Does UGG Make Half Sizes?

Shoes come in many different shapes and lengths, the measurements of which can often vary by brand. Many footwear brands choose to expand their selection to include half sizes, ensuring that everyone can find a fit that’s right for them. However, not all UGGs come in half-sizes. 

UGG makes half sizes, but only for some of their shoe styles. Traditional sheepskin UGG boots and slippers do not come in half sizes. However, UGG’s selection includes different types of shoes (such as sandals and trainers), some of which offer more diverse sizing options.

In the rest of this article, I will look at why UGG sheepskin boots and slippers don’t come in half sizes, how the material affects the fit, how to find the right size, and what to do if your UGGs are too big or too small.

How Does UGGs Material Affect the Size Range?

UGGs material affects the size range because the soft sheepskin stretches and conforms to your foot, and the fleece interior adds cushioning to give you extra room inside. So, UGGs that feel too small at first will break in and stretch as you wear them. 

UGG is best known for producing high-quality sheepskin footwear, with a soft fur lining on the interior and a supple leather exterior. Sheepskin leather is excellent for footwear for several reasons – it is fantastic for temperature regulation and insulation, hypoallergenic, and very comfortable.

Most importantly, though, sheepskin leather is thinner and softer than other materials such as cow leather. The elastic nature of sheepskin means it tends to stretch over time to fit the shape of each foot. 

Which UGG Shoes Come in Half Sizes?

UGG sheepskin boots and slippers do not come in half sizes, but UGG’s other shoes come in various materials, such as cow leather and suede, that don’t stretch the same way as sheepskin, so these are usually available in half sizes.

For example, UGG’s Women’s Classic Short Boots only come in while sizes as they are expected to fit much better with wear, but these UGG Harrison Zip Boots (both available from are made from waterproof leather and suede and come in whole and half-sizes.

It should be easy to find your size if you’re shopping for UGG’s non-sheepskin footwear, but what if you’re shopping for UGG sheepskin boots or slippers? It’s essential to get the right fit, and I’ve gathered a few tips to help you determine which size to pick.

How To Find the Right Fit for UGG Sheepskin Footwear

Regardless of your shoe size, there are a few essential things to consider before choosing a pair of sheepskin boots or slippers.

UGG Sizing 

UGGs website says that their footwear runs true to size, and while most sources agree, a few people report that their UGGs seem large. However, suggests that they are true to size but seem large because they stretch over time.

UGGs are Supposed To Be Tight

When you first purchase your UGGs, they should fit more snugly than usual so that when they stretch, they don’t feel too big. They shouldn’t be so tight that they hurt, though – not only is this uncomfortable, but you could wear a hole in the front of your shoes.

You Shouldn’t Wear Socks With UGGs

You should wear UGG footwear without socks. According to their blog, sheepskin leather’s natural ability to regulate temperature relies on direct-to-skin contact. 

When trying on UGGs in the store, you should wear socks (for sanitary purposes), but regular socks can make the footwear feel tighter than it is. Instead, try this Foot Sox Original Sanitary Disposable Try on Socks from, which are super-thin nylon socks made for trying on footwear.

Should I Size Up or Down When Purchasing UGGs?

You should size down when purchasing UGGs since the material will stretch as you break them in. In addition, the fleece interior can compress to give you more space inside your UGGs. 

So, if you’re between sizes, you should probably go with the smaller size since they will eventually stretch. However, you should measure your feet and look at UGG’s size guide to get the perfect fit.

UGG recommends taking these steps to measure your foot if you aren’t sure:

  1. Find a piece of paper and draw a straight line using a ruler.
  2. Stand on the sheet with your foot over the line.
  3. Draw a mark at the top of your longest toe and the base of your heel.
  4. Use these marks to measure the length of your foot in centimeters.
  5. Do this with both feet (as they might differ in size).
  6. Compare the result to UGG’s sizing chart.

The result should give you an idea of which shoe size to choose. 

What to do if Your UGGs Are Too Big or Too Small

Sheepskin shoes can begin to feel loose after some time, even if you haven’t worn them very much. If your UGGs feel too big, insoles are a great option to fill in the extra space. I recommend UGG Women’s Sheepskin Insole from, as these provide a fresh layer of sheep fur and are the most comfortable option. There are a few other options available to shrink your boots:

  • Soak old socks in diluted vinegar, leave them inside the UGGs for a few hours, and then let them dry for at least 24 hours. 
  • Use the same method, but with hot water. 
  • Spray the boots with warm water and blow-dry on a low heat setting.
  • Wear thick socks.

However, if you’ve bought UGG boots that are too small and just wearing them isn’t enough, there are a few safe ways you can stretch them.

  • Use a boot stretcher, like this BTideas Boot Stretcher from
  • Wear extra-thick socks to break them in faster.
  • Wear thick socks and blow dry them for 20 to 30-second intervals (be careful as this can dry out the leather).
  • Leather stretching spray can help you stretch out and break in shoes in mere hours. You can try this Instant Comfort Liquid Shoe Stretcher Spray available from It works instantly and won’t stain your suede UGGs. 

You can also try the freezer method, which involves placing a Ziploc bag filled with water inside the shoe and leaving it in the freezer overnight, but some experts advise against using this method with leather. Always be very careful when applying heat to your UGGs.

Final Thoughts

If you’re shopping for UGG footwear that is not made from sheepskin, chances are it will be easy to find half-sizes, and ordering them online should be fine. However, the best way to ensure your UGG sheepskin shoes will fit you correctly is by trying them on before buying them. 

Measuring your feet is also a great way to guarantee you are looking for the correct size. The UGGs sizing chart on their website lets you convert your feet measurements from centimeters into US, UK, and European sizes. 

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