Can You Put Jibbitz On Fuzzy Crocs?

I love Fuzzy Crocs. I own a pair myself, although it has taken some positive reinforcement to get me to wear them more than once a month. Since Fuzzy Crocs have been around for so many years, I thought it would be interesting to find out whether or not Jibbitz could fit on the outside of these soft and comfy shoes.

Jibbitz fit onto Fuzzy Crocs in the same way they fit onto other Crocs styles—simply snap them into place.

Cut from only the finest materials, Jibbitz for Crocs features fruits, numbers, letters, and other designs. You can use these to create a look that’s as unique as you are.

Crocs And Jibbitz: A Match Made in Heaven

Jibbitz are lightweight, high-quality silicone charms that you can slide through the holes of Crocs shoes.


Crocs holes are pretty small, and therefore Jibbitz charms have been designed with a large backside to ensure that they don’t fall out while you are walking or running.

Jibbitz come in various shapes and sizes, but the most popular ones are shaped like animals and cartoon characters, such as ladybugs and bumble bees. There are also decorative pieces that have no relation to anything in particular, such as flowers and gems.

Unlike other charms, Jibbitz has a sparkly coating that adds more flash to your Crocs.The stretchy material of Crocs makes it easy to insert and remove Jibbitz, so you can change your Jibbitz as often as you want.

How to Add Jibbitz to your Fuzzy Crocs

How to Add Jibbitz to Fuzzy Crocs

The process of installing Jibbitz on your Crocs is simple:

First, hold your Crocs with your non-dominant hand, placing your non-dominant index finger under the hole you would like to put the Jibbitz in.

Next, holding the charm with your dominant hand at an angle of 45 degrees, push it (base first) into the hole.

You will sense the hole stretch as the base of the Jibbitz slides through it.

When you snap Jibbitz into place, you can twist it to your desired position.

How To Remove Jibbitz from Fuzzy Crocs

How to remove a Jibbitz From Fuzzy Crocs

You might be in the mood to change or remove Jibbitz after wearing them on your Crocs for a while. Here’s how to do it.

• Position one palm underneath the upper part of the Crocs clog so that your fingers will grip the backside of the Jibbitz.

• Slowly push the charm upward.

• With your free hand, twist the head of the Jibbitz on top of the shoe while the first hand pushes the charm upwards.

• Repeat steps the first three steps until the charm pops out. Please do not pull it upwards as that could damage the holes on top of the shoe.

Custom Jibbitz

Want to spruce up your Crocs in just a few minutes? Customized Jibbitz are the way to go. These charms are designed and created by moms who know what’s up when it comes to making your shoe game pop. You can purchase these custom Jibbitz from Crocs’ official website and Amazon.

Feel free to dress up your Crocs by adding charms until you’re satisfied with the result. The best thing about Jibbitz? They are cheap!

Customized Crocs

It’s easy to find Jibbitz charms for Crocs on Amazon. I prefer to shop there because the selection is vast and often updated. You can also visit Crocs’ website if you’re looking for a specific design of Jibbitz.

And, if you’d rather skip the process of adding Jibbitz to your Crocs, head over to Etsy, where many sellers are offering customized Crocs!

If your budget permits, purchase customized Crocs and pamper yourself with exactly what you want. However, if you’re looking for something less expensive, buying some Jibbitz is a fantastic alternative.

Conclusion: Charm Your Crocs Today

So, the answer to the question, “Can you put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?” is yes! All you need to do is follow the above steps to customize your Crocs footwear with Jibbitz. The only question left is: What are you waiting for?

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