Do Birkenstocks tone your legs?

If you think your feet are the only body part that benefits from wearing Birks, you are wrong. Birks also tone your legs over time. Developing toned legs is possible by wearing Birkenstocks regularly. They provide support for the legs, warm them up well, and align the leg bones to properly carry your weight. Also,

Does Birks have a lifetime warranty?

If there is one thing that should convince you to purchase a pair of Birks, it is that the brand is committed to providing you with high-quality footwear. But what if a problem arises needing repair or replacement? Does Birkenstock offer some sort of warranty? Unfortunately, Birkenstock does not have a lifetime warranty for its

How can I make my Birkenstocks fit better?

A proper fit is an integral factor in deciding which Birks you should purchase. As much as you consider style and design, nothing can beat properly fitted Birks that you can wear anytime and anywhere. The good news is that you can make them fit better! You can make your Birks fit better by making

Are Birkenstocks Good For Sciatica?

Do you frequently experience a series of painful electric shocks that travel throughout your lower extremities? This might be sciatica! Although this is alarming, keep in mind that you can do something to ease the painful feeling, like choosing the appropriate footwear.  Because sciatica is a serious nerve problem, you need soothing footwear to help

Can Birkenstocks damage your feet?

Aside from the trendy styles and designs that Birkenstock creates, you might be wondering, if the brand also considers the overall health of your feet. Does wearing Birkenstocks actually cause damage or does it soothe certain foot issues? Birkenstocks generally do not damage your feet. In fact, wearing them has a lot of benefits like

Do Birkenstocks get smelly? 

Nobody wants a smelly pair of Birks. It makes us uncomfortable, especially when other people smell the stink! But can this be prevented? Why do Birks get smelly? Birkenstocks tend to get smelly over time if you use them often. Some of the causes are the sweat from your feet, high temperatures, skin problems, and

How do you make new holes in Birkenstocks?

Are you wondering whether or not new holes can be added to a pair of Birkenstock? And if in the affirmative, what is the best way to create new holes in its leather straps? I got you covered! If your Birkenstocks fit loosely, it may be because you got the wrong size or because you

Why are my Birkenstocks cracking?

Check out your Birks right now. Do you see any cracks on the cork, sole, uppers, or straps? They may vary in size ranging from small to big. But before you contact customer service and complain about defects, you should know that Birks, just like other footwear, aren’t exempt from cracking. Your Birkenstocks may crack

Why do hippies wear Birkenstocks?

It looks like the hippie movement is getting popular once again! Hippies are known for breaking norms and for being unconventional. But did you know what their go-to brand is in terms of footwear?  The retro, vintage, and aesthetic look of Birkenstocks suit hippies’ fashion taste and character. Birks became their signature footwear during the