Does Converse Run Big or Small?

Everyone knows Converse shoes. Many prefer buying since it has already established a good name for producing good quality sneakers, skating shoes, and lifestyle brand footwear. Though it was founded in 1908, its products are still in demand and still preferred by many. Some people wear Converse for years, and that might include you, or it might be your first time purchasing, and you are a skeptic or worried if the shoe runs small or big.

Generally speaking, some Converse fits bigger than your normal shoe, and some fit smaller than your shoes. It’s not always obvious, but it depends on the Converse design. For Chuck Taylor All-star, it may run half-size large, and for All-Star Pro BB / BB Evo, it is a half-size small.

When purchasing a Converse shoe, it is best to size it down a half size. When purchasing, it is best to check the Converse sizing guide as it is the best preference in finding the shoes that are sure to fit. To find the correct size for you, I searched for some information about the shoe sizing of Converse; check them down below. 

Is Converse True to Size?

The converse is true to its size; but, there are many confusions about Converse shoe sizing; some may say it’s true to size, and some say it runs small or big. To be safe, know your exact foot length first. There are different Converse sneaker styles. Some shoes may run a half size large or Run a half size small.

Converse shoe sizing is unique and is sneaker-specific. Though the Converse Standard Sneakers may be true to size, it is best to check the size chart guide associated with the product to ensure a comfortable fit. 

It may sound unclear to you, but the different sneaker styles of converse are unique, as others may run small or big. But for your note to be confused, the Converse Size Guide will surely give you the correct information and references about the size that fits you. 

Find Your Shoe Size

Before you purchase your new Converse shoes, you need to know your exact foot length or size. When trying to measure the size of your feet, make sure to slip in the socks that you will be using for the sneakers. 

It is best to measure your feet in the afternoon since feet typically swell throughout the day. If you don’t know how to measure your feet size, I have some steps to share to find your size.

Step 1

The first step to finding your size is to find a hard surface. Then, tape a piece of blank paper on the floor flush against the wall. After that, Stand up straight; place your foot on the top of the form to make sure that your heel is flush against the wall.

Step 2

Find someone who can mark the longest part of your foot, from the heel to toe. Mark the length on the paper using a pen or a pencil. If no one is available to mark the length, you do it yourself. Then, do the same thing on your other foot since your right and left feet may sometimes have a different size. 

Step 3

After measuring and marking your toe to heel length, you need to measure the length using a ruler. 

How should Converse Fit?  

Your Converse shoes should fit comfortably on your feet. Though it may have a snug feeling with a little bit of tightness when worn at first, it will fit a little looser after more than four weeks of wearing. Note that the fit must be comfortable enough that it won’t pinch your toes to the point of pain. 

When you can see that the side gaps between your foot and the side of the shoe pump have a clear gap, then your Converse does not fit you well; instead, it’s too big. In wearing your Converse shoe, if you feel a small gap in front of your toes, it means that it fits well.

Do Converse Make Wide Shoes?

You can customize your Converse shoes as they come with a standard fit and wide fit. By customizing your Converse shoe, not only can you change its fit into a wide fit, but you can also change the designs, logos, and colors of your choice.  

Though Converse is primarily designed to have a snug and narrow fit, they now have wide-width sizes. Now, wide-sized Converse includes a more volume and broader platform that measures approximately 15mm to the ball and the instep and 6 mm to the bottom width.

If you don’t know how to determine whether you have wide feet or not, better measure your feet to avoid buying a tight one. You need to measure the mark of the broad parts of your foot, and you need to measure it using the inch-to size table. If the length of your feet in men’s size is 14 inches and the width of your foot measures 5 5/8 inches, you will need a wide one.

Should Converse be Tight?

Converse shoes may be a little tight when worn for the first time since they are created to have a snug and narrow feet; eventually, after more than four weeks of use, it will fit a little looser. Converse shoes must have a comfortable fit when worn and must not be too tight to avoid foot pain and swelling.

If you find your Converse too tight, it will just get a little loose when worn multiple times. If it is still tight, note that Converse uses a fabric that may be a little stiff. You can speed up the process of stretching it by washing it with mild soap and water to soften it a bit. Also, heat can stretch your Converse shoes; you will just be needing a hairdryer to warm the fabric.

Are Converse Chuck Taylors True to Size?

Converse Chuck Taylor is true to size. However, you should note that Converse shoe sizes are unique and sneaker specific, so when choosing sizes for Converse Chuck Taylor, consider that it runs a half size large. That means that when you have 6 US-sized feet, you should consider going down and choosing 5.5 sizes. 

Are Converse All-Stars True to Size?

All Converse shoes are true to size; due to their sneaker-specific and unique shoe sizing, you may find it a little bit confusing when purchasing shoes. However, it would help if you weren’t, as they have the sizing guide to help you. You need to know your US shoe size.

Since Converse, All-Stars run a half size large, you need to choose a half size smaller than your size. If you are a 9 US size, you should choose an 8.5 US size.

Are Converse High Tops True to Size?

Converse High Top runs a half-size large, but it does not mean that Converse shoes are not true to their size; it still is. However, Converse shoes have a sneaker-specific and unique sizing, making you choose to size up or down depending on the design. But Converse High Tops runs a half-size large. 

In choosing Converse High Top shoes, it is best to choose a half size smaller than your US size. If you have an 8 US size, you should select a 7.5 US size. 

Are Converse Platforms True to Size?

Due to Converse’s sneaker-specific and unique sizing, some shoes may run a half size large like Converse Platforms. However, you should note that all Converse are true to size. It is just some designs and styles that may require you to go a size up or down. 

