Freedom Moses vs. Birkenstock: Which is Better?

Luxury over practicality, or the other way around? Getting a pair of sandals never gets easy, especially when several brands compete in the market. Birkenstock, a prominent luxurious brand, now faces a new rival: Freedom Moses.

Freedom Moses rises as a worthy competitor against Birkenstock. It has been producing vegan and cruelty-free slides known for their waterproof feature and Arizona-like appearance. On the other hand, Birkenstock is famous for its sturdy leather uppers and comfy cork footbeds. Birks are pretty more expensive than FMs.

Apart from the differences mentioned above, there is a lot more information that you should not miss if you are torn between choosing a pair of Freedom Moses or Birkenstock. This article has laid down everything you need to know!

I have included sections where I discussed what makes each brand unique. More so, I have also discussed which brand creates the more comfortable, fashionable, and travel-friendly footwear.

What are the differences between Freedom Moses and Birkenstocks?

It’s normal to get confused about which is which when facing a Freedom Moses slide and an Arizona EVA Birks, especially when you’re new to the sandals world. This is because the two sandals resemble each other, with only slight differences.

However, if you are keen on details, you’ll be able to distinguish what makes the other stand out. This section elaborated on the main differences between the sandals produced by Freedom Moses and Birkenstocks to get you started and equipped!


Generally, Freedom Moses uses synthetic materials to create their 100% vegan and cruelty-free slip-on. In particular, it utilizes polycarbonate urethane (PCU) instead of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PCU is more eco-friendly than PVC.

PCU makes Freedom Moses pairs sustainable as the material is highly recyclable. Further, FM pairs are also waterproof due to this material component.

On the other hand, your options under the Birkenstock lineups are not limited to synthetic Birks alone. The brand rose to the top because of its footbed made of natural materials and leather uppers. 

Birkenstock uses many leather types, such as smooth, nubuck, oiled, and Amalfi, among others. It has also introduced its vegan collection, wherein materials such as ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), synthetic leather, cork, jute, and microfiber are used. 

Features & Styles

In terms of features, Freedom Moses pairs look very similar to Arizona EVA Birkenstocks. FM slides come with two straps made of synthetic plastic and an adjustable buckle. 

What makes the Freedom Moses different from Birkenstocks is their footbed. The regular anatomically contoured Birken footbed has a smooth surface, while Freedom Moses’ insole has a textured one. This feature, the brand boasts, offers extra grip. 

One disadvantage of shopping with Freedom Moses is that you don’t have other style options. The two-strap sandals are the only choice you have. Although, they are available in many colors and designs. 

Birkenstock has already launched many style variations. Apart from its two-strap Arizona slip-on, other models are now made available. There are thong-styled, toe-looped, crisscrossing straps, and many more.

Colors & Availability 

According to the Freedom Moses website, they are offering “eye-popping, chill” essentials. 

Undeniably, FM does give us attention-grabbing and eye-catching pairs. Their two-strap classic sandals are available in various colors and designs.

Opt for Freedom Moses in neon colors or multi-patterned prints if you want a truly eye-popping sandal. These are perfect for your summer getaway or live music concerts! 

On the other hand, Birkenstock made many colors and patterns available. From basic and solid colors to dual or tri-toned ones, you just have many options to choose from! In terms of colors and availability, no one is above the other. 

Between Freedom Moses and Birkenstocks, which is comfier?

Made of synthetic materials, Freedom Moses is expected to fit comfortably even when worn out of the box. However, the level of comfort Birkenstock’s cork footbed brings its wearer is unmatched. 

Both regular and soft footbed versions of Birkenstock are, without a doubt, comfortable once the break-in period has ended. Some reviews state that Birkenstocks hurt their feet upon first wear. However, that’s just an initial phase.

It just takes extra effort and patience to break into a pair of Birks. After some time of wearing them, the footbed and leather upper will soon feel like a custom fit. For some breaking-in tips, you can check out this article

Besides the high comfort level, Birkenstock footbeds are also orthopedic and therapeutic. They are specially designed to give general correction for foot deformity.

Which is the better travel and adventure sandal?

