Can You Make Custom Crocs?

Ever dreamed of wearing the perfect pair of Crocs? Or perhaps you’re like me and have several pairs of Crocs that you adore and wear with everything—but sometimes feel like switching up the colors. Can you make custom Crocs? Is there a way to transform the appearance of that plain black, dour-faced clog sighing near your doormat? Come closer; let’s talk.

The easiest way to customize your Crocs is by attaching Jibbitz to them. Jibbitz are small charms that fit into the holes on the sides of Crocs. If your Crocs don’t have holes, you can customize them by hydro-dipping them in a paint+water solution.

Most Crocs can be customized with Jibbitz, tiny plastic decorations that fit into the shoe holes. You can purchase any number of Jibbitz to make your Crocs uniquely yours.

When I began searching for ways to customize my Crocs, I was amazed at the many options available. I like Jibbitz because they come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. But there are many other options out there—let’s explore some of them!

Customizing Your Crocs Using Jibbitz Charms

The fastest way to make your Crocs shoes unique is to add Jibbitz charms, which are available on Amazon and Etsy.

These Jibbitz charms fit snugly into the holes of Crocs shoes, allowing you to personalize your Crocs with a design that satisfies your preferences.


Watch this video to learn how to add Jibbitz to your Crocs!

Disney Jibbitz Charms

Harry Potter Jibbitz Charms


Many Jibbitz charms are available in the market. You can choose from various charms, including food items, sports objects, letters of the alphabet, Disney characters, and many more.


You can also choose the letters you want and create your own word combinations to adorn the holes of your Crocs.

Crocs Spurs


Variety of Jibbitz Charms

If you want, you can even spell out your name or that of a friend on your Crocs shoes.

Variety of Charms


Each Jibbitz can only be purchased at an affordable price, so you don’t have to drain your savings to decorate your shoes.

Starbucks Charms


DIY Procedures to Customizing Your Crocs Shoes

Why shell out big bucks for designer Crocs when you can make custom-designed Crocs?

Customizing your Crocs makes you feel more involved in the process of making them and ultimately more satisfied with the finished product.

Cowboy Crocs


Although many people believe that Crocs are an easy canvas for DIY design, unless you want a temporary hack, you should review each customization method properly before making any permanent changes to your Crocs.

Here’s why: Because of the closed-cell resin (Croslite) that Crocs are made from, many dyes, markers, and acrylic paint don’t adhere to your shoes for long! Let’s review a few options available to you when personalizing your Crocs.

Draw On Crocs with Markers

An alternative to acrylic paint is customizing your Crocs with permanent marker patterns. Here is a video of someone who did just that.

Get Inspired by Etsy

Etsy is a wonderful online community where you can find local artisans who create handmade pieces, including jewelry, shirts, art, and Jibbitz. Here are a couple of examples:

Red Starlight Crocs (this Nurse loves her Crocs!)


Fuzzy Pirate Crocs (very creative use of Jibbitz here)


Goth Crocs (there are several different versions of these Crocs, very cool!)


Wedding Crocs (there’s over 20,000 reviews for these Crocs – Wow!)


Hydro-Dipping Your Crocs

Apparently, merely spraying acrylic paint on your Crocs is a huge no-no. If you want to change the color of your Crocs so bad, I recommend taking the route of hydro-dipping, a process that uses water and air pressure to apply a durable layer of paint to objects or surfaces.

This method seems to be the most effective and long-lasting in the Crocs customization zone.

You can buy hydro-dipping stencils, or you can create your designs by spraying different colors on water and dipping your Crocs in the result.

Here are a couple of videos that demonstrate this.

This YouTube video shows different shoes being hydro-dipped.

Here is a YouTube Video that shows Crocs being hydro-dipped.

Want to know how to hydro-dip Crocs like a pro? Click here.

Where to Buy High-quality Materials for Customizing Crocs

The easiest way to customize your Crocs is with Jibbitz charms.

There are many charms to choose from, including letters, Disney characters, food items, sports objects, etc. Make sure you select the ones that will complement the overall outlook of your Crocs!

You can buy Jibbitz from the Crocs website or retailers like Amazon and Etsy. Crocs also purchased the company that originally designed and created Jibbitz, so you’ll find an assortment of Jibbitz charms on the official Crocs website.

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