Nonetheless, it is best to know your US shoe size. If you have 7 US shoes, you should choose 6.5 US size since the shoes run a half size large. 

Are Converse Trainers True to Size?

The shoe size chart of Converse provides a true-to-size measurement for each shoe. However, it is recommended to go down half of your original US size for Converse trainers or sneakers since the shoe runs a half size bigger. So if you are looking for a 6 US size, you better choose a 5.5 US size. 

Are Converse Shorelines True to Size?

In choosing a Converse shoe that fits you, you can find their true-to-size chart reliable. However, since Converse shoes may come in different styles and designs and have sneaker-specific and unique sizing, you need to know your US size first. 

Converse Shoreline shoes run a half size bigger, so you need to reduce your original US size by half. If your shoe size is 10 US, then you should pick 9.5 US size. 

Are Converse One Stars True to Size?

All Converse shoes are true to size, but Converse One star needs no going up and down in comparison to other Converse designs. In choosing your Converse On Star, make sure that you exactly know your correct US size. If your shoe size is 9 US size, then pick Converse US size. There is no need for adjustments.

Converse Size Guide

Click here to check out the Converse Size Guide on the Converse website!

Converse Women Size Chart

In finding your Converse women’s size, you need first to know your US shoe size. Then, you can compare your US size to your desired Converse sneaker style.

Find Your Shoe SizeChuck Taylor All Star / Chuck 70All Star Pro BB / BB EvoAll Other Styles*inches / cm
US SizeRuns a half size largeRuns a half size smallFit may vary. See product page.Foot Length (in)
4.5454.58 1/3″
54.55.558 1/2″
5.5565.58 5/8″
65.56.568 5/6″
76.57.579 1/7″
7.5787.59 2/7″
87.58.589 1/2″
8.5898.59 2/3″
98.59.599 4/5″
109.510.51010 1/6″
10.5101110.510 1/3″
1110.511.51110 1/2″
11.5111211.510 5/8″
1211.512.51210 4/5″
1312.513.51311 1/7″
13.513141311 2/7″
1413.514.51411 2/3″

Converse Men’s Shoe Size Chart

In finding the correct men’s Converse size, you need first to know your exact US shoe size. After then you can compare your US shoe size to your desired Converse Shoe Sneaker style using the chart. 

Find Your Shoe SizeChuck Taylor All Star / Chuck 70All Star Pro BB / BB EvoAll Other Styles*
inches / cm
US SizeRuns a half size largeRuns a half size smallFit may vary. See product page.Foot Length (in)
3.5343.58 1/2″
43.54.548 5/8″
4.5454.58 5/6″
5.5565.59 1/7″
65.56.569 2/7″
6.5676.59 1/2″
76.57.579 2/3″
7.5787.59 4/5″
8.5898.510 1/6″
98.59.5910 1/3″
9.59109.510 1/2″
109.510.51010 5/8″
10.5101110.510 4/5″
11.5111211.511 1/7″
1211.512.51211 2/7″
12.5121312.511 2/3″
13.513141312 2/7″
1413.514.51412 3/5″

Converse Kids’ Shoe Size Chart

To find the best shoe size for your kids, you need first to find the child’s usual US size and compare it to your chosen Converse sneaker style.

Find Your Shoe SizeChuck Taylor All StarAll Other Styles*
inches / cm
US SizeRuns a half size largeFit may vary. See product page.Foot Length (in)
10C10C10C6 2/3″
10.5C10C10.5C6 4/5″
11.5C11C11.5C7 1/6″
12C11.5C12C7 1/3″
12.5C12C12.5C7 1/2″
13C12.5C13C7 2/3″
13.5C13C13.5C7 4/5″
1.5Y1Y1.5Y8 1/7″
2Y1.5Y2Y8 1/3″
2.5Y2Y2.5Y8 1/2″
3Y2.5Y3Y8 2/3″
3.5Y3Y3.5Y8 5/6″
4.5Y4Y4.5Y9 1/7″
5Y4.5Y5Y9 1/6″
5.5Y5Y5.5Y9 1/2″
6Y5.5Y6Y9 2/3″


Converse Infant & Toddler Shoe Size Chart

When looking for the correct Converse size for your infant or toddler, make sure to know their US size first. Then, you can compare their US size to Converse socks sizing guide based on your desired Converse design. 

Find Your Shoe SizeChuck Taylor All StarAll Other Styles*
inches / cm
US SizeRuns a half size largeFit may vary. See product page.Foot Length (in)
1Cn/a1C3 2/3″
2.5C2C2C4 1/7″
3C3C3C4 1/3″
3.5C3C3C4 1/2″
4C4C4C4 2/3″
4.5C4C4C4 4/5″
5.5C5C5C5 1/6″
6C6C6C5 1/3″
6.5C6C6C5 1/2″
7C7C7C5 2/3″
7.5C7C7C5 5/6″
8.5C8C8C6 1/7″
9C9C9C6 2/7″
9.5C9C9C6 1/2″
10C10C10C6 2/3″
10.5C10C10C6 4/5″

Do Converse Run Big or Small… Takeaways

Converse shoes are true to size. The shoe size guide that they provide in their store gives a correct measurement. However, Converse shoes have unique and sneaker-specific sizing, which depends on the style and designs of the shoes. 

Some may require you to go up or go down yours; others don’t need to. Just make sure that you know the US size of your feet since the chart gives you the reference of what shoe size to choose.

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