Do Crocs Stretch? An All-inclusive Answer

Lately, you probably saw someone in Crocs, the comfy shoes that look like plastic boats. Maybe you liked the bright colors, how comfortable they looked, or how easy it would be to slip them on. Perhaps you were impressed with their ability to go from the beach to brunch so seamlessly. But if you purchased a pair of your own and they are a little tight, you might wonder: do Crocs stretch?

The idea that Crocs stretch over time is a myth. If you purchase a new pair that is too tight, exchange them for a larger pair as soon as you notice they’re too small for your feet.

But if you’ve worn your Crocs so often that they’re not eligible to be returned, and you’d like to stretch them, hang on.

Crocs are made from a patented material called Croslite, which is believed to be a form of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). When heated, EVA can become more pliable. Since Crocs are produced through a patented procedure, we don’t know exactly what ingredients make up Croslite.

After talking to some other Crocs owners and doing some research, I’ve found that it’s possible to stretch your Crocs if you heat them first.

So, let’s talk about some of these “stretching your Crocs” experiences and how you can accomplish this.

Popular Methods to Stretch out Crocs

If you’re having trouble loosening your Crocs, try these methods. They’re popular and effective:

Placing Them in the Dryer 

The hot-air dryer is used to dry clothes, but it can also be used to expand the widths of Crocs safely. To get started, place the wet shoes in the dryer with a few towels and run them on a high heat setting for three minutes.

Don’t be alarmed when you remove your Crocs from the dryer while they are flexible and hot; this is normal. Wear thick socks or multiple pairs of socks, then put on your Crocs. Walk around wearing your socks and Crocs until the shoes cool back down to room temperature.

Take off the socks and slide your feet into the Crocs once more. If your shoes are still too tight, repeat the steps explained above.

It might take several attempts to achieve the desired stretch but don’t despair.

Putting them Under Hot Running Water 

This method, which involves pouring hot water over your Crocs, is said to help the shoes stretch faster. The process may be uncomfortable, but people suggest wearing several pairs of socks and walking around in the clogs until they have returned to room temperature.

Freezing Water

I have heard that some people claim to have stretched their Crocs by using water’s expansion properties.

The idea behind this method is to fill a balloon with water and place it in your Crocs so that as the water turns to ice, the balloon expands and stretches your Crocs.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I think it sounds like a good plan. I’ll let you know if it works for me, though!

Is It Safe to Stretch Out Your Crocs Using the Dryer? 

One popular method for loosening up Crocs is to put them in the dryer. However, this can be dangerous if the Crocs are not handled carefully. Here are a few tips that should help:

Fill the Machine with Towels

But first clean your Crocs properly so you won’t have to wash the many towels you use for the stretching procedure. If you have any extra fabric lying around, you can stuff it inside the Crocs, too.

Check the Crocs

Many people said you could leave your Crocs inside the dryer for three minutes. Try it by heating them for one minute, then check to see if they’re warm enough. Once your Crocs have returned to room temperature, try for two minutes. If this doesn’t work, then try three minutes the next time.

Don’t leave your Crocs in the dryer for too long, or they’ll become permanently misshaped!

Read the Instructional Manual

If you have time, read the instructional manual. It may contain information about whether or not you should put your shoes in the dryer.

How Long Does it Take for Your Crocs to Stretch? 

It depends on how you choose to use them. If you wear them every day, they may take a few weeks before they fit your feet. If you put them in the dryer, you could see results sooner; they won’t be as tight as when you first wore them. Or you could try running hot water over them to heat the material and stretch it out.

Does the Quality of Crocs Get Affected When They are Stretched Out? 

No matter how much you stretch out your Crocs, they will remain good quality, breathable, and comfortable.

However, when exposed to heat regularly, your colorful shoes may start to fade. If they look dull, you may want to consider dying them.

Remember that it is better to use multiple cans of paint to achieve a customized, stunning effect than just one can of paint.

Are you Afraid of Stretching Crocs? Request for a Replacement! 

If you haven’t gotten around to trying out any methods for loosening your Crocs, you might want to consider buying a new pair and putting your old Crocs to good use.

Shoes don’t last forever, you could clean up your old Crocs and leave them in a basket in your front hall for visitors to wear as slippers. 

You can use them for other things too.  Check out this article for plenty of ideas on extending the lifespan enjoyment of your old Crocs.

If you recently purchased undersized Crocs, try exchanging them for a larger size. Crocs has a generous return policy, so you should have no trouble getting a replacement pair.

Before returning your shoes, check the company’s website to identify your preferred color and size to avoid delays. The company is eager to help its customers and will respond quickly to any of your concerns.

Does Stretching Cause Holes in the Soles of Crocs? 

No. Crocs are made of the finest and highest-quality materials, which can withstand heat and cold. However, sometimes the simplest solution isn’t always the best. If you decide to loosen up your Crocs, be careful not to tear them or damage them in any other way.

But if their soles are super thin, it is possible that loosening them up can lead to holes and other expensive damages. Think before doing anything. 

Disadvantages of Wearing Tight Crocs

Severe Foot Pain

Imagine if you had to walk in shoes too small for your feet all day long. You’d probably experience discomfort and pain.

Ingrown Toenails

The agony, swelling, and infection of ingrown toenails can be difficult to cope with, and it usually results from wearing tight footwear, which constricts our toes.

Soreness in Other Areas of the Body

People who wear tight pairs of Crocs often experience foot ache. They may also feel soreness in their lower back, hips, legs, and other body areas.

Last Words

Yes, you might feel silly trying to stretch Crocs, but if you follow the methods highlighted in this article, you’ll achieve your desired results. And if all else fails? Just buy a size up and call it good.

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