How To Break In Your Ariat Boots?

Having a new pair of boots makes you feel excited about trying them on; however, one the first time wearing them, you might feel a little bit uncomfortable. Breaking in your Ariat cowboy boots before using them is very important. I will give a slight stretch in your boot to feet your feet comfortably sit inside it. 

Breaking your Ariat cowboy boots comes easily. You may hold it over a pot of boiling water as the steam moisture relaxes the leather making your feet easily slide. You can also stretch it using a boot tree, or you can wear it a couple of times before actually wearing them outside. 

It is essential to give a slight stretch to your boots to make your feet feel comfortable wearing them. There are many methods that you can use in doing so. I have gathered details in doing that, and you may read them down below. 

Steps On How to Break In Your Ariat Cowboy Boots

If you have a new pair of Ariat boots, make sure to break it in first before actually using them at work if you will use them on occasion. This is very important to ensure comfort while wearing them. Breaking in gives a slight stretch on your boots, making your feet have an easy slide inside. To know more methods in breaking in your cowboy boots, read more details below.

Step 1 Fit Your Cowboy Boots Correctly

The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you have the correct size of cowboy boots for your feet. If you are planning to have a new one, do not buy the size of your old boots. If your previous boots are not Ariat, do not follow the sizing because different companies have different styles, and there may be sizing inconsistencies. To ensure you have the correct one, measure your feet first and follow the Ariat shoe sizing guide. 

If you are in a store, do not be shy in measuring your foot; note that the more the boots fit you well, the easier it is to break in. When fitting boots, if you can easily slide in your feet without pulling boot pull straps, that indicates that the boots are too big. In case you want to order online, measure your feet correctly. Make sure to measure not only the length but also the width. You should feel slight resistance in your heel; the instep should be snug with no pinching of the toes. 

Check if Your Toes have Room to Move Freely

Your heel should lift a one-fourth or one-half of an inch while walking around with your boots. Also, it would help if you wiggled your toes to ensure that your toes have enough spaces to move. Though there may be different toe styles, you need to note that giving your toes the room to move is essential. Ensure that your toes can move freely, wiggle them. 

During the break-in process, your feet will stretch; that is why you need to make sure that your boots are a snug fit. Make sure that the boots are 100 percent fitted on your feet. If the boots are loose before breaking in, they will become bigger after it is broken in. 

Step 2 Stretch Your Ariat Cowboy Boots

If you have already made sure that your boots fit perfectly but still experiencing discomfort and tightness, then it is time to start breaking it in. Note that the points where you need to give a slight stretch are your boots’ instep, shaft, and width. Stretching is an important thing to do when breaking in.  

Steam The boots 

Steam your boots over a pot of boiling water to give it a stretch. Hold your boots upside down over boiling water. Let the steam enter from the boot shop going inside the boots. Keep the same position for about five minutes. This process allows the leather to relax. If you do have a garment steamer, that would be nicer. 

Wear the Boots

After steaming your boots for about five minutes:

  1. Allow them to cool to the touch. The moisture inside your boots may be hot; wait until the boots cool down to avoid burning your feet.
  2. Once the boots are slightly cooled down, try to fit the boots in.
  3. Pull the boots inside your feet and try to practice walking with them.
  4. Use the boots sometimes so they will loosen and form to your feet.

Wearing your boots after steaming must take about 30 minutes to one hour. The longer you put in your boots after steaming, the better. Wearing moistened boots, you steam them and apply stretch spray that keeps the leather of your boots to mold to your foot. 

Steam the Boots and Use Your Hand to Stretch it

One of the alternative ways of breaking in your boots after steaming them is to use your hand instead of wearing them. Once you are done steaming and cooled, you can put your hands and let your hands reach inside the boots. Put your fust inside the boots, twist it around, and return it to the heat. You may try this about three times, then try to get the boots into your feet.

When you fit in the boost after stretching, feel what part of the boots causes tightness. After then, steam it one more time, stretching by putting your hand inside. Not only can you use your hands in stretching the leather inside, but you can also use other materials that will give leverage to push outwards. 

Use Commercial Stretch Sprays on Leather Boots

There are so many commercial stretch sprays available in the market, and most of them are safe to use. Before using them, read the guidelines and steps to ensure effectiveness and avoid ruining your boots. 

You can spray the inside and the outside part of your leather boots. After applying a stretch spray, you may wear your boots to check tight areas. You may also place your hands inside or other material like boots stretcher to break in your boots. 

Use Boots Stretcher

Boot stretchers are always effective. When experiencing tightness when wearing your leather boot, breaking in using a boot stretcher is considered an effective method. Boots stretchers help stretch out your boots to give them a comfortable fit. Not only the Boot stretcher is good for breaking in, but it is also good to use for some of the cowboy boots that no longer fit you. 

