e-Girls in Cowboy Boots

What do you think of when you see e-girls in cowboy boots? Probably cowboys, mud, and trouble — not to mention little American flags waving in the background. If you picked any of the three probabilities, you were wrong. No, please don’t ask for a second chance. I’m not grading you. But at some point, we’re bound to ask, “How do these e-girls strike a balance between conventional feminine fashion and a personal sense of style?”

The more curious and soul-searching readers in the house may wonder how the e-girls in cowboy boots thing came about in the first place. Let’s go back to the beginning.

The e-girl subculture originated with the Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne and her fashion choices, which include winged eyeliner, colored hair, boots, heavy eye makeup, pigtails, pink nose, eyes and cheeks.

Every fashion subculture has its distinct style of clothing. The goth subculture is well-known for its dark clothing, while anime-core fashion fans are often seen wearing traditional Japanese outfits. E-girl fashion blends the fierceness of goth and the lightheadedness of anime.

Some of us best remember the DC character, Harley Quinn, as the doctor-turned-pyscho and on-and-off girlfriend of Joker. But if you watch closely, you’d agree that several of Harley Quinn’s signature features—such as her pigtails, colored hair, and winged eyeliner makeup—seem to reflect the look of an e-girl.

You may know that the e-girl trend involves dressing in black and white striped shirts with tongues sticking out. But what you might not know is that the subculture has gained more prominence and adoption by people off the digital world.

As e-girls become more popular, lovers of the subculture have incorporated knee-high boots and other items into their fashion must-haves.

The original purpose of cowboy boots was to provide comfort and protection for ranchers. Today, they are a fashion staple known as much for their style as their rugged appeal. Here, we explore some more edgy options for the 21st-century cowgirl.

E-Girls In Cowboy Boots

Addison Rae in Cowboy Boots

The most memorable pictures of e-girls in cowboy boots are those of Addison Rae eating pizza on the beach while wearing a pair of cowboy boots.

e-girl in cowboy boots

The Rancher cowboy boots are crafted from soft, full-grain leather to give you your best experience yet in the world of comfort. These sturdy, handsome boots are available in distressed brown and tan and have rubber soles, double-row sole stitches, tempered steel shanks, and 2″ heels.

Miley Cyrus in Cowboy Boots

Miley Cyrus in Cowboy Boots

Another celebrity associated with the fashion craze for e-girl is a pop star, Miley Cyrus. Her love of boots is well-documented in photos and videos, such as the one below.

The Laredo Women’s Lucretia Western Cowboy Boot is made of leather, with an embellishment of metal studs that give the boot a decorative edge. The Lucretia also features a pointed toe and heel, just like the pair worn by Miley Cyrus on a visit to Katsuya Sushi, Los Angeles. Shop the boots and a host of others here.

Black and White e-Girl Cowboy Boot

Want the trendy look of e-girls and e-boys but don’t have the money to blow on a Gucci shirt or expensive pair of heels? There are many ways to fake the look without breaking the bank! One of these is to get yourself a pair of Cape Robin Kelsey Cowboy boots or Vans.

Black and White Checkerboard Pattern Vans

Black & White Converse

Ride off into the sunset like you own the world, knowing that even Dua Lipa would style either of these boots any day.

These boots are great for fashion-forward riders who want a stylish yet functional pair. They come in different colors and have an over-the-knee design with block heels. Pair them with any outfit to substantiate an elegant, modern look that will grab everyone’s attention.

Black E-Girl Cowboy Boot

If you’re on the hunt for a pair of low-top cowboy boots with an eye for affordability, style, and durability, the Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Boot is a great choice.

These boots have pull-up tabs, a 12.5-inch opening circumference, a soft inner cushion, and a stacked heel of 2.5-inches. They are made from 100% synthetic material and are an excellent option for first-time buyers of cowboy boots.

As one of the most versatile and manipulatable pairs on the market today, these stylish shoes can be adjusted to your preferred length and come in assorted colors and sizes.

Alternate e-Girl Cowboy Boots

No one could possibly list all the forces of fashion, but trends always rule the game. With the “standard” e-girl boots out of the way, it’s time for a new set of pairs to own the show. These boots are ageless and aren’t leaving the e-girl stage anytime soon.

The Dr. Martens Shriver Hi Fashion Boot is pure gold to the hipster-themed dresser. This luxurious boot features the famous air-cushioned sole made to withstand long treks and everyday use while keeping your feet comfortable and protected.

Calf Height E-Girl Cowboy Boot

If you’re an e-girl looking for a pair of black, calf-length cowboy boots, look no further than the Pointy Toe Cowboy Boot by Soda.

This boot is made from synthetic materials, comes in various colors, and has a heel height of 2 inches. 9.5 inches long and 13 inches round, the boot’s shaft is the redefinition of comfort.


The fashion industry has done a great job adapting to new technology, and the internet has played a significant role in the industry’s adaptability.

As such, it is safe to presume that the e-girl fashion subculture will continue to flourish as long as designers and artists think outside the box regarding their creations. With e-girls constantly sparking interest and building bonds within societies, all it takes is one idea from a creative mind — like the wearing of cowboy boots — to set fashion trends for everyone following after.

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