Can You Wear Crocs In The Winter?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already early September. We’re closer to Halloween than ever before—and that means it’s time for people around the country to dig out their winter clothes. But with gas prices up and winter weather alerts down, we don’t have the motivation to put on more than a sweater and boots before stepping out of the house…which is why some of us might be keeping our Crocs around well into December.

But, as it is with us homo sapiens, we may never ask, “Can you wear Crocs in the winter?” until it’s too late.

Classic Crocs clogs can be worn in the winter, but if you want to stay warm and dry when the weather plummets, it’s better to opt for Crocs winter boots.

All Crocs boots have warm, insulated linings that will keep your feet nice and toasty on even the coldest winter days. But if you’re like me who can’t bear to do without my darling Crocs clogs in winter, try pairing the clogs with socks.

Also, it’s better to wear Crocs without holes while winter does her magic to the environment. These no-hole Crocs grant your feet supplemental warmth. From a practical point of view, since the prices of most no-hole clogs and Crocs boots are almost at par, I’d advise you to go for Crocs boots.

Here are some images of Crocs boots available on Amazon that might interest you:

Winter Shoes for Crocs Lovers

The Crocs winter boots shown above are just a few of the styles that the company offers. Each type is available in sizes for men, women, and children.

The Luxe style of Crocs winter boots is one of the more luxurious offerings from the company, boasting a full-length fur lining, leather exterior, and a flexible rubber sole.

These AllCast II Snow Boot is also among the options of luxury winter boots for Men and Women. The boots are very similar to the Luxe models but feature faux-shearling collars, synthetic nubuck uppers and gusseted construction that ensure your feet stay warm and dry all winter.

For those who need a cozy, waterproof boot that will keep their feet warm and dry on cold, rainy days, the Crocband Winter Boot is your ideal choice. Having synthetic nylon upper, this boot comes with a soft liner to diffuse the harshness of winter cold.

Crocs also offers a children’s winter boot collection. Available in both boys’ and girls’ styles, these boots have the same warm linings and water-resistant nylon uppers as their adult counterparts but come in brighter, more playful hues.

Those who want to brave the cold in style, say hello to the Classic Lined Neo Puff Realtree Edge Boot. These boots are lined with a nylon funnel neck, keeping your feet warm and dry in the winter.

If you’re still wondering if you can wear a pair of Crocs in the wintertime, I’m here to tell you that yes, you absolutely can. I’ll state why a pair of Crocs is perfect for the cold gust of air in winter. So keep reading, and enjoy!

Crocs Are Low Maintenance

Some people choose to wear Crocs because they are easy to clean. The shoes are made of a material that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge so it doesn’t hold onto dirt and bacteria.

Dead skin cells are where germs like to live, and if you don’t have any trapped inside your shoes, there’s no way for the microbes to multiply.

This means that your feet and shoes won’t smell as much in the wintertime when the air is dry and makes your skin flake.

Crocs Are Doctor Recommended

Because of their roomy toe boxes and secure rear straps, Crocs are recommended for boating. You’ll be able to move your toes freely and comfortably without them bumping against the walls of the shoes. Did I hear someone shout, “yay?”

Thanks to their stable footbeds, Crocs prevent excessive staggering and pronation—two things that can lead to pain in your back, knees, and ankles.

Crocs—providing more protection and comfort than any other shoes, as endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association—is the premier choice of footwear for better foot and ankle care.

Crocs Are Flexible

Whatever look you’re going for—preppy, laid-back, or quirky-chic—Crocs has the perfect shoes for you. Just choose from the many styles and colors that Crocs has to offer to add some spice to your wardrobe.

Sole Therapy

Crocs come with slip-resistant soles, making them perfect for indoor use and other activities involving slippery surfaces, like swimming or boating.


One of the best things about Crocs is that they have no frills. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and require minimal maintenance. Perfect for everyday wear!

Happy Feet

When the weather turns cold, and temperatures drop, our feet tend to sweat. Sweaty feet result from your autonomic nervous system sending signals to your body to adjust to the temperature change.

Unfortunately, excessive sweating can lead to cold, wet feet. Cold, wet feet create a breeding ground for bacteria that cause foot odor. To prevent that from happening, you may want to consider wearing Crocs.

Crocs Are Actually Smell-Proof

Crocs are odor-resistant, allowing them to be worn more frequently than other shoes. Their breathable design and antibacterial properties make them ideal for people who are prone to wound infection, particularly those who suffer from conditions that involve poor blood circulation.

Conclusion: Can You Wear Crocs in the Winter? Yes!

The newest models of Crocs aren’t just fun. They also remain one step ahead of the competition by offering top-notch comfort and support that allows men, women, and children to wear them for many years.

The best part is they do not cost too much either. Crocs may be expensive to others; however, you will get your money’s worth by purchasing these shoes.

If you love Crocs and you don’t mind the backlash, then wear them all the time – any time!

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