Darn Tough Sock Gift Ideas

It might be holidays, birthdays, or having any celebration, and gifts are the simple act of giving to make someone feel special. You might be thinking of something that can be the best gift, and one of my recommendations is a pair of socks. It might be ordinary but is suited for the coming holidays, and since the pandemic hits, most tend to stay in the house, chilling on the couch or bed, wearing their cozy and lovely socks. 

Socks might be an affordable gift, but this can be a good gift idea. With the current pandemic, socks as a gift can make a person appreciate that you think of the little details in their lives. Darn Tough has various sock designs, patterns, colors, and sizes that can be a gift to friends, family, workmates, or someone special.

You might not have something in mind, but I can surely recommend some gift ideas for you. Socks can be given on any occasion, and I have listed them for you. Remember that socks not only warm the feet but also warm the heart of someone you have given; feel free to check more details below. 

Pick the Perfect Presents

In buying Darn Tough Socks for someone, you need to give a little effort if socks are best suited for them. Darn Tough has a Sock Finder feature that will route you to some questions that will lead you to find the best socks.  

The query includes the type of socks you are shopping for, whether for kids, men, or women. Then it will route you with a question asking what materials you prefer. If you choose merino wool, then you prefer silky soft, and naturally odor-resistant. If you choose synthetic, it is best for you if you have allergies and a vegan lifestyle. Also, there are questions about your preferred sock height. After that, you can now see the top sock recommendations. 

Socks Gifts for Women

You might be thinking about the best sock gift for your mom, someone who acts like your mom, a mentor, or any woman near your heart, and Darn Tough will surely provide what you are looking for.

Boot Sock

Women’s Her Spur Boot Lightweight Hiking Sock is one of the best and comfortable socks you can offer to your mom or any remarkable woman in your life.

DARN TOUGH (Style 1969) Women's Her Spur Hike/Trek Sock - Taupe, Medium

These pairs of socks are best to wick away the moisture in your skin, keeping it dry, durable, and odor resistant. It has the best performance that keeps toy feet from slipping, bunching, and blisters.

Crew Socks

If you prefer giving crew socks, then Women’s Twisted Garden Crew Lightweight Lifestyle Sock is one you can consider. It has a floral and garden-themed design that is best for women who like gardening.

It is made for casual days like sipping a cup of tea in your house. These socks will surely add comfort to your feet once you slide them in. 

Mid Weight Socks

If your mom is a fan of Emma Gatewood, then the Women’s Gatewood Boot Midweight Hiking Sock is one of the best to choose as a gift. These socks are versatile and fully cushioned that can be best used in technical performance.

It is mainly made from merino wool which is now the best insulator, moisture-wicking, breathable, and odor resistant. 

Micro Crew

If you want to give a gift to a bear lover, then the Women’s Bear Town Micro Crew Lightweight Hiking Sock is on the list. These socks offer the best fit, comfort, and durability.

If you want to go outdoors, this is the only bear you might want to encounter, the bear socks. It is lightly cushioned that will provide additional comfort and protection when you go on a trail.

Socks Gifts for Men

Men typically like adventures and trail activities, and someone close to you or someone that you love will surely like Darn Tough socks as a gift. Darn Tough socks are created with the best performance to last long in long hiking and harsh environments. I have searched for some Darn Tough socks that can be the best gift idea for men. Check more details below.

Boot Socks

If your friend likes hiking on rigorous trails, then Men’s Hiker Boot Midweight Hiking Sock is one I can recommend. These socks will suit best for someone who enjoys mountaineering and trail hiking.

These socks are best for wicking away the moisture of your feet when it sweats; it keeps your feet dry, breathable, and odor-free. Grab some pairs of these socks and hand them to a friend as a present and he will surely appreciate it much.

Micro Crew Socks

Mountaineering and trail hikes require tough socks, and Men’s Mountaineering Micro Crew Heavyweight Hiking Sock is the best you can offer to someone.

DARN TOUGH (Style 1955) Men's Mountaineering Hike/Trek Sock - Smoke, Medium

These socks can also be given to someone working in a harsh environment that needs foot protection. It has an all-weather performance and is knitted in the full cushion to provide comfort and safety while working or hiking rigor trails. 

Crew Socks

Men’s Frequency Crew Lightweight Lifestyle Sock is the best sock gift for someone with a casual style.

These socks can be worn on a cozy night or for just normal daily activities. It offers the best comfort for daily random activities since the socks are made with merino wool that naturally wicks away the moisture in your skin and keeps it dry and odor-free. 

No Show Socks

Consider buying Men’s Run No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight Running Sock as gift ideas due to its ground-up redesign that will surely be appreciated by someone you like to give.

These socks are built to keep your feet from slipping, bunching, and blisters. It has an all-weather performance feature that can be best used in cold and warm weather. 


Socks are affordable gifts that you can offer, but that doesn’t mean that it is less appreciated. It is one of the essential pieces of clothing for everyone, and giving this to someone makes them feel that you think of the small details in them. Darn Tough has a variety of sock that comes in many colors, designs, patterns, and sizes that can be best given.

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