Why do nurses wear Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks are not just meant to match a fashionista’s OOTD. They are also greatly compatible with nurses’ scrub suits and uniforms. Actually, many nurses are avid fans! Nurses need reliable shoes to finish their demanding shifts without aching feet. This is why nurses prefer Birkenstocks. In particular, Birks clogs are best worn in healthcare workplaces

Can you wear Birkenstocks to the beach?

Looking for a pair of sandals to wear for your upcoming beach trip? The ever-famous Birkenstock has several to offer. In this article, I have prepared a list of recommendations for you!  You can wear a pair of Birkenstock to the beach, but you have to be wary of the dos and don’ts. Note that

What’s the original Birkenstock color? 

Learning about the original Birkenstock color/s is one key to identifying whether a Birks is fake or not. So many imitations produce a wide variety of colors that deviates far from the character of Birkenstock footwear. There are several colors that Birkenstock originally offers including black, white, brown, metallic, red, and blue. These colors are

How to wear Birkenstocks

For many, size is not the only consideration when choosing a pair of Birkenstocks. They also consider how and where they’ll wear Birks. If you’re having trouble styling your Birks because you haven’t considered your wardrobe before purchasing, this blog got you covered! There are many ways you can wear Birkenstocks. For starters, you can

Are Birkenstocks high-quality?

If you are looking for high-quality footwear, Birkenstock should be included in your top choices. It’s a favorite of many celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Heidi Klum, Kristen Bell, and Emma Roberts for a good reason. Being an institution in the footwear industry, Birkenstock only produces high-quality shoes, sandals, and clogs. Each pair is

Are Birks still in style?

Birkenstock has already been in the shoe industry since 1774. So, many have been wondering whether or not Birks remain stylish even up to this moment. Here is what you need to know. The Birkenstock brand remains in style, although there were eras when it was curved out of mainstream fashion. The company will soon

Can You Replace The Footbed On Birkenstocks?

Footbeds, together with soles, are considered to be the foundation of footwear. They are always in contact with the surface of your feet, so they should bring you ultimate comfort. But what if they get damaged? What should you do? You can replace or have a professional replace the footbeds of your Birkenstocks if they

How can you tell if Birkenstocks are fake?

Birkenstock is committed to giving its customers the best footwear. It uses only premium quality materials that are crafted delicately for your comfort. But let’s face it. Imitations of Birkenstocks are almost everywhere. Of course, as a consumer, you would want to be extra careful about purchasing only the original ones. To tell if your

Oiled vs. Non-oiled Birkenstocks

Can’t choose between an oiled or non-oiled Birkenstocks? I got you covered! Oiled and non-oiled leathers are two of the brand’s best materials; that’s why the confusion is clearly understandable.  In terms of appearance, oiled Birkenstocks look shinier than genuine leather. It is also more moisture-resistant due to the material being oiled and waxed. However,

Suede vs. Leather Birkenstock: What’s the Difference?

Birkenstock is known to have been using several types of leather in producing its timelessly stylish and comfortable footwear collections. Two of the most sought-after leather types are suede and genuine leather. Slight differences between suede and leather Birks are apparent in their creation, appearance, and texture. The former is buffed and has a velvet