Camp. These socks have ultra-lightweight, soft, and breathable features that are best for your desired activity.

These Icebreaker socks come with Achilles support features that keep your sock in place and a reinforced heel and toe for added durability and strength while doing outdoor activities. It is made of merino wool. Hence, it is good to wick away the moisture from your feet while keeping them dry, comfortable, odor-free, and cool.

Light Cushioning

If you prefer light cushioned socks, you can try using Men’s Merino Multisport Light Mini Socks. These socks are lightweight, durable, and odor-resistant as they are made from merino wool. The socks have a seamless toe feature that keeps your feet from blisters and reduces a bulky feeling when worn. It has breathable zones for added ventilation to keep your feet cool. 

Medium Cushioning

If you are looking for medium cushioned socks, Icebreaker has Men’s Merino Hike Medium Crew Socks Tree Line for you. It has a double-up merino cushioning feature to add comfort to heel and metatarsal bones. These socks are best for you as you deal with rugged day hikes and year-round conditions. 

Heavy Cushioning

If heavy cushioning is what you are looking for, the Men’s Merino Mountaineer Mid Calf Socks is good for you. These merino socks are designed for maximum comfort and premium fit. These socks come with expedition weight, with full and dense cushioned mountaineering features ideal for your climbs. 


No Show

If you are comfortable using no-show socks, Icebreaker has Men’s Cool-Lite™ Merino Lifestyle No Show Socks. These socks have a luxurious blend of merino and TENCEL®, with reinforced heels and toes that provide you with ultralight, soft, and breathable comfort. These socks will give you comfort in warm to hot conditions.


Men’s Merino Run+ Ultralight Micro Socks is one of the best micro socks from Icebreaker. These socks come with breathable ventilation zones to keep your feet cool. These socks are designed with seamless toe features to keep your feet at optimal comfort and keep them from blisters. Moreover, you can enjoy the natural benefit of merino wool as it wicks away the moisture from your sweaty feet.


Icebreaker has mini socks like Men’s Merino Run+ Ultralight Mini Socks that will suit your preference. It offers you the moisture-wicking features of merino wool and keeps your feet comfortable, dry and provides a good performance on foot. It comes with a sculptured cushion that provides a good fit and comfort. 


If you are looking for crew socks, you can consider purchasing Men’s Merino Hike+ Medium Crew Socks. It comes with a lightweight, durable and odor-resistant feature to keep your feet at optimal performance while working or going on outdoor activities. These medium Crew socks are ideal for long hikes and multi-day backpacking.

Mid Calf

Men’s Merino Mountaineer Mid Calf Socks is the best midcalf or Icebreaker. It comes with an expedition-weight merino feature that is designed for maximum comfort and premium fit. These socks are best worn for your rigorous climbs and snowy conditions.

High Crew

If you wish to purchase high crew socks, you can try Men’s Merino Lifestyle Heavy High Crew Socks. These socks come with a super-soft, warm and cozy chunky-knit design. These Icebreaker socks will offer you a breathable and odor-resistant feature for all-day comfort. Moreover, it will keep your feet dry as it is blended with merino wool, known for being good at wicking away the moisture from your feet.

Over The Calf

If you are looking for over-the-calf socks, you can choose Men’s Merino Ski+ Medium Over the Calf Socks. These socks are knitted with stretchy and supportive merino wool for technical performance on snow. These socks are durable, breathable, and comfortable, with anatomical feet support. It comes with ankle support that enhances fit and instep support for stability.



If you are looking for socks that suit your next adventure, you better check Women’s Merino Ski+ Medium Over the Calf Wide Stripe Socks. These socks come with stretchy and comfortable features that are best for your next snowy adventures.

These Icebreaker socks are made with merino wool that makes them durable, breathable, and comfortable when worn. It comes with an anatomical toe box fit for your feet. It comes with a breathable ventilation zone that provides additional ventilation and coolness for your feet. It also has a functional junction to eliminate bulk.


If you are planning to go hiking and you still don’t have socks, I suggest Women’s Merino Hike+ Light Crew Socks. It comes with light cushioning that maximizes fit and comfort for your feet. These socks are knitted with seamless toe closure to lessen the bulky feeling and prevent blisters when worn.

Hiking is tiring, and your feet may become sweaty, however, worry not since these socks are made with merino wool that is good in wicking away the moisture from your feet. These socks will keep your feet dry, protected, and insulated though you may be on a rigorous trail hike. 


For everyday comfort, you can prefer choosing Women’s Merino Lifestyle Fine Gauge Crew Socks Dashes. You can enjoy these cozy socks as you stroll around the park or while sipping your coffee on a relaxing Sunday.

These socks are knitted with luxurious, fine-gauge merino wool, with reinforced heels and toes. It has reinforced heel and toe features for additional durability and strength. To keep your feet from blisters and pain, they have designed these socks with seamless toe closure and instep support for stability.

Snow Sports

If you are up to skiing or mountain climbing, the Women’s Merino Ski+ Light Over the Calf Socks Alpine Stripe is the socks that you are looking for. The extreme sport requires extreme socks that offer durability, technical performance on snow, and good cushioning.

Good thing Icebreaker has innovated these socks that suit your next snow activity. It has a sculptured cushion that offers maximized fit and comfort while enjoying the snow outside. Also, it has an Achilles support system that keeps your sock in place.


When going on a training or a run, you need to find the best socks for your feet, like Women’s Merino Run Ultralight Mini Socks. These socks will surely give you dry and comfortable feet though your feet may accumulate sweat. These socks are designed for maximum comfort and premium fit, ideal for all-around trail running performance.

It comes with Ultralight Cushioning that keeps your feet a comfortable fit without the bulky feeling when worn. You will no longer worry about your sweaty feet as the merino wool in these socks is good at wicking away the sweat from your feet, and it has a breathable zone for added ventilation.

Which Icebreaker Socks are the Warmest?

Icebreaker always makes socks that suit you in every weather condition. They come with socks for summer and also for winter. If you are looking for the warmest Icebreaker socks, I have listed some suited for men and women. Feel free to check them down below. 

Warmest Icebreaker Socks for Men

One of the warmest socks for men is the Men’s Merino Hike+ Heavy Crew Socks. The socks are heavily cushioned, ideal for rugged hikes and backpacking trips. It comes with maximum comfort and protection as you go on rigorous trails. The heavy cushions of these socks provide good warmth on your feet, especially during cold seasons. 

Warmest Icebreaker Socks for Women

Women’s Merino Hike+ Heavy Crew Socks is one of the warmest socks by Icebreaker for women. Its heavy cushioned feature will surely add warmth to your feet during winter. The soft cushions of these socks will make you feel comfortable as you do your activity or can also be worn in your house. These socks come with a comfort cuff wide welt for additional comfort and protection.


Choosing socks is confusing. The thing that you need to think about before purchasing is your preference and needs. First, you need to assess what you are looking for, whether it’s the cushion, the height, or for a particular activity, so choosing makes it a little easier.

You can choose a variety of socks from Icebreaker as they categorize them for you based on cushioning, height and activity. No matter what your preferences are, Icebreaker got your back. 

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