How Do Dr. Martens Fit?

How do Dr. Martent fit?

You know the drill. It’s cold, dreary, and rainy outside. You’ve got a pair of favorite shoes that you wish you could wear, but they pinch your toes or are just simply uncomfortable to walk in. You’ve probably been tempted to throw them away rather than deal with these problems again. And then it hits

Where Are Doc Martens Made?

When Doc Martens shoes and boots were first manufactured in England in the 1950s, they were made by hand and were only available to high-end customers. In 1989, a New Zealand company called Accent Group Ltd. was granted the license to produce Doc Martens for sale in New Zealand. The Dr. Martens company almost went

Are Dr. Martens Comfortable?

Are Dr. Martens Comfortable

I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee and my brand new pair of Doc Martens boots—bought just yesterday, during the first snowfall of the season—and older Docs that have seen better days. I’m sure you’ve heard the hype about this brand: its products are durable and make your feet look fantastic (in my humble

Why Are Doc Martens So Expensive?

Why Are Doc Martens So Expensive

If you’re thinking of buying a pair of Dr. Martens and have been wondering what all the hype is about, read on. This article will tell you all you need to know about why are Doc Martens so expensive and whether or not they’re worth it. Doc Martens boots are expensive because they are durable,

Can Doc Martens Be Worn In All Seasons?

Can Doc Martens be Worn In All Seasons?

From its smooth leather to its platform boots, Dr. Martens can be styled every day in every season. Although there are better choices to wear on summer days, Doc Martens are versatile and comfy when worn in any season.  Buying Docs is really a good investment as there are styles that are great for rainy

Are Doc Martens slip-proof?

Are Doc Martens slip-proof?

Undeniably, Dr. Martens has earned its spot in the shoe industry for producing high-quality working boots. It did not become a popular and reliable brand just because of its classic and stylish footwear. Docs have something more to offer.  Most Docs are built with slip-resistant soles. In particular, the brand takes pride in using a

Are Doc Martens Good For Travel?

Are Doc Martens Good For Travel?

We are always on our feet when traveling, so we should invest in footwear that is not only stylish for our OOTDs but also comfortable. One of the many brands that travelers look into is Dr. Martens. But is it really worth purchasing? Can Doc Martens withstand the demands of travel? Doc Martens are good

Can Cracked Dr. Martens Be Repaired?

Can Cracked Dr. Martens Be Repaired?

Given the expensive price of Doc Martens, it is quite disheartening to see a pair lose its luster. Sure, you can still do something with scuff marks and creases, but what about cracks? Can cracked Doc Martens still be restored or should you already store them in your closet for good? The cracks in Doc

How Do I Make My Dr. Martens Less Squeaky?

Dr. Martens, without a doubt, offers fantastic everyday footwear. However, no matter how well designed and durable your Docs is, there is still something annoying about it— its squeaking sound! How, then, do you make Docs less squeaky? To lessen or stop Docs from squeaking, you should first identify what is causing it. Once you

Which Doc Martens are good for wide feet?

Which Doc Martens Are Good For Wide Feet?

People with wide feet know how much of a struggle it is to find footwear that fits perfectly. Most of the trending boots and shoes these days only cater to those who have slim feet. It is kind of disappointing, given the limited options. But is this also true for the Dr. Martens brand? Do