How do you make new holes in Birkenstocks?

Are you wondering whether or not new holes can be added to a pair of Birkenstock? And if in the affirmative, what is the best way to create new holes in its leather straps? I got you covered!

If your Birkenstocks fit loosely, it may be because you got the wrong size or because you have already used them for a long time. You can add some new holes to the straps in these cases for a more effortless adjustment. It is suggested that you visit a cobbler, but you can DIY by using a nail and a hammer or a leather punch. 

These are just a few ways how you can make new holes in Birkenstocks. If you are searching for a step-by-step process, you are definitely at the right place! I have discussed everything you need to know below. 

How do Birkenstocks fit?

Birkenstocks are made to be roomy and spacious. However, it would be best if you remember that they should not fit too loose because it can lead to accidents such as tripping. It can even lead to serious foot problems such as blisters, numbness, and pain. 

So, how should Birks fit? They should fit slightly loose but not to the point that they can easily fall off your feet while walking. At the same time, it should also fit a little tight at the upper part. 

Note that not all Birkenstock models have a similar fit. This is because of the difference in the materials used. For instance, leather straps fit tighter than those made of synthetic materials. 

More so, Birkenstock’s sizing is also a bit tricky. You have to know that there are two variations in terms of sizes: regular and narrow. 

If your feet are slim, you should opt for narrow-sized Birks for a better fit. On the other hand, regular-sized Birks would fit normally to those people with medium to large foot sizes. For an accurate sizing guide, you can access this article

Another thing to consider is the footbed. Birkenstocks offer two kinds: regular and soft. Regular footbed versions tend to fit tightly, while the soft footbed is more delicate and easier to break in. 

You have to remember that the wrong size may be the reason why your Birkenstocks loosely fit your feet. But do not worry because we can make some adjustments to that!

How can you tighten up your loose Birkenstocks?

The simplest way is to adjust using the metal buckles. This feature is added not just for the visuals. These buckles are really helpful in adjusting the upper straps when it feels too loose or tight. 

The first thing you should do is unbuckle those straps. Then, place one of your feet on the footbed and ensure it has been placed correctly. Pull the strap one by one, then choose the hole where your feet feel the most comfortable. 

Do these steps with the other straps. After, you should try to walk a few steps to see if the fit is already perfect. If it is okay, then you’re good to go. 

However, if you still fill uncomfy, you should try to unbuckle one notch once more. Once again, follow the steps mentioned above. When you have reached the last hole but still, your Birkenstocks fit loosely, then you have to try creating new holes. 

Can you add new holes to your Birkenstocks?

Yes! You can add new holes to the upper straps of your Birkenstocks if the pair is still falling off your feet even after doing the steps above. There are many ways how you can do so.

If you don’t trust yourself, you can go to a cobbler who can do the work for you.

However, to save money, you can do it yourself using a nail and a hammer. You can also try buying a leather puncher for a more precise tool. 

I have discussed in detail these DIY processes below. So, you better keep on reading!

How to add new holes in Birkenstocks?

As previously mentioned, you can add new holes in Birkenstocks using a nail and a hammer, which are accessible materials. Just choose a proper nail with a similar size to the holes of your Birks. 

You need to unbuckle each strap first and then place your feet on the footbed. Pull the straps again to your feet and determine where the hole should be made. Mark it with a pencil.  

Then, pull the straps up and place them on a flat surface. The top side must be facing the surface. Get your nail and carefully hammer it down. Remember not to smash the hammer too hard. 

When you think the hole is enough, try it with the metal buckle’s pin. If it is still not sufficient, strike some more. Just try and try until you succeed!

After, you have to buckle the straps and try them on. You should also walk while wearing it to know if your adjustments are already suitable. 

You can buy a leather puncher if you do not have enough patience for the nail and hammer method. This will make creating a hole a lot easier. Do not worry because this tool is not that expensive. 

On the other hand, you can also go directly to a cobbler or a shoe repair shop to get things done. However, this may be a little more costly than the two methods mentioned. 

Making New Holes In Birks, Final Thoughts

If the looseness of your pair is because of choosing the wrong size, may it serve as a lesson. The next time you buy Birkenstocks, you should get the proper size to avoid this kind of situation. 

When the size is not a problem but the looseness is caused by overusing, the tips mentioned in the preceding sections might be very handy. Rather than buying another one, you can still make some adjustments to maximize a birk’s lifespan.

There you have it! I hope this article has imparted something that can help you in your journey with Birkenstocks. 

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