Do Birkenstocks run big or small?

Finding the perfect fit for your feet can be a bit testing, especially if you’ve been newly introduced to Birks and you’re buying your first ever pair in their lineups. But you don’t need to worry that much because Birkenstocks run true to size.

Birkenstocks do not run big or small. They run true to size, although their fit varies from one model to another. Some can fit snug, while others might seem loose depending on the wearer and the style of the footwear. Note that the brand also offers footwear in narrow fit, which runs smaller than their regular ones.

Wondering if the best decision is to size up or down on Birks? I got your feet covered! In this article, you will learn about how certain Birkenstock models fit and what size you should go with. 

You just have to continue scrolling to reach the end of this article. Then, most probably, you can already go straight to the nearest Birken store, select the style you want, and check if your size is still available.

Do Birkenstocks fit true to size?

Most Birkenstock styles run true to size. Given that, it would not be necessary for you to size up or down. Birks may run big for others but they are really just made to give your feet some room while holding it, making them one of the comfiest sandals there is.  

If you are half-sized, you must know that the brand does not offer half-sizes, so it would be better for you to choose the smaller size. For example, if you are a size 7.5, you better try Birkenstocks in size 7. 

Although most Birks are sandals, they can still cause some soreness, numbness, or even blisters due to wrong sizing. Thus, you really need to take your time to identify which size perfectly fits you. 

If your selected size is too tight try to unfasten those adjustable straps. This feature lets you modify the snugness and comfortableness of your Birkens. 

Are Birkenstocks unisex?

Yes, Birkenstock has been producing unisex sandals. However, there are certain Birken styles that only offer women’s sizes and are designed specifically to match women’s fashion only. 

Birkenstocks offer a wide range of unisex lineups. One model would be the ever-classic, two-strapped Arizona. Apart from this, If you are looking for unisex clog slip style Birks, try checking out Boston.

Models which are only available in women’s sizes are typically much narrower and slim. An example would be the Madrid and Mayari Birkens. These Birkenstocks are not available in men’s size but don’t fret because there are other styles, such as the Rameses Birks, which can serve as substitutes. 

How do Birks fit?

Apart from fitting true to size, Birkenstocks are expected to fit comfortably. They are the most convenient pair you can use in traveling or even in running your daily errands.

This is because every Birks pair can ultimately give arch support to your foot due to its molded footbed made out of a high-quality mattress. More so, they also come with a deep heel cup. 

Birkenstocks are mainly designed to evenly distribute your weight by positioning your feet correctly, leaving enough space for your toes and heels. Comfort and convenience are definitely brought by Birks’ trademark footbeds.

Their footbed is made of natural cork and latex molded to the shape of a foot. This design actually forwards a healthy and advantageous walking environment for your feet.

These cork beds easily adapt and yield to the shape of your foot, like a literal footprint. They are made to react to your foot’s warmth because they are also made of pliable materials. The longer you make use of them as your go-to footwear, the more cozy and comfy they become.

Birks come in two different types of footbeds: regular footbeds and soft footbeds. Continue reading the next sections to know their main distinctions.

Regular footbed Birks

Birkenstocks with regular footbeds is already enough to bring its wearer both comfort and convenience. Although, regular footbed birks take a little more time to break in than softbeds.

Birks wearers say that it would take you 1-2 weeks to break into Birks that have regular footbeds. However, once you successfully endure and finish the break-in period, these footbeds will surely yield to the shape of your feet.

Soft footbed Birks

The long break-in process necessary in wearing Birks in standard footbeds was the primordial reason why Birkenstocks released their soft footbed versions. If you are looking for out-of-the-box comfort, an instant cozy fit upon first wear, opt for soft-footbed Birks.

It is a little softer and easier to break in, in comparison to Birkenstocks in regular footbeds. However, don’t expect it to be so cushiony because these footbeds are still made of natural corks.

The softer the footbed is, the higher the chance that your kicks won’t give your feet the support they need. So, these soft-footbed Birks are a better option. You don’t want to compromise your feet’s health with too much softness.

Birkenstock Size Guide

Choosing the perfect size is important to avoid some hassles in wearing Birkenstocks. In selecting the right size, stand on a flat surface and measure the distance between your longest toe and the back of your heel.

Add 10 mm to your foot length so that you may get the right footbed length that can help you find your size. Other than that, you also have to know that Birkenstock models such as Arizona are available in two distinct widths: M and N. 

M is for medium, while N is for narrow. Medium widths are for those who have regular to wide feet sizes. On the other hand, the narrow versions are for those who have slimmer feet width that is 3 mm – 4 mm less than the regular. To know more, check out our article about Birks in narrow and regular sizes.

In this regard, you should also measure the width of your footbed to determine if you have to opt for the narrow or medium Birks versions. Then, refer to the Birkenstock sizing below to know which size matches your footbed length and widths. 

Also, note that Birkenstock products are in European sizes. If your width size falls under N-narrow, it is suggested for you to size up a bit. 

Men and Women’s Sizing Guide

If you are purchasing a pair of Birkenstocks in women’s size, first do the previously mentioned steps, then search for your European size on the table below. This can guide you in selecting the size that will best fit your feet. 

mminchesEU SizeUS Size
2258.86354 – 4.5
2309.06365 – 5.5
2409.45376 – 6.5
2459.65387 – 7.5
2509.84398 – 8.5
26010.24409 – 9.5
26510.434110 – 10.5
27010.634211 – 11.5
28011.024312 – 12.5

On the other hand, if you will be getting Birks in men’s sizes, refer to this table below. Birks in men’s sizes may look bigger but it would be best for you to check the size conversions below to be sure. 

mminchesEU SizeUS Size
2608.86357 – 7.5
2659.06368 – 8.5
2709.45379 – 9.5
2809.653810 – 10.5
2859.843911 – 11.5
29010.244012 – 12.5
29510.434113 – 13.5
30510.634214 – 14.5
31011.024315 – 15.5
31512.404916 – 16.5

It is ideal for you to get your first Birks from a physical store so that you can clearly determine your best size. Once you’re on it, try to unfasten those straps, if there are any, and then stand on those natural cork beds. 

If you think that there is already sufficient room for heels and toes, try to put the straps accordingly. Remember that your longest toe should not be touching the front lip of your chosen Birken’s, same goes for your heel. 

When your heel sits fine and comfy in the heel cup and the straps don’t feel too tight, then congratulations, you’ve got the perfect size! Check out these tips on how to ensure that your Birks will fit perfectly if you need more guidance.

Which Birkenstock models fit narrow and wide feet best?

The best Birkenstock style for those with narrow feet is Gizeh. Those who are narrowly-sized in styles such as Arizona can have the regular ones in the Gizeh lineups. 

Birkenstocks’ wider-fitting styles are Arizona, Milano, Florida and Barbados. If you have a medium to wide fit, you can consider checking out these Birkenstocks models for an easier search. 

As mentioned, Birkenstocks offer narrow and medium width sizes. Therefore, choosing the right size is a lot easier than in any other sandals brands.

Do Birkenstocks Run Big, Final Thoughts…

All in all, Birkenstocks fit just fine. They don’t run small or big and they fit true to size. Their footbed makes wearing them so comfortable and convenient, even during its wearer’s tough times!

If this is your first time buying one, make sure that you have taken note of the abovementioned tips in finding your right size. These are helpful for you to avoid sizing problems such as soreness and numbness of the feet.

A well-fitting Birkenstock won’t give you much of a hassle. Therefore, getting the right size is a must!

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