Does Crocs Make Canvas Shoes?

While there are still many different styles of Crocs clogs, including their famous baby blue color, Crocs has expanded its product line to include shoes for men, women, and children in various colors and style options. In addition to their classic line of clogs, Crocs offers boots, flip-flops, and even sneaker

But does Crocs make canvas shoes too?

Crocs makes two styles of canvas shoes for men and women. The Walu Slip-On and the Santa Cruz are both canvas options for men. For women, Crocs offers the Walu Canvas Loafers with canvas uppers in several colors.

Crocs has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a company specializing in the production of clogs.

Fortunately, the brand has stuck with its unorthodox roots, offering customers a wide variety of shoes and sandals that are comfortable, functional, and fashionable. Now, Crocs has become famous for more than just its unique designs, affordable prices, and high-quality products, which keep customers coming back for more.

What Canvas Shoes Does Crocs Provide? 

Crocs currently focuses on three main canvas shoes—the Women’s Walu Canvas Loafer, the Men’s Santa Cruz Loafer, and the Men’s Walu Slip-On. It also offers the Santa Cruz Flip, a canvas flip-flop.

Crocs Women’s Walu Canvas Loafer (image below) is a favorite among women who like to stroll on the boardwalk and grab coffee at their favorite cafes. Made of canvas and suede, this shoe is easy on the feet with its removable microfiber insert.

In contrast, its midsole is crafted with Croslite material. The shoe also has side ports for enhanced breathability and a rubber outsole for extra durability and traction.

Loafers have been one of Crocs’ bestsellers, but Santa Cruz Canvas Flip is a new addition to the brand’s men’s line, with frayed canvas straps and a lightweight feel. Having a durable Croslite foam outsole, these flip-flops are both waterproof and super buoyant.

From sophisticated loafers to fun flip-flops for the whole family, Crocs has quality products for the modern world.

What is a Canvas Shoe? 

Canvas is a coarse fabric used to make high-end shoes, surfboards, sailboats, and even tents.

Crocs canvas shoes are perfect for summertime, with a wardrobe-friendly design and many different colors to compliment all outfits. The shoes are constructed with a canvas upper and Croslite outsole, thus offering a sense of comfort and the luxurious look of expensive sneakers, but without the high price tags.

Why You Should Wear Canvas Shoes 

Canvas shoes have become increasingly popular in recent years.

People of all ages choose canvas shoes because they are stylish, easy to use, and comfortable. Here are some other reasons why people enjoy wearing them:

Perfect for Hot Weather – Breathable and Comfortable 

Summer is the season for walking and hiking. To enjoy these activities, you want to be in a pair of shoes that not only protect you from the uneven ground but provide enough airflow as well. Traditional leather shoes, however, are often better suited to colder months.

As you probably already know, you feel much more comfortable when your feet can move freely in your shoes. You shouldn’t have to trade off between protection and comfort just because it’s summer!

I suggest you wear canvas sneakers this summer instead of leather cowboy boots or dress shoes. The canvas will allow your feet to breathe as you walk around or go on your next hike, saving you discomfort compared to other types of shoe materials!


We all want to enjoy our shoes for a longer duration, but not everyone has the money to buy overpriced leather or suede shoes. This is why we are stuck between choosing a shoe that is both durable and affordable. There’s the rub.

Unlike their leather counterparts, canvas shoes are made from linen, cotton, or hemp. And although they’re affordable, they’re equally durable and can last for a few months. However, to increase their longevity and functionality, you must keep them clean and in top shape.

Easy to Clean 

Most people are under the impression that canvas shoes are hard to clean, but the truth is: that they’re easy to maintain. Just use soap and water with a brush to get rid of dirt and dust. But always be gentle when cleaning these shoes.

Where Can You Wear Crocs Canvas Shoes? 

Canvas shoes are versatile enough to be worn in many different locations and environments, including:

The Gym

If you are going to the gym, it is vital to wear comfortable shoes that allow your feet to breathe. There are many types of shoes available, but canvas shoes can make a big difference in how much you enjoy exercising.

Please feel free to contact Crocs for assistance with choosing canvas shoes. Their responsive customer service representatives will help you find the right shoe for your needs.

On a Holiday

Other than wearing canvas shoes at the gym, you can also use them on long vacations. They are breathable, high-quality, and sturdy. But take care of them to ensure their longevity.

Are Canvas Shoes Perfect for Winter? 

Sadly, canvas shoes are not built to withstand the cold of winter. The canvas is not waterproof and cannot effectively insulate your feet from frigid temperatures.

Instead of wearing canvas shoes in winter, choose better alternatives from Crocs or other reputable footwear brands.

Also, canvas shoes aren’t waterproof and can easily be damaged by salt stains. Wear waterproof shoes in winter and save your canvas shoes for warmer seasons.

Can You Run in Canvas Shoes? 

Wearing canvas shoes while running can cause sprains because they do not provide enough stability for your feet.

If you go out for a walk or run, don’t wear canvas shoes. Instead, choose athletic shoes that provide shock absorption, foot support as well as room to move your feet from side to side.

It is tempting to buy the cheapest shoes you can find, but if you want your feet to feel good for longer, try to buy better quality footwear.

Simple Steps for Cleaning Canvas Shoes 

The hassle-free way to clean canvas shoes is in a washing machine with a small amount of detergent. If you don’t have time for that, try using an old toothbrush and some dish soap to scrub away the dirt.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the best results:

• Fill a bucket with enough warm water.

• Add your detergent to the water, then stir until the powder has completely dissolved.

• Dip a soft brush into the soapy water and give it a slight wring.

Gently brush the upper part of the canvas shoes.

• Rinse the shoes free of dirt and soapy residue with warm water.

• Roll some pieces of paper into two balls and push them inside the front section of the canvas shoes, to maintain the shoes’ shapes.

Place the shoes in the sun or a well-ventilated environment to dry.

How to Style Crocs Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are versatile and can be paired easily with men’s and women’s outfits.

Men should pair these shoes with jeans, chinos, or shorts for a classic look with a hint of subtle luxury. Meanwhile, canvas shoes for women are as versatile as the women themselves. Wear them with that favorite pencil skirt and a cute top, or show off the shoes in a maxi dress, whichever you prefer.

The only rules for styling your canvas shoes are the ones you make yourself, so feel free to experiment. Don’t be afraid to try something new, but don’t feel pressured to go against your instincts.

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