Birkenstock vs. Papillio: What’s the Difference?

Birkenstock is known for producing footwear that meets the shoe industry’s highest quality standard. To expand its market reach, the brand did not only nurture its original lineups but even introduced other collections such as Papillio. Birkenstock has been one of the best sandal manufacturers in the history of shoes. Its pairs come with comfortable

Birkenstock Sydney vs. Arizona: Which is Better?

Birkenstock Arizona has always been the crowd favorite. Its dual strap design and wide fit have been so popular that the brand decided to make a modern version of it: Sydney. Getting confused about what to get is totally acceptable! Both Sydney and Arizona are comfy and fashionable. They just differ in certain aspects. Sydney

Birkenstock Arizona vs. Milano: What’s the Difference?

As of today, Birkenstock has already produced a significant number of footwear collections for its consumers. Arizona and Milano, to name a few, are two of the most sought-after Birkenstock models. The two-strap Arizona is the reason behind Birkenstock’s popularity. This model’s simple yet elegant design became the brand’s persona and trademark. To elevate the

Are Birkenstocks Good for Bunions?

Wondering if Birkenstocks can work to correct bunions? Then, you are at the right place! Birkenstocks are considered orthopedic for a reason, and this article will let you know why and how.  Reducing tension is what Birks footbed does best. The anatomically molded insoles of Birkenstocks are designed to relieve pressure or stress on the

Best Socks to Wear With Birkenstocks

Trying to spice up your Birkenstock game but don’t know where to start? Wearing some cool socks underneath a pair might level up your whole look. Birks worn with socks are now in fashion and officially cool! The sandals-socks movement is considered normcore: attractive and comfortable. When joining the trend of pairing socks with Birkenstocks,

Freedom Moses vs. Birkenstock: Which is Better?

Luxury over practicality, or the other way around? Getting a pair of sandals never gets easy, especially when several brands compete in the market. Birkenstock, a prominent luxurious brand, now faces a new rival: Freedom Moses. Freedom Moses rises as a worthy competitor against Birkenstock. It has been producing vegan and cruelty-free slides known for

Birkenstock vs. Naot: Which is Better?

When asking a shoe enthusiast which brand is best in producing orthopedic and therapeutic footwear, two options will surely be brought up: Birkenstocks and Naot. The two come neck and neck into the number one spot in producing premium-quality sandals.  Generally, Birkenstocks offer roomy space for the toes, best for wide feet. Birks are known

Birkenstock vs. Fitflop: Which is Better?

Two of the most popular sandal styles in the shoe industry are Birkenstock and Fitflop. The former had a massive comeback in 2012, while the latter was the game changer of 2008. Everyone knows how trendy they are! Birkenstock has already established a legacy and has built an empire where its followers became fond of

Are Birkenstocks Orthopedic Shoes?

Birkenstock has been known as a brand that has crafted one of the most comfortable and supportive footwear designs in the history of shoes. Many consider a Birks pair as orthopedic, while others won’t agree with that. Birkenstock is considered a pioneer and frontrunner in producing orthopedic and arch-supportive sandals. The brand has made pairs