How Should Red Wing Boots Fit?

Shopping for the right size shoes should be a piece of cake, and finding a pair of Red Wing boots that will make your feet feel as if they’re wrapped in butter shouldn’t be like having charred toast for lunch.

This guide will answer the query, “How should Red Wing boots fit?”. I’ll also expose the differences between all the different lasts the company offers and what the different insoles can do for you. Hop on the ride!

If you want to get the most out of your Red Wing boots, it is essential that your foot fits snugly inside and has room to move around. You should not feel any pain in the arch of your foot, and you should be able to wiggle your toes freely.

Wondering what size of Red Wings to buy? Here’s the deal: There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this wonder. Your Red Wing size will vary with the length and width of your feet, your shoe size, the shoes you usually wear, and how tightly you like your shoes to fit.

To choose the right pair of boots, you need to understand the mechanisms of your feet, what type of boot you want, and your current shoe size.

How To Get The Right Size Red Wing Boot

When you buy a pair of Red Wing boots, getting the right fit is a prerequisite for your comfort. If they’re too tight, they won’t support your feet and ankles properly. If they’re too loose, you’ll have trouble walking in them.

Whether you wear it all day or only occasionally, your work boot should fit like your favorite pair of jeans. Besides, supportive and well-fitted boots have been proven to increase the productivity and performance of workers across work environments.

Where you buy your boots also determines how well you can ensure you get the right size.

In-store Red Wing Boot Fitment

If you want the best possible fit for a Red Wing boot, consult an in-store fitment specialist at your local Red Wing store. These experts can guide you through the selection process and help you find the correct size for your feet and the appropriate fit for your work.

When you visit the Red Wing store at the Galleria, a fitment specialist will measure both feet for length, width, and arch height and perform a 3-D scan of the sole of your foot to find your pressure points. Then, you will be advised on which boot size suits you and which footbeds or insoles and socks work best with your new boots.

Sizing Your Red Wing Boots For Online Purchases

There’s no way around this one. To ensure the Red Wing boots fit correctly, measure the length of your feet. Most people’s feet are not exactly the same size, so use the larger of the two measurements. Now, how do you measure your feet?

Stand on a sheet of paper, cardboard, or flattened carton that’s wide enough for your foot. Using a pencil, trace the outline of your foot on the sheet. With a ruler or a measuring tape (it’s best to use the latter because it’s more flexible), measure the distance between the outer center of your heel and the longest toe. Then measure the width of your dominant hand’s forefinger, and add that number to the length of your foot.

Adding a finger width to the length of your boots is important because it allows you to wear thick socks with your boots, which will keep your feet warmer, and it also allows for some movement at the front of the boot.

The table below will give you an idea of the shoe size to order based on the length of your foot.

Red Wing Mens SizeMens Foot Length In Inches
Red Wing Women SizeWomens Foot Length In Inches

Another of the most common sizing methods used to determine what size Red Wing boots to buy is to take your normal shoe size and subtract half a size from it.

What About Your Foot Width?

Red Wing boots are available in a variety of widths to accommodate people with narrow, medium, and wide feet.

A dangerous mistake people make (and you’re probably thinking of making) is selecting boots that are too tight in terms of foot width and toe fit. They reason the boots will stretch out and fit them perfectly once broken in.

This method isn’t the best way to choose a boot and will result in discomfort from the outset. The boots will stretch, but not as much as you expect them to.

Your Red Wing boot should be wide enough to accommodate your toes, but not so wide that your foot slides around inside. It should feel snug but not tight, with sufficient toe room so that your toes can spread out comfortably in the boot.

Boot widths are often designated by a letter-based coding system to indicate the differences in actual width measurements.

In this system, the narrowest width is denoted by the code AAA. AA is slightly less narrow than AAA, while A is wider than both AA and AAA. The widths increase to B, BB, and so on, all the way to EEE, which is the widest.

You need to know what your foot width rating, a letter-based code found on the inside of your shoe that indicates the appropriate width, is. The best way to get this information is to visit a local store where you can have your feet measured by an expert. This should be done in the afternoon when your feet are at their widest.

The best way to get this rating is to go to a local store where you can get your foot measured to find this code for your foot width. It is best to get the measurement done in the mid to late afternoon when your foot will be at its widest.

Most men’s feet tend to fall in the D width range. Narrow-footed men usually wear shoes in the B-width group, while wide-footed guys wear EE. Men who have extra wide feet wear shoes of width EEE.

Women’s feet generally range from A to C in width, with B being the most common. A is a narrow fit, and C is a wide fit.

Manufacturers usually make shoes in different sizes; check the company’s sizing chart before ordering. If the boots aren’t your size, most companies are open to returns and exchanges.

Now that you have this information within your reach, finding the right-sized boots will be a piece of cake.


Accurate sizing is the pathway to a comfortable boot-wearing experience. Red Wing Shoe Company understands this, so they provide their customers with numerous resources to aid the foot measurement process.

Their in-store fitment specialists will measure your feet, ask questions about your usual footwear habits, how long you spend on your feet per day, the environments in which you intend to use the boots, and a bunch of other questions. They’ll use your answers and their findings to help you find boots that fit perfectly.

This is why you’ll always have a better experience when you purchase Red Wing boots in-store than when you order them online.

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