Birkenstocks are considered by many as one of the best travel companions. This is primarily because of their high level of comfort and durability. However, leather Birks may not be your best choice when looking for a sandal to use in adventures involving water.

Do not fret because Birkenstock has already introduced its waterproof collection known as the EVA Essentials. Certain models like Arizona and Gizeh are already available in EVA versions. You can try to check them out!

Freedom Moses pairs are also worth the try! This is because they can also give you a certain level of comfortability and stability due to their textured footbeds. They are also water-proof and shock-resistant. Moreover, their footbeds have a textured surface which adds to the pair’s grip. 

Which is more fashionable and stylish?

As previously mentioned, Freedom Moses sandals look very similar to Birkenstock Arizona. Therefore, if I were asked which is the more fashionable and stylish pair, I would say both brands look incredibly cool. 

However, the downside of Freedom Moses is that the brand has only released one style: the two-strap vegan and cruelty-free slides, although they are available in many vibrant colors and patterns. These eye-popping FMs are also best for casual or summer outfit ensembles. 

Birkenstock has more trendy alternatives. Moreover, the brand has already been popular ever since it was established. Many Hollywood personalities and social media influencers have already styled their Birks fashionably. Just try searching for fashion inspo!

What are the top-selling Freedom Moses models?

Freedom Moses is a relatively young sandal brand, so they have only released one footwear model as of the moment. Although there is only a limited option when it comes to Freedom Moses, the brand is loved by many people worldwide.

Specifically, one of Freedom Moses’ top-selling models is the Wildcat Sands. If you are into leopard prints, this FM is the best pair for you! Wildcat Sands is available in three colors: white, chocolate brown, and desert brown. 

Opt for the White Terrazzon Sage Freedom Moses for a cool-toned print design. Solid-colored Freedom Moses is also available if you don’t want a printed one. Three of their most in-demand colors are navy, pink, black, and white.

What are the top-selling Birkenstock models?

Arizona Birkenstocks in oiled and smooth leathers are two of the best-selling Birkenstock models. However, these pairs are a bit more expensive than other Birkenstock styles.

If you are worried about experiencing some break-in inconvenience, you can opt for Arizona Soft Footbed in oiled or smooth leather. These models are a lot easier to wear compared to others.

You can also check out Arizona Essentials EVA or Birkibuc. These are made of synthetic materials and are comfortable to wear even when newly bought. 

If you are not into the two-strap design, Birkenstocks have other models you can include in your list. Some of the brand’s most wanted and coveted models are the Mayari, Gizeh, Yara, Milano, and Boston Clogs.

Try checking out this article if you are searching for a Birks pair that is best for walking long distances. You can also access this reading to see the list of the comfiest Birks

How much do Freedom Moses and Birkenstocks cost?

Freedom Moses pairs are less expensive than Birkenstocks, a famous luxury brand. For as low as $35, you can already purchase Wildcat Sands Freedom Moses in white or chocolate brown colors. 

Solid-colored Freedom Moses only costs $45, compared to Arizona Essentials EVA, which is priced at $50. In addition, White Terrazon Sage FMs can be bought for $50. Considering its material composition and design, the TRZ FMs is a smart and practical buy!

The price range of Birkenstocks is higher than Freedom Moses. For instance, Arizona Birks can be bought between $50 and $263. In particular, oiled and leather Arizonas are priced at $145, while Arizona Birkibuc is at $140. Undeniably, Birkenstock is the more costly brand. 

Freedom Moses versus birks, Final Thoughts…

Freedom Moses is just gaining popularity as the cheaper alternative for Birkenstocks. What makes Freedom Moses competitive is that it did not just replicate Birkenstock’s known features, unlike other rising brands. 

Instead, the brand created a zesty image using its colorful FM pairs. They also incorporated a twist on the contoured footbed by making a textured one. This makes Freedom Moses unique!

Competing with Birkenstocks is also not easy. Birkenstock is still that famous sandal company that pioneered creating the most comfortable insole! Many other brands have tried to imitate Birkenstocks, but no one succeeded. 

At this juncture, the choice is yours to make. Consider the points of comparison I discussed earlier to reach a well-thought decision!

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