Boost stretcher is one of the best solutions for those who feel pain when wearing boots or those who have corns, bunions, and other pressure points. You only have to insert the boot stretcher inside your boots, and you need to pinpoint the specific areas of the boots that require stretching.

Use Board and a Hammer to Stretch Leather Boots

One o the methods of stretching your boots is using a stretch spray, hammer, and board. You may need to spray your boots with stretch spray. If you do not have a stretch spray, you can do dreaming. After that, place the board inside your boots and apply pressure outside. 

Then, you will need to keep the board stay inside the boots. After that, you need to tap the side seam of your boots with a hammer. When you tap along the seams of the boots with a hammer, it helps in the stretching process. You may need to repeat applying the pressure and tapping until you have the stretch you want. 

Step 3 Apply a Lether Conditioner to Your Cowboy Boots

After steaming and stretching your boots, you may need to apply leather conditioners to them. You can apply the leather conditioner while wearing your boots or take it off before application. Mink oil can also be used for your leather boots. It keeps the leather protected and makes it clean-looking.  

Moreover, the leather conditioner also helps in breaking in your cowboy boots. It also prevents your boots from developing cracks and softens the leather fiber. It also gives a waterproofing effect on your boots. It would be best if you knew that leather conditioners extend the life of leather boots.

Do’s and Don’t when breaking in your Boots

When Breaking in your boots, there are some things to consider before you make your move in doing so. Knowing the dos and dont’s will guide you to break in your boots properly. To have the most comfortable boots to wear, try to read the do’s and dont’s that I have listed to give you further details.


Ensure that your boots fit you well

Before you break in your boots, you also need to check if the boot fits you well. Remember that boots must have a snug fit. However, boots must not be too tight as they are small or loose and too big for you. If your boots are loose, they will be bigger once you break them in. 

Walk your boots around your house

Once you already have your new pair of Ariat boots, make sure to use them first in your house. Breaking in a new pair of boots needs notice and time. Some may say that to speed it up, you may need water and heat. However, this process can ruin the boots. That is why using them frequently, like wearing them first inside your house, will gradually stretch your boots. 

You may also speed up the breaking-in process if you always use your boost inside your house. You can start wearing them 10 minutes per day, but the longer you use them, the better. Note that wearing a boot that was not broken in will give a whole day’s discomfort, whether at work or when attending an occasion.

Apply Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioner must be applied to your leather boots as it helps prolong the life of your boots. It keeps your boots from drying out and keeps them away from cracking and over-drying. Also, a leather conditioner will make your boots look clean and looking great. 

It softens when the leather is conditioned, making it easier to bend. Also, applying leather conditioner to the leather of your boots makes them conform to the shape of your feet faster. However, do not oversaturate your leather boots with conditioner. 

Use Your Boots at Work Place to Check

After doing the break-in, you may now try your boots in your work. This will help teats whether you have successfully broken in your cowboy boots. If you feel discomfort while wearing one, you may access what part of the boots gives pain. Also, if it is still uncomfortable to wear, try to wear them again in your house to provide more stretch.


Do Not Overlook the Hot Spots, Pinches, or Uncomfortable Parts of the Boots

Do not overlook the hot spots, pinches, and other comfortable parts of the boots. If you buy at a local store, make sure to purchase comfortable boots. Do not ignore the discomfort you feel when trying the shoes out. 

Do Not Use Water to Break in Your Leather Boots

Some suggest that submerging your boots in water will help in breaking in. However, it would be best not to listen to that since leather only needs a limited amount of moisture to change its shape. Submerging your boots in water may cause severe damage to them. 

Do Not Apply Direct Heat to your Boots

Others believed that applying direct heat to your boots speeds up the break-in process. However, this method is not as safe and effective as others say. Direct heat may damage the leather of your boots. Giving the boots a direct contact to heat may lead the leather to dry out so much, leading to cracking. 

Do Not Over Apply Leather Conditioner

The LEather conditioner does not only protects your leather boots but is also another alternative for breaking in your boots. The leather conditioner softens the boots and makes them easier to mold to the shape of your feet. However, over-application, if leather conditioner is not good as the leather, may become too oily and sticky. 

How to break in Ariat Boots, final thoughts…

Breaking in your new pair of Ariat boots is very important since it will give you a comfortable feeling when you want to use them at work. Breaking in your new pair of boots comes in different methods. You may use the steam, leather conditioner, or boot stretcher methods.

You can use either way as long as the material is available. Breaking in your boots must not be taken for granted as the comfort in wearing your boots is essential. 

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