Can You Wear Cowboy Boots With A Suit?

You’re a guy who likes to wear suits. You have professional jobs, you go to business meetings, you attend weddings and funerals, and you like dressing in a way that reflects the respect that these events demand. But there’s something about donning fancy tuxes that makes you want to do a quick reality check: Can you wear cowboy boots with a suit?

Cowboy boots can be paired with any suit, but they work best in color combinations that match their rich hues. Though they are traditionally worn with jeans, buffed leather or exotic leather cowboy boots excel underneath a suit too.

If you want to appear classy and luxurious, consider buying cowboy boots with leather soles.

Can Cowboy Boots be considered business casual?

When it comes to business attire, you want to look as high-end as possible. A high-quality pair of alligator or ostrich cowboy boots in black or brown can help you accomplish that. If you love being comfortable while walking and standing at work, then opt for cowboy boots with square toe boxes rather than pointy ones.

Best Cowboy boots to wear with a Suit?

If you are going to complement your suit with cowboy boots, make sure that the boots are made from genuine leather, be that alligator skin, lizard skin, fish skin, or cow-hide. Are you confused about the “skin” assortment? Let’s clear that up!

Cow-hide Boots

If you want to impress your friends and family with a gentlemanly look, you should choose cowboy boots that are well-polished and have heels. They will give your height an immediate boost, which is essential when you’re trying so hard to stand out.

Lizard Leather Boots

Leaning toward Western traditions, the smoothness of the lizard leather boots will make you fall in love with them every time you glance at your feet.

Alligator Leather Boots

These boots are evidence of elegance. They’re both classic and luxurious and will add a dash of sophistication to any outfit.

Snake Skin Leather Cowboy boots

An alternative leather source is python skin. While Burmese pythons are invasive in Florida and have a negative impact on native species, their skins can be gorgeous.

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Boots to Wear with a Suit?

Sometimes, all that’s left to make an impression is a pair of cowboy boots, but buying them, you need to consider several factors, such as:

Boot Comfort

Besides being confident in wearing your cowboy boots, it’s also important to feel comfortable. If your shoes don’t fit well or are uncomfortable to wear, the whole outfit will look awkwardly ruined.

Toe Cap

Cowboy boots come with different toe caps, but you must choose the one that’s most compatible with your personal preferences.


Rounded and offering a more ergonomic fit for your toes, this toe box deserves to top the list.


Wider and flatter, a square-toe cap is focused on providing ample space for what matters most in this discussion—your toes.

J and D

Like the letters, these toe caps handle the transition from prim and proper business suit to cowboy boots.

Boot Style

I’m sure you were expecting this, but I’ll say it out loud anyway. There are way too many styles of boots available (and being invented as this article is penned) for you to choose one that doesn’t cater to your comfort or can’t be slipped on and off easily.

Boot Heel

The substance of any cowboy boot lies in its height. Who wouldn’t fawn over an extra four or five inches? Keep in mind that the boot’s height shouldn’t be placed over its comfort, though.

Boot Versatility

Who else has been waiting for this? We all need those cowboy boots that pair with EVERYTHING in our closets, from three-piece suits to startling white condom shirts.

Professionals who Wear Cowboy Boots with Suits

If you live in Texas or visit the state someday, you can’t escape the sight of men wearing cowboy boots with suits in professional spaces. How about we peek closer at those jobs that allow men to enjoy their cowboy boots without taking a break from earning dollars?

Mariachi Band

Mariachi bands are an essential part of Texan and Mexican culture. Most mariachi performers wear formal suits with cowboy boots.

Former US Presidents

The only thing that cowboys and the US presidency have in common is the cowboy boots. Some of the most notable US presidents and presidential aspirants, including Bill Clinton, and George Bush Jr., have publicly showcased their affinity for rocking cowboy boots under suits.

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers, the famed law enforcement officials of Texas, must wear dress coats, and neckties and pair them with cowboy boots.

What are the Best Cowboy Boots to Wear with a Suit?

Some cowboy boots will make your suit look even better, like these:

Western Boots

Western boots were the footwear of choice in the early days of the Wild West due to their durability. They have pointed toes with one to two-inch heels and long shafts that are perfect for your suit.

Roper Boots

These iconic footwear pieces were designed to provide comfort while working on the ranch.

Walking Boots

Walking boots are comfortable because, well, they were made for walking. Equipped with wider toe boxes and paradise-sent square heels, these boots are ready to take you anywhere.

Working Boots

Working boots are made from cowhide, which is why they’re so cost-efficient. These boots are ideal for work since their heels are only one ¾ inch or lower—just high enough to give you traction but low enough not to get you injured.

How to Pair Cowboy Boots with a Blue Suit?

When you wear a blue suit, it is best to keep your accessories minimal, sleek, and sophisticated. To match your suit, wear brown or burgundy-colored cowboy boots. Combining these colors is the gateway to making a statement. And that statement is, “I’m the boss of here.”

How to Pair Cowboy Boots with a Black Suit?

A black suit with black boots creates a streamlined, monochrome effect. Whether worn in a formal or everyday setting, this outfit makes a versatile look that’s perfect for travel.

How to Pair Cowboy Boots with a Grey Suit?

To look the part of a connoisseur, pair your grey suit with a white turtleneck. Complement them with black cowboy boots to effortlessly slay the ensemble.

How to Pair Cowboy Boots with a Charcoal Suit?

This fashionable ensemble embodies the modern gentleman. Burgundy cowboy boots will do it justice.

How to Pair Cowboy Boots with a Burgundy Suit?

​​​A burgundy suit is a timeless luxury in and of itself. The material is heavy and expels elegance, a dark color that absorbs light and lends itself to formal air.

You can match a burgundy suit with a charcoal crew-neck t-shirt to dignify your appearance. Pair both with black embroidered cowboy boots for a luxury look that works both in the office and at the country club.

Is it Okay to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Suit?

Yes, you may, but not all companies allow their employees to wear cowboy boots with suits. Some companies follow strict dress codes. However, others may allow you to wear cowboy boots if they are part of your uniform; it depends on your employer.

Something for Everyone

Cowboy boots, and western wear in general, have moved from their roots as casual wear to now be used for professional purposes all the time. Sure, there will always be people who don’t know (or care) what a good pair of boots look like. But for those interested, these are great options from some fine companies. There’s something here for everyone’s taste and style, so check them out and see which one works best for you!

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