How Much Height Do Doc Martens Add?

The fashionable and functional Dr. Martens boots are known for their durability and comfortability. Apart from these, they can also add some extra height and confidence to their wearer. These pairs are the perfect sole sisters for the shorties!

Most Docs add about an inch in terms of height. This additional height varies from one style to another, depending on the platform height. Generally, unisex platform boots add 1.5 inches in height while women’s platforms range from 1.75” to 2.2.” The tallest Docs would be the 1460 Pascal Max with its 2.3” heel height. 

In this guide, I will enumerate a number of Dr. Martens styles and discuss how much height they add. Additionally, there are sections that will focus on the comfort level of platform boots as well as the fashion trends these pairs are best suited for. 

If you are looking for the best elevating boots in town, you are in the right place! Stick around to know which pair suits your needs and personality best. 

How much taller do Docs make you?

There are people who actually love Dr. Martens because of the additional height they bring. Unlike stilettos, mules, or pump heels, which can throw most women off balance, Dr. Martens boots can instantly make you look and feel tall without compromising comfort.

The standard heel height of a Doc Martens pair is about an inch. For instance, the classic Dr. Martens 1460 has a heel height of 1.25”, Bex has 1.3” and Pascal has 1.25”. These are three of the most common pairs which have the least height to add.

If you want more heel height, you can choose from their list of platform boots. Dr. Martens offers a variety of platform boots from the Jadon, Sinclair, Chelsea, and Pascal lineups, among others. Let us look at some of these platform-style Docs. 

Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots

Jadon Smooth, the best-seller Jaden shoe, has retained almost every 1460 feature: the yellow stitches, grooved edges, and heel-loop – except that it has added a chunkier and taller platform sole. Jadon platforms stand with a 1.85” platform height.

The upper leather of this pair is made of smooth leather. It also has a slip-resistant air-cushioned sole that is heat-sealed. AirWair technology is used for a Jadon Smooth’s heel loop which also adds another extra height in its sole. 

Jadon has varying styles and designs. If you want a taller version, they also have the Jadon Max which has the “quad retro max” label. Jadon Max can add 2.2” inches to your height.  

Sinclair Milled Nappa Leather Platform Boots

Sinclair Milled Nappa is one of Dr. Martens’ bestseller platform boots. Its quad platform sole stands 1.5” with a heel height of 1.875”. Still maintaining the original Docs DNA, this pair even stands out with its front zip. 

Deviating from its famously stiff leather, Dr. Martens made use of Milled Nappa which is claimed to feel soft and much easier to break in. It has a narrower built perfectly for short ladies out there!

For more details about breaking in your Docs, read “Does it hurt to break-in Dr. Martens (& the best way to break them in!

2976 Polished Smooth Platform Chelsea Boots

Regardless of gender, the 2976 Chelsea platforms can surely be suitable for everyone. Dr. Martens says that their laceless Chelsea boots are versatile and can be easily worn. 

Chelsea’s are made with a polished smooth high-shine leather that is highly durable. Apart from this, the sleek and fashionable Chelsea’s have a platform sole of 1.5” and heel height of 1.875”, similar to a Sinclair Milled Nippa. 

If you want more inches, the “easy-on, easy-off” lineup also offers the 2976 Max Leather. This pair has a platform and heel height of 1.875” and 2.25”. 

1460 Pascal Max Leather Platform Boots

As per Dr. Martens, the 1460 Pascal Max is only for the brave. These eight-eyed elevating boots have a heel height of 2.3”. Dr. Martens have made use of their “quad retro max” and released their highest platform boots in the name of 1460 Pascal Max.

1460 Pascal Max has maintained the 1460 DNA: yellow welt stitches, air-cushioned sole, and an AirWair heel loop. This heavy-duty sole not just adds height but also some weight. 

Additionally, what makes this pair extra special is its towering height together with its pisa upper leather that is smoother than the traditional 1460’s. The thickness of the platform provides a better grip, best used during the winter season.

Which Doc Martens add the most height?

According to Dr. Martens, their highest platform boots to date is the 1460 Pascal Max. Its platform height can add 2.3” to your height. Next in line is the other Quad Retro Max like the Jadon and Chelsea Max. 

Dr. Martens platform boots can sort of add weight as you wear them. This is due to the thicker sole that is made up of heavy-duty and high-quality materials. However, these are manageable because its soft and comfy sole compensates for it. 

Platform boots can instantly add inches to your height. However, if you want a less bold and aggressive pair, you may opt for a classic 1460 or Jadon Smooth. These can still give you the additional height you are looking for. 

Can Dr. Martens platform boots suit any outfit?

As you scroll through the IG feed of the influencers you followed, you will notice that almost everyone has been pairing their Docs with their daily outfits. This is because Dr. Martens boots have that versatility just like your favorite sneakers!

You can mix and match a platform Docs with any outfit: from denim pants to shorts, dresses to skirts. You will look instantly good and fashionable with these pairs. Most importantly, you’ll feel extra confident because of your new added height.

Dr. Martens are best partnered with casual or streetwear. These pairs can bring any outfit to the next level. Even if you decide to just wear some denim shorts to walk through the streets, your platform Docs will make you stand out.

Platform Docs can go with lots of varying outfits. These boots are also easy to accessorize. You can look chic and sleek, and at the same time feel comfortable and poised. 

Are Dr. Martens platform boots heavy to wear?

Dr. Martens platform boots are not uncomfortably heavy to wear. However, due to their heavy-duty and high-quality materials, they can add some weight upon wearing. 

This isn’t much of a problem because each pair has an air-cushioned sole which makes the weight situation manageable. Dr. Martens platforms, as well as the other styles and designs, are designed to be comfortable and worn for long periods of time. 

Classic Dr. Martens designs for men and women generally weigh 1.60 lbs and 1.30 lbs. On the other hand, platform Docs reach almost 2 lbs in terms of weight. Note that the weight varies depending on the boots’ size.   

They may seem heavier than other boots available on the market but again this is because of its material composition. This just proves the quality that a Docs platform has. Its air-cushioned sole actually adds support to your feet.

More so, its thicker and heavier sole is non-slip. It also has a great gripping ability. Although not all are waterproof, Docs are also water-resistant and are perfect for any kind of weather. 

How much height do Dr. Martens add, Final thoughts…

If you are looking for a new sole sister that can help add some inches to your height, you have a wide range of Dr. Martens lineups to choose from. Aside from being fashionable, these pairs are also functional and are also perfect for the shorties. 

Either you want the regular Docs or their platform versions, Dr. Martens boots can instantly make you look and feel tall! They may add some weight but you shouldn’t worry much because they’re the comfiest boots in town. 

Now that you know how much Docs can add to your height, you can now decide for yourself. Keep in mind that the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence… and a Dr. Martens pair!

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