Do Vans Run Big or Small?

When purchasing any sort of apparel online it’s always important to know what the sizes typically run as in your country. By American standards, a number of companies may seem to run big or small depending on where they have been manufactured in.

Vans products/shoes are often produced and manufactured in factories throughout Asia, with only a handful being in America and other countries. With that being said, you might note that the shoes you have in mind were produced in China or Vietnam, and wonder if they will be true to size by American standards.

Most styles of Vans run true to size except Vans Slip-Ons and Vans Comfycush which both tend to run small. You can check the size chart found here to verify your sizing.

The following will be an overview of what you can expect from Vans products in general in consideration of their sizing, as well as the more popular versions’ and editions’ sizes.

Are Vans true to size? Do Vans run big or small?

Vans styles typically run true to size except for Vans Slip-On and Comfycush which run small. When purchasing online, you are presented with a size range that reflects the location you are purchasing from, so that you receive the correct size pair of shoes by your country’s standards.

Both the Comfycush and Slip-On run slightly smaller therefore it’s important for you to choose half size bigger when purchasing these styles of Vans.

How should Vans fit?

Vans should fit quite snugly on the feet. They may take one or two wears to be the appropriate size but rest assured, Vans will come in the size you’ve selected rather than a size up or down.

This is because when you purchase Vans, from your indicated country, you are selecting sizes based on what you are expecting, not what you’ve indicated in comparison to sizes that are anticipated in foreign countries.

Unlike those companies where you have to size up or down based on the region the products have been manufactured in, Vans will provide you with a selection that is true to size.

Do Vans make wide shoes?

Vans do make wide shoes, which can be purchased online and in some stores. It is best to purchase them online to find the size you’re looking for with ease. You must look specifically within the shoe selection that does in fact have wide shoe options, as there are some products that do not have variations of width.

Here is a list of the shoe styles Vans has available on their site, as well as which offer custom wides:

Vans StyleStandardWide
Old SkoolYesNo
Surf BootYesNo
Ultra RangeYesNo

Out of all of Vans’ shoe styles, they only offer Slip-Ons and Authentic in wider ranges. The two styles are quite popular so it’s no surprise. Popular designs such as the basic checks, checkerboard pattern, and bold lace-up authentic are thus available in wide ranges. In total, there are 62 items/products to look through in the wide range on the Vans website. Here are links to the two styles that are available.

Wide Vans Shoe StyleProduct and List On The Website
Vans Wide Slip-on Shoe Line:Click here for Custom Slip-On Wide Styles Available
Vans Wide Authentic Line:Click here for Custom Authentic Lace Up Wide Styles Available

Should Vans be tight?

Vans should be tight on the first few wears but that’s it. You want to stretch the shoe out a bit. So wear the shoes for a little bit before going out if you find they’re tight at first so that by the time you’re going to wear them out you’ll be perfectly comfortable.

Are Vans Authentic true to size?

Authentic Vans are true to size more often than not. They are one of those few companies that actually ensure that the sizes you’re selecting in your country are true to the size you’ve indicated. They’ve established throughout all of their factories and distributing facilities that the size range of which you select will reflect the size you are assuming you will receive.

What do you mean by this you might ask? If you select a size 8 from the women’s section, you can expect to receive a size 8 American woman’s pair of shoes. There are a number of companies that will allow you to purchase an 8, whilst under the impression that you selected an American size 8, only to receive what would be considered a Chinese size 8 and so forth.

Different countries have different size standards, and so, this is often a factor online shoppers take into account whilst online shopping. Vans is not one of those companies that will partake in this.

They provide you with a size selection that reflects your expectations in consideration of where it is you are purchasing your shoes from. This is just another one of those things that makes Vans as a company especially considerate of their consumers. Saving time and money all at once!

Are Vans Classic Slip-Ons true to size?

You can expect a genuine pair of classic Slip-on Vans to be somewhat tight and not true to size. Choose half size larger than you normally wear for Classic Slip-On Vans. Considering they do not have laces; they do come a bit tighter / smaller than expected.

This is so that over time they will fit snuggly whilst also not having any room to fall off of the wearer’s feet. In a short amount of time, you’ll find that they fit properly, you just have to wear them out a bit. If you are still uncertain, the most you should size down is by ½.

Are Vans Checkered true to size?

Slip-On Checkered Vans Shoes do not run true to size however the lace-up Checkered Vans do run true to size. The slip-on shoes will come in tighter than the lace-up ones but will loosen up with a couple of walks around your house.

You can expect the shoes to fit around the shape of your feet appropriately in no time.

Are Vans Comfycush true to size?

In previous years, Vans Comfycush was found to run a bit smaller. Today, Vans Comfycush shoes are often true to size. There is not much support within the sole, but they are more comfortable than the regular Vans shoes.

They are especially recommended for children and those with smaller foot sizes as a result of their comfortable rapport.

Are Vans high tops true to size?

You’ll find that high tops are true to size when produced by Vans. Nicely fitted and snug, with everything you’d expect in a quality pair of high tops. They last well and are durable.

Are Vans Sk8-Hi true to size?

Vans Sk8-Hi shoes are typically true to size. Their design is quite fitted. You can purchase your exact foot size with no problem.

The same goes for if you want to have a slimmer or looser fit, as you would only need to size up slightly to achieve either look. The same goes as usual with wearability as you only need a few wears before they’ve broken in nicely.

Are Vans old skool true to size?

Old Skool Vans are true to size. Olk Skool Vans only need a few wears to be worn in and then they will be perfectly comfortable. They are known to be a very comfortable edition of Vans shoes and will eventually match the shape of your foot in no time.

This allows for a level of comfort that many other shoe brands and editions of Vans might not have.

Are Vans Platforms true to size?

Vans Platform shoes are true to size, as are a majority of their footwear and general products. Stylish and sturdy, adding a little extra height by an inch or inch and a half.

The Vans Platforms still have their rubber waffle outsoles, with well-structured caps and padded collars for optimal support.

Are Vans sneakers true to size?

Vans Sneakers (lace-up) are true to size. Upon purchase, you can expect to receive a pair of Vans that fit your foot correctly. They are easy to walk in, lace up and go. Perfect for all-day wear! Most notably, their sneakers are some of their most popular shoes among the checkered and classics.

Vans Sizing Consensus

Vans produces a multitude of products mainly being shoes. These shoes are often true to size and well fitted; constructed with the intention of providing the wearer with comfort and flexibility.

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